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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S03 Premiere]

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Kunle JJC: The Exploits of Fati [S03 Premiere]

Life with Auntie Muinah was not what Fati had envisioned it to be.

She had thought it would be filled with stress, “razzness” and boredom but she was surprised. The place, even though it was way different from the city she used to live in, was also a very lively place. The environment was serene, very blessed with nature, you could hardly walk 5miles without encountering a big tree that would provide you shades and free fruits.

There were boreholes, wells and rivers roo, she had always thought she would have to fetch water from the river but to her surprise, the rivers were only used for swimming and fishing.

Auntie Muinah is a stark replica of Iya Fati, just that she was a very slim version with a chill and relaxed personality compared to Iya Fati who is hot-tempered and hot-headed.

She (Auntie Muinah) had no child of her own, reasons for this are unknown but she lives with her husband who Fati now calls Uncle in a single room apartment.

He is a very fine man, well built and tall, Fati could swear she had never met a man more handsome. Never in her wildest imagination did she think she would meet a man so handsome in a rural area.

Her Auntie too is a fine woman, very slender but her skin has a rich creamy look with not as much as a single blemish. Her hips were delicately carved out of her waist and she did know how to throw them from left to right and back when she walked.

She did not have large boobs but they would still fill the hands of a grown man. Her small cute lips make her smile look seductive even when she is not trying. Her legs were quite long and very straight, her belly button was invincible and her stomach very flat.

Her three strands of waist beads sit comfortably on her protruding ass. Fati drooled the day her Auntie dressed up in her presence, she fell in love with her body and secretly hoped to be like her.

Even though they all slept in a single room, they all got along pretty well. The room was spacious and they did not have much baggage to keep. Fati’s duties were to sweep the room, put it in order, fetch water, do the dishes and laundry.

It was not beyond her powers, she had the liberty to do her chores at her own will so long she does not affect her roommates. Most of the time she had the house to herself, Auntie Muinah was a petty trader and Uncle works at a factory, he also has a small piece of farm that he goes to during his free time.

Unlike in the city where she was largely the outcast, she fit right in in the village. Everybody wanted to be friends with the city girl, the girls quickly added her to their clique and made her the leader. The boys also swarmed around her, who would not want to be seen with a beautiful girl from the city?

It did not take long for her to become popular amongst the rural kids and she did not even have to strive that hard to be welcomed. She felt at home there, away from all her troubles, away from the jeers. She had peace and quiet but something was missing in her life. She vividly remembered how she had gone to the tap to fetch water that day.

She had filled the drum halfway, water had spilt over her clothes and it glued to her body. Her nipples strained against her top but that was not her worry. Her worry was that she was tired, she had never felt that tired since her pregnancy was confirmed.

A part of her wanted to rest and continue fetching later but she ignored it and decided to keep fetching hoping to take a shower and sleep when she was done. She stood under the tap breathing heavily as water filled the bucket on her head, her vision started to get blurry and dark, she kept losing light till her bucket crashed into the floor and she slumped.

When Fati finally woke up, she had no idea of where she was, she could see Iya Fati, Auntie Muinah and Uncle looking down upon her with pity faces. They assured her that everything was alright and when she was finally discharged, they broke the news to her that she had suffered a miscarriage.

She was devastated and spent the next few weeks not talking to anyone Auntie Muinah and Iya Fati agreed to let Fati remain there for the time being till she is back in shape.

Anytime she remembers her child, Fati would gently rub her stomach and sigh, she had really looked forward to seeing her baby but it was not meant to be. She had to move on and continue living. The ease she felt with the village kids made things easier for her, the fact that she had a phone was a big plus.

They played music, watched movies and took pictures with it, she enjoyed being important. Her life was in order, maybe even better than that of the city but then, what’s her life when no one is fucking her pussy and making her eyes roll into her brains?

Fati had not had any sex since when she left the city and that was close to three months. Every time she calculates how long she had gone without sex she continues to disbelief that she really went that long.

Of all people in the village, she had eyes for just four people, her Uncle, Taiwo, Kehinde and Jenrola (a lady). Her uncle is the most handsome man she had ever met and he was so built, she had caught him naked on different occasions so she knew he was packing.

She also sees how he plays with Auntie Muinah and at night when they fuck, she loses sleep because he gives it to her so good that it makes her wet.

Taiwo and Kehinde are her best friends and they both claim to be her husband. Taiwo and Kenny are complete lookalikes and can only be separated when Kenny opens his mouth, he has a broken tooth.

Jenrola is the main minion of Fati, it was OK to always see them around each other and Fati felt much closer to her than other ladies.

She made it a custom to always sit in Fati’s bosom and rest her head on her boobs anytime they are alone. She is a sweet and cheerful girl with an ass bigger than her age.
Fati always made sure to tap her ass anytime they played around and Jenrola did the same. The girl seems more mature than her age which was another reason Fati loved her more. However, she could not propose sex to any of them out of fear of getting into trouble.

She was just getting her life back together and was scared to ruin it again. The way Uncle fucks Auntie Muinah every night makes her frustrated, she really wants him but she did not want to pay her Auntie with evil as Auntie Muinah was always so nice to her and she also had no idea if uncle would welcome the idea of sleeping with his in-law.

One night, the family of three were asleep, uncle and his wife on the bed and Fati on a smaller bed on the other side of the room.

She was fast asleep till thumping sounds from the bed on the other side of the room woke her, she did not bother to look in that direction, she knew what was going on already so she just slid two fingers into her pussy and fingered herself using her auntie moans to help with her imaginations.

She thought about Uncle taking her and not her aunt. Both of them kept talking in hushed tones but Fati clearly heard when Uncle told auntie Muinah to put her hands over her mouth so her cries would not wake Fati.

The thumps did not stop, her auntie moans soon turned to whimpers then quiet tears and later pleas.

“Please, please stop” Aunt cried telling her husband that he had fucked her dry and it has started to hurt.

Written by Reezy Sama

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