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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E04) [18+]

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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03E04) [18+]

Kunle through the drive home was quiet. The occupants of the car didn’t bother him, he had just slept over at the police station. Maybe he needed some quiet to clear his head. The mad sex he had with the hot police officer was the thing replaying itself in Kunle’s mind.

What a mind-blowing experience, to have sex with an unknown officer of the law, in her uniform, right in the station! That’s something that happens in porn videos, he never imagined he would have that kind of sexcapade, and it’s a surreal experience.

He should probably be on the lookout for the officer, maybe she will arrest him again and interrogate him.

A smile broke in his mind, what a dirty thought. He loved how she sat on him, grinding her ass on his crotch with his dick far up her pussy. He sucked her boobs and she slowly bounced on his dick. Sweet sex, her almost silent moans made everything hotter.

This woman was a proper cat. When Kunle’s dick hits a sensitive cord in her pussy she tries to stop herself from moaning but does so out of reflex and ends up wimping like a hurt child in Kunle’s ear.

The car came to a stop at Mrs. James’ place, Kunle took a quick look at her in the driver’s seat, she was smiling at him mischievously.

When she pressed her glance on his crotch, Kunle realized he had grown a boner from reminiscing about the sex he had at the police station. He promptly put himself in order as everyone got down.

Mrs James got the brilliant idea that Kunle should take a break from school that day and stay over at her place so Uncle Tade can go do work and do whatever he wanted. She would take care of Kunle and Nate would relay everything that happened in school to Kunle when he (Nate) returns from school.

Everyone agreed to the plan but Kunle knew what the play was exactly.

It was quiet all around. All other kids including Nate had gone to school leaving behind Kunle with a cup of fruit juice and Mrs James. Come to think of it, it’s been over an hour since she came to hand him the cup of juice. He dropped his almost empty cup of juice and went in search of her.

Mrs James stood in front of her large-sized mirror trying on sexy nightwear. She was preparing herself for Kunle but there was no need to prepare further, Kunle would have her the way she was. He snuck in and tiptoed to where she stood.

“I’ve been expecting you to come for me my black stud, my pussy has been uncontrollably wet since I saw the boner in the car, to make matters worse, she told me how you had her fed to the brim in detail”.

“So, you intentionally pit me against that policewoman?”Kunle asked Mrs. James. She confirmed it, still having her back to him. He twirled one arm across her chest and the other across her crotch and pulled her into him.

With the space between her and Kunle no longer existing, she made no moves but her heartbeat increased. His dick was felt on her ass through the soft material she wore. Just knowing where his dick was was already making her nipples hard, so hard they could be held with fingers through her nightie. “Bend over, Mrs James”, it was like she was wired to his words.

She slowly bent herself, her ass resting firmly on his crotch, he ground into her, holding her waist in his hands and moving it from side to side. She could feel he was rock hard. Her heartbeat rose as her nightie gently rode above her ass and Kunle’s palm caressed her butt cheeks.

She was dripping now expecting her pussy to be stuffed with Kunle’s big black dick and it did but just the tip. He didn’t go all the way into her pussy. The tip of his dick Sat in her pussy gently poking in and sliding out. He had her waist on lock so that she was unable to make him go deeper.

Mrs James let go of her inhibitions as she felt her hole fill up. Kunle still had the tip of his dick in her pussy but two of his fingers were now in her asshole. It was a sweet sensation doused with touches of pain. She knew what Kunle was up to but she wondered if that dick of his would fit in her ass.

It’s not going to be her first time taking a dick in the ass but it’s been quite long. Like she had predicted, Kunle was only using her pussy to grease his dick. He soon had his black mamba on her asshole, slowly he pushed it in, fondling Mrs James’ boobs and fingering her pussy to help her relax.

With most of Kunle’s dick in her ass, Mrs James took her nighties off her shoulder blades revealing her teen-like full boobs. Kunle smacked his lips watching her breasts bounce through the mirror. He covered them with his hands and fucked Mrs James harder, making her moan like the hoe she was. Every time he lets go of her boobs, he spanks her ass and fuck her harder.

She kept cumming, her legs soon began to tremble. Kunle led her away from the mirror and towards the bed where she fell face first. He was still in her ass fucking her hard till he came.

Sighing a breath of relief, Mrs James must have thought they were done for the day but Kunle wasn’t. As Mrs James made to stand, his palm held the back of her neck. His dick effortlessly slid back into her pussy. She knew she was in for a hot time.

Kunle gave her a series of well-timed close and deep thrusts. She couldn’t believe that he still had that much energy after having sex overnight. Reaching his orgasm, he quickly pulled out and spilled on the floor.

Mrs James clattered into the bed and Kunle managed to find his way to the bathroom. He put the shower on and sat underneath it.

It must have been hours. When Kunle woke, he had no idea where he was until Mrs James rushed in and told him to be quick and that it was noon already. They took a quick shower and rushed out to face Nathaniel. His eyes fell, seeing his friend and his mom coming out of the shower together. He went back out to the sitting room.

Kunle quickly dressed up and left through the backdoor unable to face his friend. Throughout the rest of the day, Kunle thought about how things would be different between him and his friend now, he’d probably hate him henceforth. It would be weird walking and doing things alone in school.

Nate came to call Kunle on the second day of school leaving him shocked. There was nothing to do other than to go with the flow. The basketball team was happy to see Kunle and company strut in. Everything was normal and Nate showed no form of anger towards his friend.

Kunle felt restless by this. During the lunch break, he pulled little Nate aside to apologize for what happened the day before. There was a brief silence between them before Nate giggled.

After his giggle, he straightened up and with a straight face told Kunle the reason why his mom was divorced in the first place.

“Mom has always been that way dunno, that was why my dad filed for a divorce. I can’t blame you, she is too sexy to ignore and if my mum likes you, hell, she’ll get you”. He said he was cool for so long that Kunle didn’t become his stepfather and they both laughed over it.

He understood Nate more, the boy must have seen a lot of horrors. He wanted to make him happy. When it was training time, Nate helped Kunle with his kit bag, and Kunle headed to the coach’s office to make a proposition.

He made a strong claim to coach rob about how good Nate was and that all the boy needed was to be given a chance.

Coach Rob came to the court with Kunle walking behind. All the boys gathered in front of him as he delivered a speech to let them know how important the next game ( the semifinals) was. The school never made it that far in the competition, it would make the school legends if they made it past the semis and made the finals.

The boys were geared up and all rushed out to take plates on the court. Out of the blue, he called out to Nathaniel and asked him to gear up and join the boys on the court. He was as surprised as they were but they didn’t have to look far, they saw Kunle behind the coach and immediately knew he had something to do with it.

Nathaniel put his gear up as fast as he could before the coach would have a change of mind. He has been waiting for this chance all his life. Compared to the boys, he looked like a midget but he completed all the exercises they were meant to do.

The real colour showed when they were put into teams to play against each other. Many of the boys who underrated Nathaniel were caught in a series of his tricks. He was a wrecking machine. The cheer team had a good laugh and had no choice but to cheer Nate.

Not in his wildest dreams would he have thought he would be cheered by the girls of the cheer team.

By the end of the day, Nate had made enemies in the basketball team but they had to hide it because of Kunle and his influence on the coach. Over the days, Nate continued his fine form in training but couldn’t score much because Kunle made it a life job to deny all players a chance to score.

The coach loved every bit of the harmony in the team and they worked hard. When he released the list of the starting team for the semi-final match, Nate made the bench but he looked more ecstatic than those on the starting team.

Kunle was happy to see his friend in a swell mood, so he left the group to take a shower in the boy’s locker room.

Once the coach left for his office, one of the boys on the basketball team grabbed Nate by the neck and warned him to back off because he would never play for the team. The other boys watched on in agreement, Nate was scared, and his defender was not there.

“Hey, give him the shower treatment!” one of the boys yelled from the back. Jeff three struggling Nate over his shoulder and the boys with the cheer girls all trooped to the boys’ locker room.

Nate would have his face flushed in a water closet, that was what the shower treatment meant. He continued to struggle on Jeff’s shoulder but they were not evenly matched in strength. He quietly hoped that Kunle would magically appear and save him before it was too late.

A loud hush fell on the entire group as they busted their way into the locker room. Right under the shower was a naked Kunle with his dick in the mouth of Kyle, a cheer girl, and Jeff’s girlfriend.

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