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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03 Finale) [18+]

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Kunle JJC: Kunle Inna Yankee (S03 Finale) [18+]

Everyone present at Tiffany’s birthday/orgy was present in school except for the birthday girl herself. Kunle felt uneasy. Tiffany’s mum is a police officer and he is a black boy. What if she uses the fact that she caught him in bed with her daughter as a means to get him arrested for real and put him behind bars?

He kept looking all around hoping Tiffany would just strut through the door and end his misery. She never came and his heart would not stop pounding hard in his chest. It didn’t take long for him to almost develop a heart attack. He was so sure he heard a brief siren.

Kunle started looking around the class frantically for routes that could be easy to escape from if the police came for him. When the policewoman, who is also Tiffany’s mum, walked into the class, Kunle’s legs wouldn’t move. His palms become sweaty and his heart beats faster.

She stepped out of the class with the teacher for some discussion in hushed tones. Kunle used that opportunity to put his books in his bag and prepare to bolt. She came in and beckoned on Lil Nate. Kunle almost peed his pants.

Lil Nate and Tiffany’s mum had a brief discussion about his mum being out of town to settle some issues with his dad and she would not be back for some days so he should stay over at Kunle’s. She had made arrangements with uncle Tade. Nate took the instruction with a gleeful heart.

What could be better than freedom? When she left Kunle found some peace of mind. He was so eager to hear what had transpired between her and Nate. Immediately after class was over, Nate gave him the gist and they both started to plan how to spend their evenings.

Relaxed that he wasn’t in trouble, he was still curious as to what had happened to Tiffany and what trouble he’d gotten her into. Flashbacks of how he got expelled with Funmi replayed in his head. His parents sent him out of the country, he had no idea what happened to Funmi and that was on his conscience. He made up his mind to go check on Tiffany.

That evening while Nate was out to get dinner at the store, Kunle headed for Tiffany’s. Since he already saw her mum in school and no issue was raised, he believed he had not much reason to fear. He clicked the doorbell, there was no sound but he hoped they heard him inside.

The door was answered by Tiffany’s mum. For the first time, he was seeing her properly in casual wear and she looked so seductive in her tee shirt and skirt. She ushered him in and he followed quietly like a puppy. She walked slowly, enabling Kunle to enjoy the view of her backside.

It was not too protruding but the ripples her ass cheeks made with every step she takes were an erotic sight to witness. Kunle made sure to feed his eyes till he was caught off guard when she suddenly turned and asked him to take a seat. He could see the glint in her eyes and it made him nervous.

She asked what the purpose of his visit was. He started with an apology about the sex and quickly added that he had come to check on Tiffany to see if he hadn’t put her in too much trouble. Tiff’s mum made it known that Kunle’s girlfriend indeed was in trouble for hosting an orgy in her house.
For a second, he wondered if she would have been angry if she had just caught them having sex and the orgy was not involved. It didn’t look like she would because he noticed the buttons on her shirt were coming loose to the extent where he could see her blue brassieres.

Maintaining eye contact with Kunle, she dropped to her knees and crawled over to where he sat. Her hands climbed up the thigh part of his trousers and caressed him, she told him he was handsome and wanted another taste of him since what she had at the station.

Her desire grew when she saw him in bed with her daughter and now that he was here, she wanted him to do her again. She told it to see it as him rescuing Tiffany from punishment. Like she is in prison and he was on the outside perfecting her bail. Kunle wondered what kind of woman this was.

He stood up and backed away from her.

Off came his trouser as they fell to his ankles, and he stepped out of them. By this time, she had ridden her body off her shirt and had only her brassiere and skirt on. She walked on her knees toward Kunle’s dick and sniffed his shaft.

When she put it in her mouth, she looked up at him with a pitiful face. In no time, she had her saliva soaking Kunle’s dick as she gave him a professional blowjob. He was running his hand through her hair and playing with her boobs which were still confined in her brassiere.

After having a swell stint sucking Kunle’s dick and balls, she got up with her sweaty face and excused herself from the room. Kunle’s dick was already going soft by the time she returned. She was clad now only in her brassieres and handed Kunle a pair of handcuffs and a small whip.

She explained carefully to Kunle how she wanted to be restrained and treated. He loved where the situation was headed. Kunle was the master and she was the slave. He turned her around and held her wrists in place on her ass before cuffing them and keeping the key. With this done, he whipped her ass softly and commanded her to turn around.

The look on her face from the pain was hot. Kunle went in for a deep kiss and continued to press her boobs from her bra. He cupped her pussy in his palm to feel her wetness before patting it and commanding her to kneel.

She quickly fell to her knees whispering “YES MASTER”. Kunle returned his dick to her mouth and began to fuck. It was harder for her now because she could not support herself with her hands and she would get a little whip if she didn’t suck him well. Kunle simply held her head and fed her his dick to his heart’s content.

“Do you want your master’s big dick?” Kunle breathed the question before uncuffing her.

When her hands were cuffed again, they were in front of her. Kunle threw her on the couch. He enjoyed her gasps as his dick found its way into her pussy. He fucked her hard and she urged him on. The noise of their sex filled the room.

Kunle Loved how her flexible body twisted and turned as his dick gets squeezed by her pussy. He tore off her brassieres to watch her boobs bounce off her chest. With all their moans filling the room up, they were soon joined by Tiffany who looked more angry than surprised.

They both hit their climax before noticing the presence of Tiffany. Her mum was uncuffed and she explained to her daughter that she had asked Kunle to do it.

Tiffany wanted to grumble about her mother having sex with her boyfriend but she countered by saying Kunle had sex with her before his sex with Tiffany so technically, it was tiffany that was stealing her boyfriend. Kunle was confused.

He thought his aunt and her daughters were weird, he thought Nate was weird and now he is stuck with a family that has raised the bar for weirdness.

After arguing for minutes, they agreed that Kunle is Tiffany’s boyfriend but it won’t stop her mum from having fun with him. With that settled, she asked Kunle and Tiffany to go play in her room but Tiffany should give Kunle time to rest before they started to play.

She bolted, and her mum handed the pair of handcuffs back to Kunle with a wink. He entered Tiffany’s room to see her undressing. He backed out and found the family table phone. He punched in the number of his home table phone. Nate picked up sounding worried.

Kunle calmed him down and told him not to wait up because he would be sleeping over at Tiffany’s. Immediately he dropped the call, he remembered all the times’ Uncle Tade had told him to sleep and not wait up, he wondered if it was this kind of reason why his uncle couldn’t come home those nights.

The End

Written by Reezy Sama

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