Sex is something on which the thoughts of many people are concentrated. It is not about hot and bothered teenagers who are hungry for sexual intercourse at any level, no matter who, no matter where. It’s about the art when the sexual act of methodic frictions turns into something more, it is about the psychological fusion of two people.

If you think that sex is the highest point, maximum trust to each other, then you are mistaken. Here are some tips from uabrides that will help you answer the question, “How to have better sex with your partner?”

Sex in unusual places.

How to have a better sex life? Having sex only in bed is boring. How about that computer table, or you might want a passionate marathon on the floor? It is not about places in your house but about extreme pleasure. Sex in the wood or a park, on the roof of the house, in the pool, in a hike. By the way, the risk of being caught for doing such a thing adds adrenaline thanks to which sex will be more exciting, and the orgasm will be brighter.

Show her new ways of pleasure.

Contrary to a common misconception, a vibrator is not a toy for single ladies. In fact, vibrators are different, there are even models for use in pairs. They allow both partners to enjoy bright sex and to cum simultaneously. You and your girlfriend are tuning to a single rhythm that increases the likelihood of simultaneous orgasm, as well as the girl’s multiple orgasms.

Be more unfettered.

There are many toys designed to replace a partner. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, most of these things are created for sharing. Do not think that sex toys, beautiful underwear or other supplements will not help be more excited. On the contrary, they will only make your sex life brighter and do not replace the passion between you, if it exists, of course.

“Upgrade” your girlfriend.

This purchase is more for you. Of course, your girlfriend will use Ben Wa balls, but your level of pleasure will increase. How does it work? How to have better sex? If you’ve heard about Kegel’s exercise, you know that it works not only for men but also for girls. And if, in your case, Kegel exercise improves blood flow, increases brightness from sensations and allows you to control orgasm, then, in the case with a girl, it helps strengthen the muscles of the vagina. If you dream about having better sex, then don’t forget about the balls, your girlfriend will be able to do such things in bed that you will cum without a single friction.

Try rough sex.

Ask your girl whether she likes rough sex or not. It’s not about BDSM or natural cruelty, but about passionate, rude and even animal sex. However, do not forget to warn your partner about this because some girls do not like rough sex and can perceive it as violence over themselves.

Create an atmosphere.

You can try to create the atmosphere in the bedroom that will be more conducive to passion. There are essential oils that excite, special lighting in which the bodies will look even sexier, and, of course, music. Do not underestimate the influence of music on sex.

Anal sex.

How to have better anal sex? First of all, you should prepare the girl for it if this is her first time. Pour her a glass of good wine. It will help her relax. Make a massage, make a long and tedious prelude, kiss her everywhere and massage her clitoris. Buy a silicone lubricant beforehand, it slides perfectly and does not dry out. Lubricate the bottom-hole, push two fingers inside and very qualitatively lubricate your penis. One of the best anal sex positions is when a girl lies on her belly, her ass is slightly raised with a pillow or two. It’s easier to caress her with fingers and penetrate comfortably.

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