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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0607] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0607] (18+)

The drinks kept coming and grace kept throwing them back, she loved the warm fuzzy feeling the drinks offered. She thought the jollof rice sucked but she ate it and said thank you to Lydia, drink had emboldened her making her brag about her cooking skills. Grace realised she was talking and laughing a lot with Lydia and she wasn’t worried about her grammar.

The tension in the room was palpable, grace could tell the last was very horny and wanted to fuck her. From the way her eyes lingered on Grace’s lips every time she took a sip of champagne to how her eyes widened whenever Grace touch her chest.

The way the lady stared at her breast and swallowed hard like her throat was dry, the occasional lip biting mixed with the drinks turned Grace on.

The lady asked if she’ll like some music and grace said she didn’t mind so the lady stood up and went to get a remote. There was just something about a woman as attractive as Ms Lydia acting like a man doing it for Grace, she shifted in her seat as she felt herself getting wetter.

Soon Ms Lydia was back, music filled the ambient room and soon Ms Lydia was standing beside grace.

“Dance with me,” she said to grace

Grace giggled and took a swing at her drink before placing her hand in the lady’s, she helped Grace stand up and walk a few steps away from the chair before she snaked her hands around her waist. Grace thought about how it looked like a surreal scene from a movie only problem was she didn’t know how to do the American-style dance.

The lady started moving, gliding them from side to side. They were pressed so close together and grace could smell her sweet perfume, they were almost the same height so their lips were close to each other as their breast pressed against each other.

Everything felt so dreamy as they moved, their lips slowly inching closer and closer till they really let out a Yelp as grace stepped on her toes.

“Sorry sorry” Grace started apologising

“It’s okay if you don’t know how to dance I should have asked,” the lady said

“ No o … I Sabi dance” Grace blurted before she covered her lips with her palm and giggled

“I can fit dance but not like this” grace added

Grace quickly turned around, bent over and started to slow whine on the lady. Grace made sure she rubbed her massive ass all over the lady’s crotch, the lady couldn’t help herself as she let her hands slide up Grace ass and curves.

Grace giggled and stood up straight slowly before she turned around and put her hands around the lady’s neck

“I can dance like that” grace said

“Sorry there’s boobs in my face I didn’t hear anything you said,” the lady said before taking a deep breath

“Please may I eat your pussy” the lady said

“I am sorry if there inappropriate you’re just so damn sexy” she added pulling Grace against her body
Grace didn’t mind, in fact, she was up for it. The lady leaned down and buried her face in grace breasts before placing gentle kisses on each soft titty.

“so pretty” she murmured as she planted more kisses all over Grace’s massive boobs

Their lips met and the kiss was hungry and demanding, Grace’s moans were sweet as their tongues danced between one mouth to the other. It was like they couldn’t get enough of each other as they kissed deeply. They came up for air each panting before their lips met again with so much passion.

Slowly they started to move, it was too dim for grace to see but she trusted the lady and took small steps. Grace loved the warm feel of the lady’s mouth and the passion with which she sucked on her face, she could already imagine what it would feel like to have that lips covering her sopping wet pussy.

Soon her leg touched the back of the couch and they gently laid on with the lady climbing on top of Grace. They continued to kiss with the lady moaning sweetly as she gently squeezed Grace’s breast, she started to grind against Grace’s pussy moaning deeply as Grace moved to meet her grinding.

“Damn!! I can’t take this anymore” the lady murmured
“I need to taste you” she added in a deep voice making grace squirm

The lady slid down Grace’s body and lifted up her gown to tease grace by stroking her clit over her panties but when she felt Grace’s wetness she lost it. She ripped off the flimsy lacy thong Grace had on before diving face-first into her dripping pussy.

Grace moaned deeply as the lady used the tip of her tongue to swirl around her clit before she flattened her tongue on Grace’s clit and sucked

“Ohh yess” grace moaned as she ground against the lady’s mouth

Grace snaked her hand into the lady’s silky hair before she pushed her head further into her pussy, the lady was doing wonders to grace throbbing pussy with her mouth and grace couldn’t get enough.

She dug her tongue deep into her pussy before dragging it round and round her clit, grace wanted more but before she could start begging the lady slipped a finger into her dripping hole.

“Damn!! So fucking wet” she murmured as she slipped another finger inside Grace
Her mouth was clamped down on Grace’s clit as she started to expertly finger fuck Grace.

The tongue and fingers coordination was driving grace to the edge. The lady curled her fingers and played with Grace’s g-spot expertly, Grace grabbed and pinched her nipples as her climax built rapidly making her moan and mutter incoherent words. Her toes curled as the lady found and played with her G-spot over and over again

Grace curled her fingers into the ladies hair as every twist of her tongue and fingers brought Grace closer to the edge. The lady’s movements grow more desperate as grace grinded against her face more fervently.

She rolled her tongue harder against Grace’s clit and pushed her fingers deeper pushing grace over the edge.
Grace cried out as the pleasure burst from deep within her, she could feel her juices gushing out as the lady struggled to lap it all up.

“So fucking delicious,” the lady said coming up for air before she dived right back to lapping at her pussy juice

“Can I fuck you baby” the lady asked as she licked grace clean

Grace didn’t know what the lady meant but she nodded her head eagerly ready to feel whatever the lady was offering, she took the lady’s hand and lead her away from the living room her pussy throbbing in anticipation.

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