December 1, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0604] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Super Grace Inna Dubai! [S0604] (18+)

“Why do people visit Dubai?”

“Ah ahn! To flex na. Abi, don’t you like the place.”

Grace and Senator lay in bed naked, with their limbs intertwined. They were taking a break from fucking because he had to catch his breath. 

“I know na. All the shopping and sightseeing are great, but I only come here for work.” Chief said, his wide smile was infectious, and Grace could not help but smile at him. 

“But you’re not working this time around abi?” She knew the man was going to do just that. He could not help himself. She rubbed his round belly and was not surprised when his dick twitched and began to rise to the occasion. 

If she had her way, she would fuck him until he could not move from their room. The thought caused her smile to change into a mischievous smirk. Maybe, she would do just that. 

“No. I mean I have to go see a man about a horse, but I won’t be long.” He told her.

“Horse? Wetin you wan do with horse, sir?”

“I’m joking dear. It’s actually a car. There’s a collector that wants me to help him talk to my friend about her Ferrari.”

Grace stopped rubbing his belly and got onto her elbow. 

“You wan buy Ferrari for the man?” She had seen sports cars in Abuja, and knew that some rich people collected the cars.

“Can I follow you to see the car?” she asked sitting up excitedly

“Yeah. We can go together tomorrow, but this morning, I’m just going to meet Lydia and convince her to part with the car. She loves the car, so it might be hard.” he said sighing

Grace was excited about seeing the car, maybe she would even get to ride in it. Maybe it was thinking about sports cars, or just seeing his dick twitch when her breasts bounced with her movements, but she wanted to give fucking him to stupor a try. 

“Chief.” She cooed, her hand trailing down his stomach to his hard dick. She played with the tip, tormenting him with little caresses around the tip. When he groaned, she leaned down and kissed him. 

Like fucking, kissing was a thrill Grace enjoyed because she was good at it. Her tongue pried open his mouth like an invader, taking his breath into her mouth and swallowing his sighs of pleasure. She was sure no one kissed him like she did. 

The low lights in the room shone on their moving bodies. Grace was in charge, she enjoyed being in charge with him. There was a time to be submissive, but she had not felt that way since they got to Dubai. 

Her desires needed to be satisfied and she felt an absolute lust that gave her the energy to explore as she wanted. 

Chief was only too willing to be used. They had fucked over and over, but she could not help herself.

Chief looked at her through almost closed eyes, 

“You know what I want you to do?” He said with a smirk on his face.

“Yes sir,” She said, as her mouth started to salivate. She got off him and scooted down just as Chief extended his hips towards her slightly and then she took his cock into her moist mouth very slowly. Her lips traced a wet line from the tip of his dick, down his shaft. 

She was feeling the soft texture of his skin, she felt every bump and vein along the way, as his cock went deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. Her nose soon hit his pubic area. She held that position for a few seconds, as her mouth salivated further and Chief’s eyes rolled back into his head. 

Grace withdrew slowly just as it became hard to breathe. She left a trail of saliva on his cock, it dripped from his shaft and he looked at her with pleased eyes. Grace was not done, she went back at it, quicker than before, she bobbed her head on his cock and listened to his breathing become laboured as he got close. 

She knew his release was coming, so she sucked his cock harder. Chief stroked the back of her head, and shot his load into the back of her throat.


There was menace in Grace’s eyes as she saddled his lap, Chief saw it and knew he had to do something quickly before the women completely emptied him. At the rate they were going, they would fuck until he dies.

“You know, I’m not as young as I used to be.” He told her.

“That’s why I’m doing the work, just enjoy it.” her voice slurred, and she ran her hands over his chest. Chief grabbed onto her hands and in a swift motion, he flipped their positions so he was on top of her. He was hard again. 

Grace liked missionary, really there was not a position she did not enjoy, but missionary made sure he could set the pace, and as he slid into her, she was glad he decided to take control. She dug her nails into his shoulders as he began to fuck her. 

His head dipped down and he grabbed a perky nipple between his teeth, and Grace’s back arched forward, she opened her mouth but no sound escaped her. Chief picked up his speed and thrusted in hard strokes, now he wanted to show her who was boss. 

Her pussy clenched tighter around his cock as his hips rocked back and forth, slamming his cock into her. It was her turn to come, and her orgasm built, but just before sweet release, Chief stopped, Grace looked up and saw he was staring at the bedside table. 

Chief’s iPhone was ringing, distracting the lovers. She groaned in frustration, as he scooted away from under her and took the call.

“Hello Lydia. Yes, but I thought we agreed on meeting tomorrow.”

Grace listened to him try to talk his way out of leaving her alone, but the Lydia woman sounded like she was unpleased about something and she was not taking no for an answer. 

“Okay, okay. I’ll be over in an hour.” He promised her.  Grace pouted at him.

Chief went into the bathroom and came out wrapped in a towel, he picked up his phone and dialled the chauffeur service.

“Yes, I’ll be going out alone, please, bring the car out front, and bring the keys to my room. You can have the morning off.”

“Chief nau! Tell her no! That you’re busy.” She complained. The man really did not know what he was doing if he was going to leave her alone in the hotel room, all hot and bothered. 

“Grace, I’m sorry. See ehn, let me go and see her, I don’t know why but it sounds like she doesn’t even want to hear what we want to offer her for the car.”

“Cars plenty now! Why must it be her own?” grace asked pouting

“Her own is a collector’s item, Grace. Let me go and see her.” He got off the bed and dropped his phone. 

“I’ll shower, go, and be back before you even miss me.” he said blowing an awkward kiss

“But you say I fit follow you.” Grace said. He turned to look at her, and sighed in acceptance. 

“Oya, let’s go. We can shower together.” She quickly rushed off the bed.

She raced ahead of him into the bathroom knowing he would watch her ass cheeks jiggle.

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