June 27, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E19] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E19] (18+)

The days went by slowly as Grace counted down to when Nina will return, living in the staff quarters has been challenging but Ms Janet made it bearable.

She couldn’t believe how close they got since she started staying in her room. Grace got to see a different side of Ms Janet, a soft sweet side she doesn’t show often which Grace thought was due to her job that would require her to be a little strict.

Grace also got closer with more of the staff but that didn’t stop the rumours. The rumours were distasteful but Grace didn’t let them get to her as much. It was especially hard to stay celibate as the thought of hooking up with anyone made her feel like she was being watched.

The day started off slow as usual with Grace waking up to an empty bed as Ms Janet woke up early to get the day started, except when she was cooking for the staff Grace hardly had any work to do leaving her bored and idle even with her phone.

She had thought about going to stay at the Senator’s door to throw herself at his feet whenever he came out but she was scared he would still be angry and send her out of the mansion to her village, the thoughts alone gave her goosebumps and made her cold like she was coming down with a fever.

On other days she had no desire to leave the bed and the day was shaping up to be one of those days, she felt so sad and unmotivated to leave the bed.

As Grace stayed sad in bed, the house was swarming with activities, Nina was to return home and they had to make sure everything was perfect.

Her room was cleaned and arranged under the supervision of Ms Janet.

Around noon, Nina got picked up from the airport, she looked as radiant as ever with her dress that left very little to the imagination as it was cut close to all the private areas.

The entire house was busy with activity as everyone tried to welcome Nina in their own way while Grace was unaware and feeling sorry for herself in Ms Janet’s room.

Soon it was dinner time, Nina was excited to have dinner with her dad after such a long time. The chief was happy to see Nina and he asked a lot of questions which she was happy to provide answers to, after they had enough of catching up; it was time to eat.

Nina opened each of the food bowls looking disappointed after opening all the food

“Umm where are the local dishes,” Nina asked loudly
“No offence to the chef but I’ve been craving local food forever now” she added
“Where is Grace and why didn’t she prepare something delicious,” Nina asked directing the question to Ms Janet

Ms Janet looked towards the Senator who eat his food without looking up before she told Nina that Grace is under punishment and was at the staff quarters

“Punishment for what,” Nina asked but Ms Janet only looked at the chief before looking away
“Daddy” Nina whined

“What did Grace do? I am sure she didn’t mean it” she added

“It doesn’t matter. Daddy could you please forgive her because I might lose my mind if I don’t have some Afang soup” she continued in her baby voice

“Ms Janet can arrange someone to make some for you tomorrow” Senator finally said

“No, I want Grace’s special recipe” Nina whined

The rest of the dinner was quiet after he said no, as soon as she was done Nina sent for Grace.

Grace was over the moon after she heard Nina was back and was asking for her, she quickly rushed and took a quick bath before dressing up and dashing to go see Nina.

It was strange being in the mansion after being away so long, it made her sad but she shook it off as she went up to Nina’s room.

She was excited to see Grace, they hugged briefly before Nina started raining down questions on Grace about what happened. Grace only looked away trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to break out

“Wow! That bad huh?” Nina said

“It doesn’t matter, I am sure Daddy is just being proud. Don’t worry he’ll come around” Nina added reassuringly

They spent a lot of time gisting and laughing as Grace helped her unpack while Nina told her amazing stories of her adventures with men abroad, after they were done Grace felt a lot better and lighter.

She said her goodnight and headed out for the staff quarters holding the gifts Nina got her.

Grace still felt sad especially with Nina not being able to get through to her dad but she was hopeful. She was also horny after listening to all of Nina’s shenanigans and looking at the sexy pictures of the men Nina has spent time fucking, she wishes one of those sexy men would appear in the room and fuck her brains out.

She wanted to be fucked so hard that she didn’t have a single thought in her head but every time she tried to imagine it she ended up picturing Senator watching her from the cameras and sending her away.

Will she ever be able to have mind-blowing sex again, she wondered as she lay in bed.

As she started to drift to sleep, Nina’s words about how her dad will come around after his anger had subsided comforted her, and gently pulled her into a sleep filled with sexy men trying to please her.

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