August 12, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E14] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & Sex [S05E14] (18+)

The mansion buzzed with activity as everyone prepared for the Christmas dinner, Senator was hosting his friends, his wives and the children all travelled abroad for the holidays.

Even though some staff travel back to their homes to celebrate with their families, Grace decided to stay and sent money to her family in the village instead. Grace was so happy about being able to send large sums of money to her mother.

With a big smile on her face, she moved about the kitchen cooking up a feast. After she was done cooking everything happened so fast, she cleaned up even though she wasn’t scheduled to serve at the dinner party.

After freshening up, Grace sent the food to the dining room, she was in the kitchen delegating alongside Ms Janet. After everything was sent out, Grace was the only one left making sure everything went smoothly while Ms Janet went out to make an appearance.

Grace stayed behind delegating and helping to pour out drinks and water. Grace could hear loud laughter and soft music coming from the sitting room, she swayed along with the music as she worked. An hour passed before Ms Janet came back into the kitchen and told Grace to follow her.

Grace wasn’t sure why and didn’t get the chance to ask why so she quickly followed Ms Janet out to the sitting room. Senator was saying something followed by laughter from the guests, his smile widened as they approached the table.

“Ahh… there she is… the star of the evening,” he said and chuckled

Grace felt like the ground should open and swallow her as eyes turned to her, she kept her gaze low but high enough to see the guests. She could tell they were all big men and women, they all looked like money

“Fascinating, I have not had such tasty Edikaikong in so many years” one of the women on the far end of the table spoke up

“When you said you’ll bring out the Chef, Senator… such a beautiful young girl was the last thing I expected” she added

“Thank you ma” grace said looking down and bending at the knees

“And so respectful too,” another woman said

Grace thanked her too smiling shyly

“That’s Senator for you, always full of surprises,” a man said with a distinct Igbo accent

Grace liked his voice and could tell his eyes were on her, Grace could feel so many eyes on her and when she looked over to him, he was smiling. He gestured to her and she walked over quickly, he gestured and she leaned in.

He whispered to her to go and wait for him upstairs, grace nodded and excused herself thanking them like Ms. Janet had taught her before.
Grace walked straight to the staircase, she went up, finding only one bodyguard posted at the door. She told him the chief sent her up and he opened the door for her, she went in feeling her stomach tingling with butterflies.

It was the first time she was in his wing all by herself, she wasn’t sure of what to do so she explored the living room. She got bored of exploring fast and decided to go wait for him in the room.

She played with her phone as she waited and soon fell asleep, she got woken up by the door opening and the Senator dropping his phone at the nightstand.

“My baby,” he said sounding excited

From the tone of his voice. she could tell he was tipsy, he spanked her ass before taking his shirt off.

“They all want you but they can only look,” he said and chuckled

He squeezed her ass and spanked it again, Grace moaned softly and jiggled her ass. He grunted, squeezing her ass more in response, she looked back and saw him pulling down his trouser. His dick was hard already poking through his boxers, he pulled it out and stroked it turning grace on even more.

He grabbed her ass and propped her up to the edge, she leaned down pushing her ass up. He grabbed her pussy and tapped her clit with his middle finger, he dug into her folds with two fingers before spreading them open.

Grace moaned as he played around with her clit with his fingers wet with her juices.

He positioned his dick to her opening and pushed into her groaning sweetly, he pushed in slowly then slammed into her when he was halfway making her gasp. The position allowed him to go deep, she could feel her juices rolling down her thighs already.

He grabbed her ass and started to move, he wasn’t showing her pussy any mercy as he slammed in and out of her and she loved it. It felt so good how hard and deep he fucked her, she could feel his strength from the grip on her waist as he slammed into her.

This was the first time she saw him drunk and the first time he fucked her like an absolute beast. Her head was slamming into the bed but she didn’t care, she loved getting fucked hard and getting fucked hard by the chief was blowing her mind.

She moaned into the pillow as he assaulted her pussy, he left her waist and grabbed her hands behind her back making her arch even more.

She was uncomfortable but her pussy was making her feel so good. He was mumbling incoherently and she was sure she was too as her pussy and body tingled sweetly with every stroke.

She screamed as her orgasm threatened to rip her apart, he sped on which grace didn’t think was possible. She clenched her pussy around him as her orgasm hit, he kept moving faster and faster as she screamed louder. He cried out as he slammed hard into her, dumping his load deep inside her.
He pulled out and they both crashed into the bed, Grace’s pussy was throbbing hard and she couldn’t wait to go again.

Finally, the quality time she had been looking forward to, he slammed into her harder than anyone so far including the doctors at the hospital. Senator was as virile as a teenager. The pummeling sounds like reward for waking him from the months-long coma.

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