[#HoeStoriesMonday]AHNEEKA: SECR3TS (Episode 2) [18+] - 'Deolu #ONIRANU Bubble!
March 5, 2021

[#HoeStoriesMonday]AHNEEKA: SECR3TS (Episode 2) [18+]
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[#HoeStoriesMonday]AHNEEKA: SECR3TS (Episode 2) [18+]

The past weeks have been very depressing, and you just want something different, to feel something good. So, this day I was just bored in the house and I wanted to invite a friend over?

I called my best friend to come chill with me but the girl sounded like she had d**k in her mouth when she picked up the phone. So I guess everyone was having fun except me.

I’d been sitting for over an hour flicking through the TV station and Instagram when I got a beep from my friend, she was finally coming over ( hallelujah) so I asked the hoe to buy some alcohol and weed so that we could get lit and not die of boredom.

Five minutes, later this bitch came barrelling in like she was being chased, dropped the bounty, and headed out to pee. Now I understand why she wanted to break down my door.

I already lit up a joint by the time Nae got out of the bathroom and she just joined me. I had to ask the bitch if she had a dick in her mouth during the call but nah she was just eating.

30 minutes later and a joint gone, we were still bored asf, we were contemplating having more people over but I really don’t like noise so I just thought we’d go to bed super early. I was still complaining about how bored I am when all of a sudden Nae kissed me on the lips.

I mean. I might like girls but I’ve never explored so WTF!!!. Fast forward, I was just sitting there like a dummy and this ho already eased me out of my bra and kissing my neck. (That shit was tricky and sensational)

Nae WTF! The weed must be strong asf because I know she’s straight asf (but you know what they say about spaghetti when it gets wet). Nae wasn’t going to stop so I just went with it and turned out I liked this feeling.

We kissed a little and she slid down the couch, spread my legs apart, and stroked her tongue on my clit.


I grabbed hold of her hair and pushed her down my pussy because this bitch better eat this meal up.

Yo! Nae is gifted y’all, I don’t know why we never did this before now.

So, I’m spread all out on my couch and I felt her tongue driving into my opening (If I die, I want an open casket).

With the way this girl was eating me, maybe she smeared ice cream on it and I didn’t know. Such a voracious eater. I’m loving every moment of it.

I was contemplating how to return the favor because I obviously never ate pussy before, then I saw her reaching into her bag for something, I didn’t even care to check what it was because I was trying to get my shaky legs under control at this point.

Finally, she brought out what she was looking for and it was a mini vibrator. The type you just stick into your pussy and let it do its magic.

Y’all I was going to dieeee. Nae stuck this baby into me with a wicked grin and half a second, I started to gasp.

Jesus! Whoever made vibrators should last forever. Just when I thought this was the peak, Nae began to rub on my swollen clit with her thumb in circular motions till cum spurt out of my pussy in every direction.

After I came for the fourth time, she got up, got dressed to get us food while I was sprawled out naked and spent. We ate and never spoke about it.

Moral lesson: Best friends are lit!

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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