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March 2, 2021

[#HoeStoriesMonday]AHNEEKA: DOM (Episode 1) [18+]
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[#HoeStoriesMonday]AHNEEKA: DOM (Episode 1) [18+]


Follow the adventures of a Unilag Undergrad across different times in her life through the eyes, the adventure and the thrills she gets up to.

So, let me tell you about this friend I had in the first year of University.

Dom was his name but Dom was no dummy (YKWIM). I and Dom just be messing around and flirting all the time and you know me, I like to talk smack about all the things i’d do to him but ya girl never does anything (chicken head) Anyways, Dom was always warning about how he’d fuck me up one day and because I talk smack without the courage to do anything, I thought it was the same for him. Anyways we remained friends until one day, I had to leave for my 7 am class.

I’m never early but the lecturer is big mad and I didn’t want to fail. I had walked some miles out of my house when this big car splashed some water on my outfit. I was so fucking mad, I wanted to cry.

Especially because I spent the previous day planning my fit. I had to go back home to change into a skirt and a tube top I got a long time ago(my diva fit destroyed ). I knew I was getting really late, so I had to call Dom to save me a seat and whatnot. I got to class, mad at the fucking driver who splashed water on me and Dom asked me over because he saved me a seat close to him.

So, I walked in pissed and frowning and Dom was like
“Shorty, what’s with the attitude” because I was still mad, I ignored him.

He pulled my seat closer and whispered,
“I’ll fuck you up if you don’t drop the attitude”
so I said
“It’s not like you’re going to do anything about it pussy”
I don’t know why I said that but, of course, we talk smack all the time. We exited the first class, we were walking down the hallway and I was still ignoring him, so he grabs me by my arm and pulls me inside the school storage room.

He pushed me up against the wall, one hand on my neck and the other on my chest and then he whispered
“I told you I’d fuck you if you don’t lose that attitude”
and I was like
“I know you won’t do shit” and yo y’all I’m so happy I said that because he moved his hand from my chest and started teasing my nipples and I was getting wet asf. He was reaching under my tiny skirt and then he said
“Damn no panties” and I said
“Makes it easier daddy “ and he just went straight to dipping his finger into his mouth and into my fat pussy.

I reached down into his pants and I was touching his huge print through his shorts and he was hard! I mean hard as a rock!!
So while I was planning how to tease this man, he pulled my arms off and went on his knees (holy heavens) before I could say a word, he scrunched my skirt up, spread my legs wide, and latched his tongue right on it

*Yo! I was trying to grab the wall like I was Spiderman or something*

Then he ran his tongue back and forth on my knob, he did some spiral tongue movement that almost sent me into shock.

Y’all I was flat against the wall and this man was doing some things to me that would have earned a name from Mortal Kombat because he was about to finish me!!! Dom got up and flicked me over like a pretzel and said “hang on” Hang on??? Hang on where? On the wall? I’m no motherfucking spider man bro. Y’all! All the while contemplating this shit, this man picked me up, my face pressed into the wall (I swear I was swinging) and slammed into me (Take me now lord)

Dom Dom got the biggest stick I’d ever had and he pulled out halfway and went back in slowly, my eyes rolled and my legs became numb.

So I said “Fuck me, daddy”
Big mistake, because he said

“You better be able to take it” and he just started pumping into my pussy I thought I’d die.

We kept going till he pulled out (wtf) I was about to protest, but he turned me to face him, lean me against the wall, and fucked me senseless. I was gasping and moaning and scratching because yo! I was fighting for my life here. After the longest pound of my life, I came hard and long, got down from the thick dick, and put Dom in my mouth.

It’s time to be a good girl.

I knew I had him when he grabbed my hair and started with my mouth.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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