June 26, 2022

[#HoeStoriesMonday]AHNEEKA: Deuces ft Bae & Mr. CC (Episode 4) [18+]

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[#HoeStoriesMonday]AHNEEKA: Deuces ft Bae & Mr. CC (Episode 4) [18+]


Ahneeka is up to no good again. Finally in a relationship with an amazing guy but she is been left alone with his friend for 5 minutes. Bad Idea!

Yoooooooo!!!! You guys! I got myself into a relationship which is weird for a hoe like me, independence is important, so I can eat as much as I want but what do you know, I like this bastard more than I should.

I am actually in a relationship with exclusivity
(GOD KNOWS I WASN’T BORN TO BE MONOGAMOUS) but here we are y’all.

I’m not in love or anything like that but sure I like the man and I just wanted to try something different and yes I got into a relationship which means, I get to sleep with one person for a while. *No flirting or fucking and ghosting for a while.*

I better survive this. So I’m with this very sexy guy and he understands that I like to have sex and instead of running a marathon or some other dumb exercises, sex is my workout routine. We have been having pretty good sex, I like it and I’ve been to his house a lot.

(Sort of feels sane to be with one person)

I was at his house two days ago, just chilling with him and you know we were all alone, making out, and just as his slips his hands down my sweats and into my coochie, someone rang the bell


There I was waiting for bae to come back to tell me it was the Domino pizza delivery guy but he came back to the living room with a real-life chocolate candy
(I’m in a relationship! I’m in a relationship!!!!)

Yeah, he was that hot that I had to repeat my new found mantra over and over again. Mr. Chocolate Candy came in and just won’t stop staring at me.

Bae introduced him as his friend TOLA and we exchanged hi’s and he still won’t take his eyes off me.

While I was back cuddling my man, his mom called him to come pick some stuff up at the other street. Mr. CC (Chocolate Candy) was still not over staring at me and once I looked back, I felt some crazy electric jolt within me.

It was crazy! (The devil works in mysterious ways)

I was just going to go back to watching TV when he said “Do you want to fuck”

Uhhh yes! no! dammit… YES!!!

Who in the hell just asks someone like that?
Is it my face that hinted it or he was just being brave?

Anyways! YES SIR I WANT TO FUCK!! Jesus help me. I was still contemplating how fast this would work because bae could pop in anytime and this d**k I’m risking it all for better be worth it.


So we went into bae’s room, barely got to the door of the room and his hand was on my waist, rubbing my ass and I could feel his d**k get hard as it slowly grew and touched my ass

Bae is going to be back soon, so we better make the most of it, we got to Bae’s room and he slammed me on the wall all choked up and I started getting wet because that shit turns me the fuck on.

While I had my legs wrapped around his waist, we started kissing and we pushed off the wall and headed to the bed.

We start making out and seconds later, he got off me, pulled my sweats off, and starts to kiss my thighs all the way down to my coochie. When he got to my honey pot, he stopped to smirk at me, pushed my legs apart, gets his thumb wet, and starts to rub on my clit.


He kept teasing me and I was about to pass out from the sensation. He eventually starts licking and sucking the hell out of the cat


So I’m moaning so loud not even caring that my man could walk in and say all types of nasty shit like


“Ommmg” because I was about to cum and then he stops midway and says he wants to try something.


So, he flips me over and tells me to arch my back, and then before I could say J-A-C-K… he slips into me and starts pounding me so hard, I was stifling my moan when Bae yelled my name from the living room.


I was struggling to put myself together while Tola ran to hide in the bathroom. The door opens and bae’s head pops in and he sees me without my shirt

“Damn baby girl, you were waiting for me” I didn’t know what to say so I just said yes. He asked where Tola was and I said he had left.

Bae walks up to me and starts kissing my neck, so I gripped him so hard my fingers dug into his back BECAUSE THAT SHIT FELT GOOD.

All the while I could see Tola watching from the crack of the bathroom door, smirking and whispering OH FUCK which made me smile and all the while bae was asking what was funny and I said nothing.

So, he took it as defiance and flipped me over, slips his d**k straight into the cat, all the while saying

“you’re so fucking wet”

OH WELL, THANK TOLA FOR THAT, I said in my mind.

Then he starts to fuck me slowly unlike Tola who was going to break my back.

*Mental note*

‘One fucks slow and the other one hard” so while I was moaning from being fucked by my man, I see Tola stroking his d**k through the crack and that got me more fucked up because I was slamming my ass into bae’s d**k making my booty bounce.

Bae didn’t notice I was staring straight because he was far too gone and just when he was picking up speed and fucking me really hard. His mum called for him to come back to the second street immediately!


You know what a call from your mother does to a boner. Bae apologized and left.

After that, Tola came out of the bathroom, absolutely rock solid from watching, he pulls me by the hair from the bed and I got on my knees like a little girl to suck his d**k.

We moved the party to his house where I came with no interruption.


Moral of the story: Risque sex is why we are here.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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