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June 5, 2020
Guest Post: The Wedding Party in Benin (18+)

Guest Post: The Wedding Party in Benin (18+)

So, my cousin did his traditional and white wedding this past weekend.

We left Lagos on Thursday for Auchi with a convoy of four salon cars and a coastal bus. We got there tired and late, we lodged at Uyi Grand Hotel,  we took three rooms, two guys each.

The next day was the traditional wedding day, we got dressed, and your boy was looking dapper, we then headed to my cousin’s fiancé’s family house, sat with her friends there, we were all socializing and all, then I got pressed, I went to ease my bladder outside, saw this babe with deep eyes, I went up to her, complimenting her but she was acting in haste.

I had to follow her inside a hair salon before she gave me her  phone number, I scored her that night to the glory of God and shame of the devil, but lemme fast forward to the white wedding day, at the reception, I saw this fair busty babe helping out with serving food at the reception hall, I was dazed so I tried to chat her up when she came to our table but she shunned me, forming busy and the babe I scored last night was already calling me on phone to no avail.

I had my eye on the hostess, so after the reception, I walked up to her and gave her my punchline ( Why is it that any time I look at you, its like everyone else disappears **Might be cheesy but it worked**), she was giggling, even my cousin’s wife (because the wedding is over) met us, she was telling me the hostess is her goddaughter, that I should not deceive her and stuff, anyway my hostess was feeling me and my compliments.

I told her where I lodged, that she should come around, and let’s hangout. We exchanged digits. We got to our hotel, so we were just hanging out in one of the rooms, wilding out, drinking with my cousin, babes, friends then a call came in and it was my fair busty hostess, telling she is on the way.

So, I sent her a text indicating my hotel room number then there was a knock on our door, one of my friend’s bae went to get the door, my fair busty hostess cat walked, everybody was quiet, I introduced her to everyone in the room but before I say Jack Robinson, they started leaving the room till it was just us there, that unspoken code of excusing your guy with a female guest unless he specifically says not to.

I went to close the door while she was on the bed looking so inferno on a tight tee-shirt n jogger. So I said to her, make that catwalk to me because I was standing by the door otherwise I would jump into her bones, so she cat walked to me, I am about 6ft2 while she is like 5ft6.

As soon as we embraced by the door, I went for her neck and behind her ears, sucking and nibbling. I was wearing a short, she dipped her hands into my short while I pulled up her tee shirt, gosh she had very long thick nipples (kinda pink).

I went up her upper lip while she massaged my balls then I paused, took off took off my shorts, she pulled her hands in her mouth then knelt down, spat on my long veinous dick with a huge cap, then she went to the balls first while she stroked my dick glistening with her saliva, went back to sucking my cap while she tickles my cap slit with her tongue .

I had to bring her up because I wanted to remove her jogger then we went to the bed to do 69 and her pussy was smelling like pineapple. She was on top of me while I eat her out, clit, labia and skene’s gland.

Then I came hard in her mouth, she was always doing this finger tap to my balls, she swallowed it then kept sucking till I had to push her off, I went to the fridge then drank almost half of big Eva water then she drank the rest.

I placed her on a handless chair, then went for her long thick nipples, I brought the areolas together, sucked and nibbled it while she was just kissing my eyes at intervals, then proceeded to suck her labias while pressing her G-spot.
She started saying I am taking away her strength, but I went to her clit, to suck and nibble for a while. I had to carry her to the bed, she was weak.

I spat a lot of saliva on my dick(no lube around) before I oiled her pussy with my saliva then slide into her after a while because the pussy had to get used to my dick, it looks like that farming tool called “go to hell” (for plucking cocoa).

I gave her my own scissor missionary position so my dick was scratching, her pussy walls and clit cos she was telling me while massaging her thick nipples with her saliva because her pussy was getting dry.

Then I felt her pussy squeeze my dick while it injected a stream of her soul, she held me tight while I went stabbing her while she licked my ears.

We switched position, she came on top of me, kept her toes beside my thighs so she could grind me well, then she said you’re touching my cervix then I sprayed it when she held me like a G-clamp and started shaking. Her body was hotter than a lava.

I laid her on her back, my dick was now semi-hard thanks to her wonderous nipples, I was rubbing my penis cap on her clit while she was calling me a bulldog, then I continued fucking her again then made her lie on her stomach then I started doing press up sex on her, she turned to look at me and I saw a thick vein across her forehead.

Then she started tickling my balls then I came the third time but still slammed three minutes after cumming. She said, Papi I can’t go home again, it was about 10 pm.

By the next morning, she told me I came nine times. She called me yesterday that nipples is like I am still sucking.

Can’t wait to see her again after the yuletide.

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