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Guest Post: Christmas with LeeMar III (18+)

A lot can happen in a full house during Christmas especially with horny young people running around the house.
LeeMar and Daniel get into it finally.

After nutting real hard while stroking my dick to the picture of LeeMar, I noticed my bedroom door was slightly opened, so I got up to close the door since I still plan on masturbating more to those sexy LeeMar pictures I saw on Instagram.

While my hands where on the door knobs I heard a moan, and asked

“Who’s there?” and to my utmost surprise I found LeeMar with her black mini skirt rolled up, a hand in her pussy finger fucking herself, I saw some tiny drops of liquid I felt is Cum or pussy juice.

“Those hands wouldn’t do you any good LeeMar” I said still surprised I saw a girl I’m attracted to this much served to me on a plate of gold.

“I’m not Interested in what you have in mind,” she said, before adding “Is what I’ll say if I wasn’t this horny and completely into you” She added I held her hands , gently brought her into my room, locked the door.

Without further ado, we started kissing, her arms wrapped around me , considering the fact she just fingered herself not too long ago, her finger oozed of her pussy juice, the smell alone got into my head and my dick got very hard within seconds again.

Here I was tongue kissing a girl I can only dream of having, as we  hugged and kiss our bodies was very close to each other leaving almost no space between. While I still kissing I brought down her skirt, revealing her nice sexy G string panties.

She shoved me very lightly to the bed, brought down my boxers in a very intimidating and sexy position, revealing my almost monster size dick, the kind you see in black men category on Xvideos or Pornhub. She held the dick firmly and started stroking my dick, a few minutes ago I was stroking my dick to a picture of her, now she’s stroking my dick in person, I felt like the luckiest man alive.

After stroking me to the hardest I could get, she brought her lips to my groin and started blowing real hard while she was blowing she took off her crop top and her panties, revealing a very small boob and large nipples and I found it quite sexy. She started blowing me off again this time deep throating me I was stunned as to how my whole dick disappeared into a mouth I felt was tiny, I could feel my dick hit her throat.

So I thought why not blow her while she blows me? I told her to change to a more convenient position, we changed to 69, eating her pussy out while she was slobbing on my dick making wet slobbish noise, she sat on my face.

I was in her pussy eating it out like a real man, stimulating the clitoris with the occasional finger fuck, inserting the finger into her dripping wet pussy and pump for about thirty seconds and proceed to suck her hot wet pussy.

She occasionally stopped sucking my dick just to let out moaning sound, even with spit all over her face.

LeeMar is still the cutest girl I’ve seen all my life.

“Fuck me Daniel, I need you to fuck me like I’m your slut” She said like those words were the fire to my fuel, I got fuelled up I carried her and flipped her. I laid behind her back, one of her legs was up, giving me free access to her Hotspot, without further Ado I connected, giving the fact I had a condom in one of the books on my desk.

I didn’t want to risk turning her off with

“Let me go get my condom” shii As I entered she let out

“Ahhh” as I guided my dick into her quite tight pussy, at first my whole dick couldn’t enter so I went in slowly, fucking her with the tip alone till it got accustomed, then I rammed my full dick into her neatly shaved pussy, ramming her real hard 

“Yes Daniel” she said

“Fuck me hard, yes Daniel, harder” she was screaming, words from her mouth, music to my ear,I got up to change position, this time her legs rested on my shoulder as I rammed in harder again, this time I touched down I was going really really fast as I could whilst fucking her with legs on my shoulder.

I brought my lips close to hers and we started kissing, passionately, I pumped into her as hard as I could with each passing stroke she let’s out a sexy moan. 
I could tell she was cumming real soon as her leg froze and she couldn’t call my name like she wanted to, her words weren’t clear, I pumped in harder as I could again, going real hard I was close to cumming myself, due to the amount of pleasure I got from fucking this sexy chick.

I nutted right after she did.

Tired AF, without much doubt, its the best sex I’ve had all year, maybe this Christmas wouldn’t be that bad. I just laid there with LeeMar, in love, happy and satisfied… 

It’s the Christmas Season after all … its the time of Giving … I just gave her a very good dick, I thought to myself.

Written by Kb W

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