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October 26, 2020

Guest Post: Christmas with LeeMar II (18+)
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Guest Post: Christmas with LeeMar II (18+)


A lot can happen in a full house during Christmas especially with horny young people running around the house.

LeeMar’s Point of View

As I walked back to my room I could feel his gaze all over my bum, so I swayed more than usual to feed his eyes.

While I was seated on the couch, I noticed his eyes all over me, but I pretended like I was focused on the TV like he did earlier. He had this innocent look with a mischievous smile on his lip when he looked at me and honestly that look alone was giving me some wet sensation down there. 

Being alone with Daniel this morning gave me the chance to see how cute he really is, a round face, with an eye that looks tipsy even when he’s perfectly normal, he has a full beard nicely trimmed tho and pouty pink lips. When kemi told me to come over for the festive period she probably forgot to add she has a very hot sexy cousin.

I never knew Lasu had boys this cute, his gaze alone made me this wet I can’t imagine what his touch would do to me. The Room is a bit quiet than I left it earlier. Finally, I can get some sleep I thought to myself. I woke up twenty minutes past nine, after most members of the family already had breakfast, the bathroom door opened and Kemi came out.

“Hey sleepyhead thought you’d not wake up again Kemi” She greeted 
“I had to wake up past five because you kept snoring like a goat, went to the living room to watch tv, I met Daniel there watching tv too. He’s really nice and he’s fine o ” I said 

“All those Unilag boys is not enough for you abi? Which Daniel? That ugly head? Well he try sha”  she replied

I just smiled to myself, if Daniel is just there, then I’d keep my opinion of her Igbo boyfriend, Jude, some weird looking dude with a fat account that’s the only reason he could afford a girl like Kemi.

Fine he no Fine, Get six packs he no get and money just rescued the dude from the hands of loneliness, I laughed to myself 
“What’s making this one laugh ?” Kemi asked 
“Nothing o” I replied 
She said stuff like, I just smiled.  I wrapped myself in a towel, got in the shower for a nice cold bath. 

After shower, I wore a black matching pant and bra, mini skirt and a crop top, since I had no plans of going anywhere I wanted to be comfortable in what I wore.

I went to the dining for breakfast of Bread, Egg, and tea, while at the dining I learned the elders in the house went out for some lone family time or something. And junior took the little kids in the house to the mall, to  have fun, since the house was getting a little too boring, so it was just me, kemi and Daniel in the house. 

Its Mid Day, a very boring day no power supply, Kemi’s inside the room watching a movie I found a little too boring on her laptop. The living room is wide and richly furnished with a refrigerator just right at the entrance of the kitchen, a center table on a centre rug.

With no power supply, the whole place gets a bit dark since the curtains are usually down.
I decided to check Daniel in his room, he was playing songs through his Bluetooth speaker of some Lasu Guy called the earlier, easy to tell dude’s talented and the songs stopped playing moments ago, though he’s asleep or playing games on his laptop. 

When I got to his bedroom door it’s slightly open, I was about to knock and the next sight I saw was both shocking and a little bit funny. The bedroom is of moderate size with a medium sized bed at the far corner of the room, a reading desk with a laptop, some books on it at the other corner with a white plastic chair.

I was peeping through the door from which Daniel’s bed is visible. Daniel is lying down on the bed, with his phone in one hand watching porn obviously while his other hand was moving up and down his already hard dick, stroking it real fast.

This sight turned me on real fast, before I could control myself a hand was already underneath my skirt, shifted my panties, suckled on a finger and I inserted it into my already wet pussy.

Pumping myself real fast, to match the rhythm at which Daniel was also stroking his cock. Here I was in the hallway of a house center invited me to, finger fucking myself like a possessed nympho at the sight of Daniel’s big, gritty magic wand.

Now he’s pumping himself real hard now I could tell he’s cumming soon, just as he was Cumming hard he said “fuck me harder yes yes LeeMar” as he nutted his junk all over his hands and bed.

With my finger still in my vagina fucking myself the sound of my name, making this handsome, well endowed young man cum real hard, was enough motivation I could feel the cum building up inside of me I was close to orgasm myself, my legs suddenly stiffened.

I rest against the wall and as I orgasmed I made a loud moaning sound. Unknown to me Daniel was already at the door and he said “who’s there” opened the door further revealing my finger in my pussy, skirt rolled up and panties down with my cum dripping down my thighs and finger...

Written by Kb W

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