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Guest Post: Christmas with LeeMar (18+)

A lot can happen in a full house during Christmas especially with horny young people running around the house.

Its a full house, Christmas is only two days away and I can proudly tell you I’m not feeling it. Its like the whole family is here, not just mine, cousins I’ve not seen all year, aunties and uncles I get sick of easily, and its like they all have the same agenda “Provoke me”.

All of a sudden its like I have no privacy in my own home, and I can only blame mum who insists we must always keep the family close.

The Christmas get together party has been a tradition in my home for as long as I can remember and I don’t like it, then I have to share my room with some of my younger cousins and junior. Well, Junior is my cousin way older than I am with about three years, but we don’t really get along well, sharing the room isn’t a problem to me tho just the late night getting off, blowing steam is something I’ll really miss and I’ll have to endure that for the next five days.

Kemi is a student of Unilag, English Department in her third year so is her friend LeeMar (Halima), due to the ongoing ASUU Strike and giving the fact she stays all the way at Abuja, being a Muslim, Christmas isn’t as significant to her family like it is to mine.

So when Kemi offered her the chance to spend the holiday with her she grabbed it with both hands. According to Kemi, they are very close friends and they share the same hostel, different rooms. 

LeeMar is one of the prettiest girls I’ve seen all my life,

A tall, slim figure with luscious lips, a pointed nose, long legs under very nice booty, though her boobs is nothing to be proud of because even if I use google I can’t seem to find it still, what she Lacks in boobs she makes up for with a curvy, nice ass.

Those kinds you see on Instagram, well she knows she has the booty so she flaunts it well. Not much of a talker besides the regular Hi’s and Hellos .

The next day, on Christmas Eve, I woke up early because I wasn’t comfortable in my own room, yeesh, I left for the sitting room after grabbing a bottle of coke from the refrigerator. I turned on the TV sat on the couch watching a football match replay.

Guess who came in at that time? You guessed right, LeeMar waking up a little too early too at around 5:30 am, even tho she just woke up its quite obvious how pretty this girl is, hair a not rough and she still looked really cute though, she was wearing a large top, not sure what’s beneath or If there is anything beneath.

I started acting like I was so focused on the TV that I didn’t notice her come in.”Hey” she  greeted I looked up from the couch I sat and responded “LeeMar, how are you ?” She mumbled

“I’m fine” so low it sounded really sexy.

I didn’t want to embarrass myself since I was putting on a round neck and a short boxer  any hard on would be noticed quickly. 

“Couldn’t get any sleep ?” I asked her again trying to start a conversation
“I was a bit thirsty, plus Kemi keeps snoring,” she said laughing
I laughed,

“Well can I get you a drink?” I asked already on my way to the refrigerator in the kitchen

“Sure” she replied I asked if she wanted to join me in watching the football Match, she said she’s not really a fan but she wouldn’t turn down the invite tho. She sat on the two-seater opposite the couch I sat on. 

From where I was part of her thighs were visible, as the top she wore reclined way past her knees, I wasn’t even concentrating on the TV again, all focus was on her laps, those fleshy sexy laps, the thought of it alone made blood pump into my dick giving me a hard-on.

I changed the direction I was lying down so I laid on my chest so I can hide the already hard dick below. When I changed position I guess she moved a  bit because her laps got a hard-on bit wider revealing her nice white pant.

Though, it was a little bit dark around that area just the view alone made me really hard. I looked at her innocent pretty face she had no idea was giving me a show below, completely unaware. After enjoying the view of her face, I brought my eyes back down to her thigh area, I was enjoying every hard-on and I was getting really excited down below. 

“Seems like you tired of the match already,” she said after noticing I wasn’t watching the TV again “let’s watch a music channel or Movie please ” she pleaded, I passed her the remote, I guess she must have noticed my hard on, she just pretended like she didn’t. 

She changed it to a music channel now and started moving lowkey to the groovy dancehall track currently playing, I noticed

“Woah you can dance well, with all that body would be a crime if you couldn’t,” I said 
“Haha I’m only trying o,” she said 
“Well you can try on me I’m open for trials” I joked 
She laughed and came to my couch, told me to sit upright, then she held my shoulders and started twerking while her hands were on my shoulders going up and down, she really is a good dancer, I thought to myself, thought of that ass on my already hard dick alone was driving me really mad.

Someone opened the door of their room probably junior and she left me alone, with a wicked smile on her face, stood up went back to her room. And I thought to myself maybe this Christmas wouldn’t be that bad. 

“I live to cum another day” I said to myself

Written by Kb W

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