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March 5, 2021

Federal Republic of Lily: Stuck in the elevator
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Federal Republic of Lily: Stuck in the elevator

“I am going to fire my assistant one of these days” I muttered as I dragged myself out of my car

Instead of enjoying the hot afternoon naked with the AC on full blast, I was out here delivering a piece to an office building sweating profusely. I walked through the glass door and straight to the receptionist, she pushed a log book towards me without even looking up. I sighed in.

“I am here to see Mr. Christian Ogar” I said with a slight frown

“Last floor, second office by your left” She answered dismissively

I walked into the elevator careful not to ruin my perfectly wrapped piece, as I was about closing the door a guy ran in smiling at me, he was quite tall; should be around 6’3.

“What floor,” I asked

“Top floor” He answered

I punched in the fifth floor and waited for the elevator door to close, an old man walked towards the elevator door gesturing I hold the elevator. I pretended to punch in buttons to hold the door. I turn to see the guy smiling at me, we rode in silence till the elevator made a cranky noise and we stopped moving. The lights on the buttons were off and not working

“Oh no no no” I kept saying as I pressed the buttons

“Karma?” I heard him say

I shot him a deadly glare

“Just kidding,” He said giggling uncomfortably

“It’s going to be taken care of,” He said

“Last week someone was trapped in for almost an hour” He continued

“Yeah that’s supposed to make me feel better” I snapped

“I am trapped in a frigging elevator” I yelled

“Yeah but there’s nothing we can do but wait,” He said

I felt like punching him in his pretty face, he had one of those faces that you see on a billboard advertisement for toothpaste, even his beards were perfect

“I’m guessing you’ve been trapped in an elevator before,” I said moving away from the buttons

“Nope, but what’s the worst that could happen,” He said smiling

His optimism was annoying, maybe I should have held the door for the old man; we could have freaked out together.

I leaned my head on the wall and sighed hard, of all the time I have seen people trapped in elevators in movies it never ended well.

“I am Stephen by the way,” He said extending his hand

“Lily” I said ignoring his hand

“So where are you from,” he asked

“Is there a point this conversation?” I said sounding harsher than I intended

“To distract us from our present predicament,” He said

“Maybe we can play a game” he added

Did this guy take a bite out of the sun or maybe his high on something; no one is that chirpy and cool in situations like this

“Sure why not,” I said sarcastically

“Awesome, I ask a question you get it wrong you take off a piece of clothing and vise versa,” he said

I rolled my eyes

“Okay I’ll start,” I said

“Am I a cat person or a dog person?” I said smiling

“Cat person” he answered smiling

“Wrong,” I said feeling excited

He smiled and dropped his laptop bag and slowly took off his t-shirt. The boy had abs for days and his v line had me drooling

“My turn,” he said smirking

“What do I do for a living,” he said

“Easy, you’re a model,” I said

He laughed hard even holding his tummy

“That’s flattering but no,” he said smiling at me

I feigned frustration before buttoning down my shirt, I took it off and threw it towards where he kept his t-shirt. It was my turn but I didn’t want to break his gaze on the swell of my boobs

“You know there are more fun ways to stay distracted,” I said smirking

I closed the gap between us before running my hands up his abs, I stood on tiptoes and claimed his lips


Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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