Isn't it always better if you get there together, instead of one arriving before the other. Here are 8 ways you can arrive together.

It’s cool that you can help your partner reach orgasm but what is even cooler is climaxing together at the same time. It takes planning, hard work or perhaps luck to make it all happen. As documented by Anna Breslaw, Cosmopolitan.


1. Give a helping hand, depending on the sex position, you can help with your finger around the clitoris, best used during doggy. If you cannot use your hand then you can try the sex toy, Frisky Finger.

2. Have sex before clubbing, while it seems like a good idea to get some action after alcohol has permeated your system, it’s better to get it before you get out. The arousal that alcohol brings causes vaso-congestion, swelling in the vagina that can make deep penetration harder, see the reason for sex before clubbing now?

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3. Lube isn’t a luxury, natural wetness is good but you can also make things happen with lubes as well. Fun fact is that almost 50% of women have admitted that using lube can make it easier to achieve climax. So, go and get one, no big deal!


4. Use fingers along with oral sex, it won’t be a bad idea if you can slide in a finger or two in there while your tongue does its good work on the clitoris. That is if she is into such, some ladies don’t like fingers in their female member.

5. The Clitoris isn’t just at the top, it goes down to the labia as well, just like the shape of wishbone. He should not neglect those parts too, with those included, the orgasm can be easier to achieve.

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6. Morning sex is lit! While others like to get it after they get smashed, some like to get it early in the morning. Morning sex can make your day better and can be good for both of you.


7. Monitor your horni-levels, so here is the thing, on the 13 day of a woman’s cycle before she begins to ovulate, this period, her testosterone levels became very high which makes it more interesting to have sex.

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8. Seventy five per cent of women have to feel intimate with someone to climax. Getting orgasm doesn’t have to be from your significant partner but Herbenick has spoken to lots of women about their sex lives, and after that he has this advice: “Just pick someone who’s nice to you and you feel cares about you.” Something else to try is to make eye contact, this simple act is so intimate that it can help you reach orgasm.

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