The drama continued with Eva, after all her travails, she wants to go back to her abusive boyfriend, and he is here to apologise.

I had asked myself the wrong question, the real question should have been

‘Is Eva demented?’ Thank God my eyes knew how to talk without linking up with my mouth because one look at my face and she knew.

“Olu, I am not crazy”. She said with a laugh.

“Well I didn’t say you are”

“You do know you have one of those weird looks on your face like ‘what’s this girl saying?”.

“I do not have to ask if you are crazy, I know you are. I am just wondering if you know it… yourself”

“Olu” She sighed.

“Don’t Olu me. This was a guy that fucking wanted to come beat you in your own home. This is a guy who just found out you have been fucking his brother for God knows how long. And even got pregnant for him, though only you knows who was responsible. And now overnight, he wants you back in his life just like that, no explanation whatsoever. Eva, what have you been smoking, I’d love to give it a drag too”.

She didn’t reply but could just stare at me and I was darn sure she was thinking it all through, asking herself if she was really mad. Then ..

“Olumide, I really love him and nothing else matters” She said as slowly as she could for emphasis.

It wasn’t the statement that got me all shaken up, it was the look in her eyes when she said it. It was a look I had seen just a few times but known what it meant.

Eva was going with the guy no matter what anyone said or thought. It was the same look she had in her eyes years ago when she had told me she was going to have a threesome with two professors’ back then in school.

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She had done it and nearly sucked one of the poor men into coma. Story for another day. But right now I tried thinking of all possible things I could think off to at least shake her off track. I came up with nothing, I had no backup plans for a determined Eva.

“Eva, do whatever you want. I can’t say any more than I already said but just know this. If shit goes down, I don’t wanna hear about it. Do not call me”.

I gave the stern warning, she might think I am joking and would come running to the rescue again as always but this time I was determined to knock some senses into her empty head.

“He wants to see you too” Still that low voice.

“Me? What for? Did he smoke too?”

“He just wants to apologize for everything”

“Oh, tell him I have heard and he is forgiven. We owe each other nothing” and I turned to go back to my sweet Lauren who had been throwing me some sweet smiles since.

“Olu, come with me tonight. It would mean so much to me, for you and him to get along” Eva grabbed my arm.

“Huh? You are going to see him tonight? What for?”

“Talk. We want to talk and clear things up. I really love him and Olu I want you by my side. Please”

She was looking up at my face, I dare not look down into her eyes which I could tell were filled with pleading right now. I would never fall again and besides tonight was just not the night. Not after that fuck with Lauren and the promise of what was to come later tonight.

“I am not going with you, I have got a life of my own. And plans for tonight, so good luck” I gently got my hand free and went to sit on the chair that had been provided for me.

“You and Eva don dey plan how to take over the world again abi” Blackky said shining eyes.

He had always wanted to screw her and was always extra nice whenever she was around. Sadly she never saw him as fucking material just Olumide’s friend. Never stopped him from trying though.

“You no just wan well” I said to him before turning to face Lauren. “You good?”

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“Yeah, your friends are just too cray” She laughed in reply.

“I know” which was actually the truth.

“I dey gist her that story wey you go misbehave for club and miss porky proposal” And everyone started laughing even Eva who had come back to sit down. That club incident was a bad day for me(I don’t wanna talk about it).

“What the hell did you drink?” Lauren asked while still laughing.

“Omo I don’t even remember”

“How you go remember when you dey drink Baileys ontop henessy dey add Ciroc join? How you go remember?” Porky added his own.

As I said, I do not like remembering that night.

“Guys, I have to go”. Eva said as she stood up.

“Ahan, so soon. And when I said it was Olumide you came to see, you denied it”. Bobo attacked.

“I came to see Olu and you guys too na but I have to get somewhere”.

“No yawa, you still owe us two bottles and when again are we going to see you” Blackky asked.

“See who? If I hear say una see Eva again till next year sef, na God” I chipped in.

“Haba, you guys would see me soon. Maybe we should just pick a date to hang out” Eva said as she motioned to Monday to order some more bottles and sort the bill.

“Oya now! Come sef, we are planning beach for Easter. Come and join us”

“Been a while I was at the beach sef, okay I am in. Easter then” Eva agreed, well Eva was just three weeks away anyway.

She bought us all an extra bottle except Lauren who said she was okay. She paid Monday and she left. I watched her walk away and to be honest I felt some twitch of sadness inside but I just had to be Bass, I couldn’t afford to get attached to anything or anyone but then Lauren grabbed my hand and squeezed gently.

I smiled, maybe just maybe I could get attached. I am running with this.

We spent the next two hours drinking and talking even Lauren let her hair down and got in with the jokes and yabs. Each time we had empty bottles, porky or Bobo ordered another round. It was just all too perfect been with the guys but then we all had to leave at some point.

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Lauren ordered an Uber and we said our goodbyes. Bobo was also leaving around the same time.

“We go talk on that Easter parole later, I fit play come tomorrow” I said as I got into the Uber cab.

“Oya na, no yawa. Tomorrow then” Blackky nodded.

“I really do like your friends, you guys are crazy but it is a good thing” Lauren said as the cab drove off to my place.

“Trust me they like you too” I said as I wrapped my arm around her to pulled her close and kiss her forehead.

I was running with this.

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