Lily made up her mind to hook up with William after finding out about his bondage fetish, find out how it went down.

It’s been a week now and I am getting ready to go on a date with William.

I had to stop avoiding him, it was quite silly. We are going swimming today which was great, it’s been awhile since I went to a pool. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and grabbed my bag with my swim suits and other stuff I needed and headed to my living room where Will was waiting, he insisted on picking me up.

“Damn! Lily your painting got even better I didn’t know that was possible” he said as I walked in

“And you made more money than we expected, who saw that one coming” I laughed

“Shall we?” I moved towards the door.

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We arrived at the pool and we sat down by the bar for drinks, that’s when I noticed how empty the pool was, as if reading my mind, he told me we have the pool for two hours, while we drank, we made small talk.

When I was just the right amount of buzzed, I changed into my two piece bikini, I preferred its pattern to my one piece, I loved  my decision as soon as I stepped out and saw the look on Will’s face.

I walked into the pool loving the feeling of cold water on my skin.

“Are you joining me or what?” I finally asked

He joined me, doing two laps

“Well done Michael Phelps” I laughed

“Like you can do better” he snickered

“Wanna race?”

We ended up stepping out to the side of the pool and racing a couple of times which he kept whopping me at except for one time when I slightly beat him, we got tired and just made fun of each other as we floated beside each other

“I used to have this massive crush on you back then” he said pulling me close

“No way” I replied

We were so close, all I could focus on was his lips, they moved closer and covered mine, we kissed with his arms around my waist and hands against my ass, and I could feel my body heat up as I deepened the kiss.

“We could take it slow” he said breaking away and searching my face as if waiting for approval

“Umhmm” I nodded my head

We made our way out of the pool and dressed up, we drove to his place in almost total silence.

We got to his place and started kissing as soon he closed the door behind him, he reached down and squeezed my boobs through my shirt forcing me to moan slightly.

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He lifted me as I wrapped my legs around him and threw my hands around his neck as he kissed my neck, he carried me to his room, laid me on the bed and kissed me deeply, he broke away slightly.

“We could start out slow, whatever you’re comfortable with” he said softly

With how horny I am for him, I am sure I could do anything, I said to myself

“Yeah” I said nodding my head

“Just a moment” He said standing and went into his closet, a few minutes later he came out with a couple of things, he pulled up a stool by the bed and placed the things on it, I could make out a fluffy set of cuffs, a blindfold, something that looked like a feathery little cane and a vibrator.

“You ready” he said looking at me

“Yeah, just a little nervous” I giggled

“Take off your shirt and short and lie down” he said with a slight change of tone.

I took off my shirt and short and laid in the middle of the bed.

He came over and cuffed each of my hand to the bed to the bedpost, I tried moving my hands, I have had my hands pinned above my head but not cuffed, he took the blindfold and I closed my eyes as he covered my eyes with them. He ran his hands from my neck over boobs and it tingled, he kissed my neck grabbing one nipple and squeezing, making me realize how much I would like my hands around his neck.

He squeezed my nipple making me squirm in pain, he bite my neck slightly moving down he took the nipple with his mouth and bite down making me bite my lip in pain, he circled the nipple with his tongue sending a shiver down my body, he slipped his hands down and touched my pussy, he circled slowly with his hands, I started to move my waist to his rhythm then he stopped and withdrew his hands.

Leaving me frustrated, he stood up and walked to the side of the bed, I waited for him to touch me when I felt something soft and tingling on my thigh moving up and brushing my pussy making me moan softly, then I heard the buzzing and suddenly felt it on my clit making me jolt.

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He left it there and kept moving the cane up and down my thighs making me squirm under him, I could feel my orgasm build as he intensified the buzz then my orgasm sending spams all over my body with my  hands up tied to the bed posts.

“So wet” I heard him say, I wanted him in me badly but he kept teasing my nipples with the cane

“Fuck me” I finally said.

“I don’t think you want it bad enough” he said as he increased the buzzing of the vibrator on my swollen clit.

“Please fuck me” I said almost begging

He un-cuffed one hand and flipped me over making me get on all fours.

He positioned behind me, I felt the tip of his dick on the opening of my pussy, he rubbed it on teasing me, then I felt a hard smack on my ass before I could react he plunged deep making me moan out loudly, he moved in fast and hard smacking my ass as he moved, the pain from his hard thrust and spanks were a perfect blend of hot, he grabbed my hair and pulled, pushing deeper into my body.

“Oh fuck that’s deep” I moaned out. I could feel my walls clench around him as he moved in faster, his other hand held my waist as he moved in faster

“Fucccck I am going to cum” I moaned out

He pushed in harder, holding my waist with two hands pushing me over the edge, I came hard pouring his dick with warm cum, he pushed in deeper, pulled out and came all over my ass, I crashed on the bed with one of my hand still cuffed tothe bed.

“You did good” he said, spanking my ass

I felt hot and sore but I loved it. I turned to him and said “I can be your good girl”

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