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Apparently while some people were having sex in the murder house, some people were watching and recording them.

Inspector: Miss we have reasons to believe that your marriage to Chief was biased and there might be motive to kill him. Care to explain why you killed him?

Mau: Biased? Biased in what sense actually? I wouldn’t mind you explaining, I really need to know and as for the question in quote “WHY I KILLED HIM” you’ve termed me a murderer without finding me guilty and you know I have the right to sue you for defamation of character, yea? Anyway I won’t say anything else till my Lawyer is present.

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Few minutes after the family barrister came and after sorting things in favour of Mau got her out.

On their way home, Mau told him everything about her affair with Mike in the past and how it ended and to her utmost surprise he already knew about it. Chief investigated her before marriage and found out she had only two boyfriends while in school, the one that jilted her and the one she dumped due to his antics.

‘Ever wonder why you never met with Mike before your marriage with Chief? He knew and needed you desperately hence he asked Mike to stay away in other not to get you agitated, Mike tried everything to meet you before the wedding but your late husband kept him away, he didn’t want to open up old wounds.’ He said

‘Oh, that explains why he apologised to me for the wrongs of his children both in the past and in the future, asking that I forgive them on his behalf. Wow its making sense now’ she said.

Barrister Ken explained to her that Imelda is behind the scandal and will say more but she should be unshaken as Chief knew something like this will come up in future hence he made efforts to protect her. They discussed about other things with their strategy all together and went home.



Mau after fucking Alexia agreed to having feelings for Dan, Alexia assured her that she wouldn’t stand in her way besides she’s still very young and by law she has the right to marry whomever she deems fit for her.

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She let Mau in on some dark secret about herself, her mom used to molest her when she was little. She thought her what sex is, she would sneak into her room at night and sleep with her, and she is the reason why she’s a nymph.

When her mom whom she had craved her so much abandoned her that night she slept off naked whilst masturbating, Mike came into her room for something else and found her naked, he tried to restrain himself then woke her to dress up properly but his eyes steadily on her boobs, the bulge in his Pjays gave him away and one look at it the slut in her arose in its glamour and glory.

Mike succeeded in leaving her room that night without touching her, but she made sure she tormented him with her nakedness everywhere. She liked what she saw and she wanted him; her conscience reminded her that it is wrong to seduce her own brother but she threw caution to the wind and went ahead with seducing him till they eventually had sex.

She caught him with the house-help and demand sex from him as means to shut up, he refused at first but she undressed herself and started masturbating in his presence whilst dialling their dad’s number and Mike obliged him when he heard his dad’s voice on the other end of the phone.

He fucked her that day like the world was coming to an end, he liked her pussy and he kept on coming back for it, demanding for sex everywhere they meet alone, she on the other hand enjoyed the sex so she kept on obliging him, they continued fucking till their dad caught them.

Mike acted drunk and called her his girlfriend’s name, she supported Mike and pleaded with their father to forgive them and not tell anyone she claimed was under the influence of alcohol and he agreed.

They stopped sex for a while at home but when they got freedom from home they continued, she was one of the reasons.

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Mike never wanted to date her for real, but she saw her pictures and watched them fuck, then she knew that she (Mau) was special.

‘Wait what? You watched us fuck?’

‘Yea I did, I was always in the house each time you came over, I stay in his closet and watch you guys fuck, that was when I realised the spark between you two.

I encouraged him to date you for real but he blew it and you dumped his sorry ass which I would have down anyway being in your shoes, I mean who would have all this (pointing at Mau’s body) and throw it away over some flimsy office sex? So my dear, I can’t and won’t judge you.’

She gave Mau her solidarity, kissed her and reminded her not to destroy Dan’s feelings for her and then left for her room.   

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