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March 5, 2021

Edymaniac: The Sex-Crazed Demon Called Idara [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Sex-Crazed Demon Called Idara [Finale] (18+)

The boys began pumping into her wet pussy, getting faster and faster with each stroke, Hassan couldn’t believe how much her pussy was stretching to take these two hard cocks, it looked even hotter on the TV. 

All the while Akin was grabbing her big breasts from behind and talking dirty into her ear, “you fuckin love having two cocks in your tight pussy, don’t you? You’re a dirty little whore who wants as much cock as you can get, can you feel my hard cock stretching your tight pussy? I’m gonna fuck you till you cum you filthy slut. You love me grabbing your big breasts as I fuck you don’t you?

All this dirty talk was perfect for Idara and after a couple of minutes of steady pounding, she came on the two hard cocks in her pussy. “Feels good doesn’t it boys,” said Greg who had just had Idara come on his dick multiple times.

After her orgasm, the two guys started ramming her pussy with extra speed and depth, Idara was like a rag doll between them as they pounded her as fast as they could, “Yeah that’s right just ram it in there, fucking ram it as fast as you can, fuck my tight cunt” After another 20 or so strokes, Idara felt the first cum load shoot up inside her,

“Fill my pussy with your cum,” she yelled and within 5 seconds the second load filled her pussy so much that cum started squirting out of her pussy as both men kept thrusting deep into her.

There were still 5 men who had yet to have their way with Idara. One of the guys picked Idara off the floor and whilst standing he slid his cock into her pussy, he was very tall and muscular and held Idara with hardly any effort,

“Come on somebody take her ass” Hassan urged the others on, Onowa didn’t need a second invitation and easily slipped his cock into Idara ass. Both the guys were well over six foot and Idara looked tiny sandwiched in between these two big guys.

They bounced Idara up and down on their cocks and she loved the feeling of getting double penetrated whilst suspended in the air by these big strong guys. Her breasts bounced as the rhythm of the two guys increased

“Oh fuck this feels good. ” Idara had a huge smile on her face

“I fuckin love bouncing on two dicks”.

After a few minutes the two guys gave each other a knowing look, it was time to give Idara their cum. The pace of the fucking increased and Idara sensed what was about to happen “yes, fuck my two holes as hard as you can” Idara was being impaled at high speed and her beautiful breasts were bouncing wildly,

“Look at my breasts bounce boys, fuck me harder”

Again the pace increased and Idara looked like a doll as she was sandwiched between these two huge guys, just as the pace of the fucking reached a peak, Idara felt both loads unleash into her ass and pussy, “Yes, yes, cum inside this dirty little whore”.

Once again Idara was filled up with cum and she loved it. Now there were only three of Hassan’s friends left. One of them had a huge cock and Idara wanted it in her ass.

” I want to show you, boys, something” Idara grabbed the guy with the huge cock and lay down on the floor. “Right stick that huge thing in my ass.” The man did as he was told, and as he slid his huge cock into her all the men could see her tummy move up and down as the giant meat slid in and out of her. “Fuck that looks amazing your hole stomach is moving” Hassan was getting very excited and moved the camera closer to get a good view.

As he fucked her ass the guy’s cock got harder and even bigger.

“Fuck your cock is huge, I hope it doesn’t get much bigger,” said Idara. But it did, and with every stroke, it was increasing in size.

“This is my little party trick” the guy fucking Idara’s ass had a huge smile on his face. Idara could not believe how big his cock was getting, but the bigger it got the more she was enjoying the ass fucking. “You’ve got a fucking beast cock, it’s so fucking huge, fuck my ass with your beast cock, fuck it, fuck it”

Hassan could not believe how much her tummy was moving up and down, the guy’s huge cock was moving her flat skinny stomach like never before.

“Fuckin choke me while he fucks my ass with that beast cock” One of the guys swiftly placed his hand around Idara’s throat and after a few seconds Idara was ready to cum, she shook as the orgasm rose inside her.

Being choked was only increasing the pleasure, mid-orgasm the man released his grip on her throat and she screamed out in pleasure, this was the best orgasm of the night.

“Yes, yes, yes, keep pounding my ass, fucking pound that shit, keep fucking my ass”

Idara was in full flow now and she kept her eyes on the guy with the monster cock, she could see he was nearly ready to cum, so she kept up the dirty talk, “you fucking love that tight ass don’t’ you, you love fuckin it with your beast cock, you love ramming that big cock deep inside me, fuck it as hard as you like, fuckin ram that pole inside my ass, fuck the shit out of me, come on fuck it, fuck it!”

Idara could see he was ready to cum ” shoot your fucking load all over me, I want your hot cum on my body, fuckin unload on me now” With that the guy pulled his monster cock out of Idara’s ass and she instinctively grabbed it and started jerking.

Everyone was amazed at how much the cock had grown since it had been in Idara’s ass. It was massive. Idara kept jerking and the man let out a loud groan” I’m gonna fuckin cum.”

Idara felt the huge cock twitch and jerk and then felt the load shoot through it, the cock nearly jerked out of her hand as the first jet exploded out. It hit Idara straight in the face and she screamed with delight

“Yeah give it to me, give me all your cum” Jets of cum were shooting out of the monster cock at a huge speed and Idara aimed the cock so that the cum covered all of her body and face, “Fuck how much cum have you got?”

The answer was a lot and just as Idara thought the stream of cum was slowing down the guy seemed to have a second orgasm. Yet more jets exploded out of his horse cock and Idara loved it. “Yes keep cumming give me more cum shoot it on to me” Hassan could hardly believe what he was seeing, but was glad it was all caught on camera.

Eventually, the cum stopped and the guys gave the man with the huge cock a round of applause. “That is my second party trick,” he said as he offered his cock to Idara’s mouth. She willingly sucked the last bits of his cum into her mouth.

When she finished she looked at the two guys who were left, “Well boys what’s it gonna be” the two guys knew exactly what they wanted, they both wanted to titty fuck Idara and cum in her face. The first guy wasted no time as Idara pressed her breasts together for him, he slid his cock between them and fucked as fast as he could. Having seen so much action he was ready to cum in under a minute and blew his load straight into Idara’s face, the second man took even less time to unload.

“Right,” said Idara “you would think I would have had enough cum for one evening but I want more, I want everyone who can to jerk off over me as I lie on the floor, and you will have something nice to look at too” Idara reached into her bag and pulled out 2 large dildos.

“You guys can jerk off as you watch me fuck myself with these dildos”

“Give the cock hungry whore what she wants,” said Hassan. Idara lay on the floor and started to ease the first dildo into her pussy she then grabbed the lube and inserted the second into her ass.

By now at least 12 of the guys were standing over her and jerking off. “Now I want you boys to wait until I have an orgasm before you cum on me.” Idara went to work with the two dildos thrusting them in and out of her ass and pussy as fast as she could, the guys were totally turned on by the sight of Idara fucking herself in the pusssy and ass.

A few of them were getting very excited “Yeah fuck yourself hard you dirty bitch” “your gonna get drenched in cum you filthy whore” Hassan was now jerking himself off whilst filming his sex-crazed girlfriend,

“Ok, guys I’m nearly there get your loads ready” nearly everyone was now standing over Idara jerking off.

All she could see were bodies and stiff hard cocks, she felt the orgasm start to rise in her.

“Ok guys give me your loads, give them to me as I cum.” At the point, her orgasm hit she felt the first jet of cum hit her breasts, then another, and another. She looked up and saw a dozen jets of cum flying at her, some were hitting her pussy but most were aimed at her face and breasts.

She had 14 guys dropping their loads on her at the same time. All she could see were jets of spunk flying at her from all directions, she was getting soaked in cum

“Yeah, give it to me, give this whore all the cum you can” Hassan was holding back he wanted to make sure he got this cum soaking on camera.

After a while, the guys started to move away. Idara was lying on the floor totally drenched in cum still with the two dildos in her pussy and ass. She looked up and saw Hassan “was I enough of a whore for you baby,” she asked him. “Yeah, you really are a filthy little bitch and you have one more load to take”

Hassan handed the camera to a friend

“Make sure you get this last load on film” Idara sat up and took Hassan’s now bulging cock deep into her throat and then came up for air.

“Face fuck me till you cum, fuck my throat, and then cum in my face.” Hassan had the same idea

“Take my cock, you whore”. He started ramming his cock into Idara’s mouth faster and faster, he was amazed at how easily she could take his cock deep into her throat it felt almost as good as her pussy.

After a minute of fucking Idara’s throat, Hassan was ready. He pulled out his cock and Idara looked him in the eyes.

“Fuckin cum in my face baby, cum on this filthy whore, cum on this dirty slut, shoot your load on me.” Hassan’s cock twitched and then expelled his huge load onto Idara’s face “Yeah baby your cum feels so good, give me more.”

Hassan was cumming harder than he ever had before, the sight of his cum soaked girlfriend who had turned into the filthiest cock loving whore imaginable drove him wild. “Yeah take my cum” he yelled at her ” take this big load” He buried his cock into Idara’s open mouth for the last few jets and she greedily swallowed the end of his load.

” Fuck you really are a cum-hungry bitch aren’t you”

“But you must have had enough by now” Idara looked at Hassan as he stood over her

“Baby I can never get enough cock” As she said it Idara grabbed the two dildos still inside her and started pumping away again.

“And next time I want 40 guys and even bigger cocks, this cock-crazed bitch is just getting started”

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