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February 25, 2021

Edymaniac: The Sex-Crazed Demon Called Idara (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Sex-Crazed Demon Called Idara (18+)

Idara was an adventurous 19-year-old girl and loved all kinds of sex with both men and women, so when her boyfriend Hassan suggested a gangbang she was more than willing to take him up on the offer. The thought of having several men touching and fucking her at once was a real turn on.

She agreed to meet Hassan at his flat on a Friday evening. Before she made her way out she drank several shots of Hennessy to take the edge off. The Hennesy did its job and as she rang on his doorbell, she was a little drunk but very horny. She wondered how many of Hassan’s friends would have agreed to take up the offer.

Idara was looking hot with a short tight dress clinging to her skinny yet voluptuous body. She had very large breasts, which didn’t need support with a bra, and long hair. As she went into the flat she could already feel her juices starting to flow.

In the living room were a few of Hassan’s friends. She knew most of them quite well and found herself even more turned on knowing they would soon be all over her hard body. Hassan poured her a large glass of wine and told her to drink it in one, he knew that drink turned her on.

She quickly downed the drink and turned to look at the guys ” Which one of you wants to feel my breasts?” She did not want to wait around any longer, she wanted cock, and she wanted lots of it.

Hassan went out of the room and his best friend Chukwudi walked up to Idara and slowly started to pull her dress down and looked her in the eyes. ” Your gonna get fucked hard tonight, you know that don ‘t you.” “Oh yeah,” said Idara. ” I want all of your cocks rammed up inside me.” In a flash, the dress was off as well as her panties.

Chukwudi picked up a bottle of baby oil and began to pour it over her large firm breasts. Then he started to rub his hands all over her breasts. The feeling made her moan with pleasure, and the others began to join in, soon she had hands and oil all over her body.

Hassan came back into the living room holding a video camera, he was not going to pass up the chance of recording every moment of Idara’s first gangbang.

The camera turned Idara on even more and she looked into the lens as a dozen hands caressed every inch of her body. ” I’m going to get fucked like never before tonight, I am going to get it in every hole because I am dirty, dirty, cock craving whore, I need cocks inside me now”

Her eyes were wild with passion, and she could feel her pussy dripping. The hands were all over her slippery body and she reached down to release some cock.

Chukwudi pulled his trousers down, he was already hard. “Ok baby I want you to suck on this” Chukwudi had a big cock even bigger than Hassan’s 7 inches. The sight of the throbbing member made Idara squeal and she dropped to her knees and started to suck.

She was excellent at blowjobs and was soon taking his whole cock down into her throat, she came up for air and looked at Chukwudi, ” I want you to fuck my mouth I want all of you to fuck my mouth.”

Chukwudi didn’t need any encouragement and soon began banging his cock into Idara’s throat while holding the back of her head. Idara was getting even more turned on at the sight of a queue of cocks waiting to get deep throated.

After just five minutes she had taken all of them in her mouth and now she wanted them to fuck her. ” I need to get fucked.” She was looking at Hassan and his camera, ” I need to get fucked hard and I need to get fucked right now.”

She was desperate for cock but Hassan wanted to make her wait. He took out his cock and filmed her while she deepthroats him taking every inch of his shaft deep inside her throat. The others stood and watched as she fucked his cock with her mouth.

Then the doorbell rang, “Don’t fuck her yet!” he said to his friends and went to answer the door. Idara didn’t mind, she went back to the six hard cocks that were waiting for her mouth. She forced two cocks in her throat and grabbed at the others giving them handjobs.

Hassan came back into the room with more friends there must have been another 10 guys with him. “Do you think this will be enough cock for you?” “I’m a dirty little slut so I want as much cock as I can get my hands on” Idara was tingling with excitement. ” But I need to get fucked soon my pussy is so wet”

Soon all the guys were naked and Idara was covered in oil. She had sixteen pairs of hands running over her firm body and she loved it. She loved being a whore and letting all these men do what they wanted to her. She cried out “Someone fuck me, someone fuck me now!”

Chukwudi looked at Hassan and Hassan gave him a nod. Chukwudi picked up Idara and laid her on the floor, she was quivering with anticipation at the sight of sixteen hard cocks all around her. “Fuck her breasts first,” said one of Hassan’s friends. Chukwudi straddled Idara and placed his hard cock in between her big breasts.

Idara pushed her oiled breasts together as Chukwudi slid his cock backward and forwards. Idara cried out with pleasure. “Your cock looks so good between my breasts.”

Meanwhile, Hassan was hooking up the camera to his large screen TV. “Now you can see yourself getting fucked from all angles.” Idara looked at the screen and saw her shaved dripping pussy in close up on the screen, the sight made her quiver with excitement.

Slowly Chukwudi moved down and placed his now throbbing cock at the opening to her pussy. Idara saw this on the big screen and jerked with excitement “Ram your hard cock in me now” she pleaded but Chukwudi simply rubbed the tip of his rod up and down her clit. Hassan’s other friends were turned on by how much she was desperate for a hard length.

The more Chukwudi rubbed her clit the more desperate Idara became. “I’m begging you for cock, please push it in me as hard as you can” Chukwudi kept playing with her clit increasing the speed his cock was moving over her dripping wet pussy and clit, Idara was now writhing so Chukwudi told the others to hold her down.

“Pin her to the floor I wanna see this bitch cum” Idara felt many strong rough hands hold her arms and legs to the floor, the feeling of restraint turned her on even more. ” Fuck my fucking cunt, I am a cock hungry whore, give it to me.”

Chukwudi kept flicking his cock over her clit and Idara could hold back no longer, waves of orgasms started surging through her body, “Fuck me with your huge cock now” As Chukwudi saw her eyes roll back in her head he gave her what she so desperately wanted and rammed his huge cock deep into her pussy.

Idara screamed with delight as orgasm after orgasm raged through her, Chukwudi’s huge cock was thrusting in and out of her at an amazing speed and still, Idara continued to orgasm “Oh fuck your cock is so huge it’s making me cum, fuck it harder, fuck it harder, I’m cumming again”

Hassan had never seen his girlfriend so turned on and it was making him even hornier. He let the camera move all over her watching Chukwudi’s cock slide in and out of her pussy, her big breasts bouncing and her face contorting with pleasure.

Finally, Idara’s orgasms subsided and she looked up to see all the men standing over her with some still holding her to the floor. There was a sea of cocks and she wanted them all. “Give me more cock, I can take much more cock” She looked up at the screen and saw Chukwudi’s cock sliding in and out of her stretched pussy, it was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

Hassan stood up and told his friend Tosin to get ready, “Chukwudi flip her over” in a flash Chukwudi had turned Idara over so now she was on top of him, “now hold her down to you chest” Idara felt Chukwudi’s big arms wrap around her and hold her tight, she could not move even if she wanted to.

Idara still had Chukwudi’s big cock in her pussy but now her ass was ready for the taking. She twitched with excitement; she loved anal sex but had never taken two cocks before. “Yes,” she moaned, “I want two cocks inside me, I want two big cocks banging into me.”

Hassan handed his friend Tosin a bottle of lube and he went to work greasing up his cock and Idara’s waiting ass. Hassan went back to filming “Look at the screen you dirty little whore,” said Hassan. Idara looked up and saw Chukwudi’s cock deep inside her with Hassan cock poised over her ass “Give me those cocks I want them rammed into me” But Hassan just teased Idara by just pushing his cock a tiny way into her ass.

Again Idara started to squirm with anticipation, “Feed those cocks to me, I’m a cock hungry slut, who needs to get fucked. Tosin just kept teasing her ass and Idara kept squirming, “Right hold her down.” Hassan shouted to his friends and Idara felt a dozen arms holding her down on top of Chukwudi, again this turned Idara on even more, “Oh my god I’m cumming” this was Tosin’s cue and he knew just what to do.

As Idara started to shake from her orgasm he plunged his big cock deep into her asshole. Idara screamed with delight as she felt two big cocks fill her up like never before “Oh I fuckin love having two cocks in me, fuck the shit out of me, fuck it hard”


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