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September 5, 2020

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl

She walked down the aisle surrounded by old moldy books, the air smelled of dust and old leather. This was part of the library that rarely got used; she had never seen anyone over here but occasionally she found herself putting a book or two away.

Carrying the last book from the return cart she read the spine “Kamasutra: Revive the Bodily Rhythm. “Not familiar with this particular book, she started flipping through the pages It was full of all kinds of odd yet interesting pictures of sexual rituals and erotic style. She found herself becoming engrossed so that she wasn’t paying attention to where she was walking.

Reading the caption under one particularly intriguing picture she walked into a brick wall. Actually, it was a man standing in the walkway but the impact still knocked her off her feet causing her to drop the book. She landed on her bottom, catching herself with her hands. She looked up at the well-dressed man who seemed as surprised as she was.

He bent down to pick up the book, she couldn’t help but notice how his eyes lingered, starting with her heeled feet tracing slowly up her legs to her thighs exposed under her skirt. Feeling embarrassed when she remembered she wasn’t wearing panties today. She had been feeling bold this morning when she dressed and was now wondering how much he had seen. Looking up their eyes met, he offered her his hand to help her stand.

She took his hand and stood, straightening her blouse and messy hair. He held the book in his hand, offering it to her. She reached for the book taking hold of it, but he didn’t release it. Instead, he looked her straight in the eyes and spoke “Kamasutra. A very good book, I recommend it.”

“Oh, It’s not mine. I was just putting it away.” She corrected. She was finding it hard to maintain eye contact, his intense gaze made her feel completely exposed.

“What a shame,” he replied, “It’s very enlightening, especially the chapter about sex in public places for devout purposes.” His voice was deep and soothing.

She felt her nipples harden at the words and was surprised by how much the thought tickled her. She realized that they were both still holding the book, their fingers touching. “I should put this away, the library is closed you know.”

“I know,” he said, “I have a key. I am one of the lecturers here.”

“Really? Are you new? I haven’t met you before,” she asked.

“I just started. I teach cultural studies,” he stated.

“Oh, ” she said feeling flustered, “well then I’ll just finish up here and lock up.” She tried to walk away but he held the book fast.

“What’s your hurry?” he asked as he put his hand on hers. “It’s early still and if you haven’t any plans, I would love to discuss the book more with you. After all, it is my field. Maybe you can offer a few suggestions for my class outline.” Her pulse quickened at his touch

Well,” she started, “I suppose it is still early and this seems to be a fascinating book. But not too long, I have an appointment later.” She couldn’t believe her ears. She felt like she should escape, his gaze was making her increasingly unsettled but aroused at the same time. He seemed to look through her clothing and see what was underneath. She found herself thinking about the picture she was reading about when she ran into him. It had shown a couple on a table surrounded by people watching.

He led her over to a worktable where there were a laptop, books, and notes spread out completely covering the surface. He picked up the loose papers and quickly made a couple of small neat piles. “Sit here.” He said motioning to a chair.

“This book is much more insightful than people believe. There are things here that you won’t see elsewhere.” He got into a tone obviously used in lecture. “The illustrations are very detailed and instructional if you look closely.”

He sat on the edge of the table next to her arm and opened the book pointing to a picture. “Take this one for example.” He said it was the picture she had been looking at, “most would think it was merely a couple having sex with people watching. In actuality, it is a ritualistic coupling of the high priest and priestess to bring on the good harvest for the oncoming year.”

His tone had lowered while he talked becoming slow and sensual. She found herself leaning towards him taking in every word. Lips almost touching her cheek as the words fell from his mouth, so smooth as if made of honey. He was describing the ritual in detail but she was no longer listening.

All she heard was his voice seducing her, making her want to kiss him and act out the pictures in front of her. She could smell his cologne. “Hmmm, nice,” she thought. Her nipples were hard and straining in her bra. She felt as if they would spring free at any moment. She had never felt so attracted to someone in her life.

She turned her head to face him. Looking at his strong features she gave in to her urges and kissed his cheek ever so softly. He stopped talking and looked at her, leaning forward to kiss her lips. They touched ever so lightly, almost teasingly. Wanting more, she leaned in deepening the kiss. He brought his hand up to her neck burying his fingers into her hair.

She moaned softly into his mouth, she felt a knot of desire in her belly and it was growing rapidly. He stood pulling her up with him and wrapped an arm around her waist resting his hand on her firm ass. He was taller than she first thought for her neck was tilted all the way back. She brought her hands around to caress his back and shoulders.

He trailed kisses over to her ear, nibbling gently on the edge of the lobe. His hands were roaming over her body. One was caressing her buttocks and back while the other found her breast through the fabric of her blouse. She gasped at the feeling wishing it was her bare skin instead.

She leaned into his hand and he chuckled quietly into her ear. “Is there a fire burning under that cool exterior?” He asked, smiling as she nodded.

“Why don’t we see if we can turn it into a firestorm.” And he proceeded to do just that.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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