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September 4, 2020

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl III (18+)

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl III (18+)

He closed his eyes in pleasure, a groan escaping his lips. The feel of both her mouth and hand were putting him on the edge of his own orgasm. He didn’t want to cum yet though, there was still more fun to be had. She was alternating licking his shaft and balls and sucking them.

He could hear she was enjoying this as much as he was by the small moans coming from her as she pleasured him. He watched as she reached her free hand down to touch her soaked pussy.

“Do it, touch yourself,” he ordered. She looked up at him seductively, her mouth filled with his cock. She touched herself again, rubbing her clit lightly at first. She twitched, as she was still sensitive from before.

“More, I want to see you finger yourself.” She obeyed slipping two fingers inside her pussy, never pausing in her attentions to his cock, and started fucking herself in time with her mouth. She moaned at the feeling, her hips began to grind against her fingers.

Her attention on his prick was increasing to almost a frantic pace. He felt as if he would explode at any moment. She paused and he heard a deep groan come from her throat, feeling the vibrations he knew she was cumming again.

He quickly pulled out of her mouth, leaned down, picked her up off the floor, turned around and slapped her down onto the table. In one swift motion, he parted her legs and drove deep into her until he could go no further. Her eyes flew open at the suddenness of it all then closed again and she moaned deep from the feeling of his dick inside her, he could feel her muscles clenching and relaxing with her orgasm.

He began to slowly pull out, she whimpered at his leaving and wrapped her legs around his hips trying to drive him back in.

He leaned down, kissing her fiercely. Grabbing both of her hands he held them down to the table. He pulled all he way out, brushing the head of his dick against her wet lips, teasing her. He gave a throaty chuckle as she squirmed against him, grinding her hips, trying to force his cock back into her wanting pussy. “Please,” she begged, “please fuck me.”

“How bad do you want it,” he asked, “tell me how bad you want me, describe it to me.”

“I want you really bad. I need you inside me, I have to have you. Please fuck me now.” She pleaded, hating the sound of her voice but unable to stop the words from pouring out.

“Good girl,” he crooned, “I like it when you tell me what you want.” With that he began to enter, pushing in slowly as to drive her crazy. Still holding her arms down to the table he leaned and took a nipple into his mouth. Suckling for a moment then flicking it with his tongue and nibbling.

His thrusts came in a slow easy rhythm, her hips rose to meet his, her breath coming in short breaths. A moan escaped her throat as he moved to the other breast. Hands straining to reach up and grab his hair she was denied her right to move. He nipped her neck sending a shock down through her body. The fire inside had become the inferno.

She lurched suddenly with unknown strength, surprising him by breaking free. Pushing him off, she stood. She grabbed his hair and brought his lips to hers guiding him as she positioned his back to the table. “Lay down,” she commanded. He complied, smiling at her sudden dominance.

She climbed on top, straddling his hips and guiding his dick back into her body, impaling herself on it. Placing his hands on her hips he helped guide her up and down finding her rhythm. She rode him, head tossed back and hair flowing across his thighs looking like a goddess.

He stroked her breasts, cupping them and rubbing her nipples with his fingers. She used one to hand stroked his chest, sometimes for leverage as she leaned forward. He reached up placing a hand around her throat with just enough pressure to let her know it was there. Leaning up without releasing his grip he slid off the table.

Removing her from his lap and turning her around he pushed her face down on the table. Grabbing a fistful of hair and wrapping it around his wrist he thrust deep into her.

“Teasing playtime is over now, now I’m going to make you scream.” With that, he pounded her pussy, thrusts coming hard and fast. Pulling on her hair forcing her head come back and back arch sharply. She wrapped her hands around the edge of the table holding tight to keep her balance and leverage. Breath coming in gasps she was moaning continuously now.

The pitch of her voice changed and he felt her tense up. With his free hand, he smacked her butt cheek loudly, rubbing it to take the sting off. She reared up when he did it, her eyes flying open at the blow, hips bucking against him. She started to turn her head to look at him, instead, he tightened his grip on her hair and pulled back so she couldn’t.

Continuing his thrusting he smacked the other cheek, again rubbing the sting away. Over and over again he spanked her and rubbed until her ass felt like it was burning.

His breathing deepened and small moans were starting to be heard. She clenched her muscles, squeezing tight around him. It was so tight he was forced to stop.

He jerked on her hair “Let go, darling… NOW!” he ordered. She released her grip enough to free him to move and resume thrusting, harder and deeper than before.

The edge of the table was digging into her thighs but she didn’t care. None of it mattered all that mattered was the heavenly feeling of that hard hot cock moving inside her filling her up.

She felt the orgasm building, the first wave crashed upon her and she whimpered, getting louder and louder until she was practically screaming with the pleasure. Her tensing muscles pulsing and the sounds of pleasure were enough to finally drive him over the edge and to his own climax.

His cock stiffened and he felt the rush as he shot his load deep into her pussy, it felt like an explosion. His own shout was almost loud enough to drown her out.

He collapsed, covering her sweat-soaked body with his own. “Hmmm,” she groaned appreciatively, “that was amazing.” She felt dizzy as if she were floating. She could hear her blood racing in her hear, her heart pounding still.

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