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October 23, 2020

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl [Finale](18+)

Edymaniac: The Lecturer & The Library Girl [Finale](18+)

“That it was,” he agreed, ” You wore me out darling.” He cuddled her neck, kissing it lightly as she sighed.

A beep sounded in the distance…sounding like an alarm. Like a gunshot, the mood was broken. Her head came up sharply, “OH NO! I’m going to be late!” She exclaimed. “I have to go.” She jerked out from under him and rushed to the pile of clothing. Quickly putting on her rumpled blouse and skirt.

“I’m sorry, I have to meet some friends and they are waiting.”

“It’s all right, I understand,” he said, chuckling in a way that let her know that he wasn’t completely believing her.

She was embarrassed, thinking about what had just transpired and feeling slightly scared that she had acted in such a way with a  complete stranger. “Goodbye,” she said practically running from him.

“What is your name?” He called after her. “It’s Akint….” the rapidly expanding distance between them muted the rest.

“Damn,” he cursed as he began to dress. His own watch beeped reminding him that he had an appointment as well that night. Oh well, he might as well go now even though he hadn’t really wanted to in the first place. He collected his scattered papers, putting them back into their neatly sorted stacks.

Looking down he spied the book that has started this whole endeavor in the first place. Smiling to himself he decided to go ahead and take it with him and left the library.

Later that evening…

She sat at the bar with her sister, neatly groomed and looking as if nothing had transpired earlier in the day. She was vaguely aware of participating in a conversation but her mind was elsewhere…in the library…with a man whose name she didn’t know.

That was so unlike her to behave that way and she was determined not to let it happen again. “….and he’s a lecturer as well….” she heard the words flowing around her, the word ‘lecturer’ getting her sister’s attention. “What are you talking about?” She asked.

“Oh Bimbo, haven’t you heard a word I have said? Your date…your blind date…you know, the reason you are here tonight? I said he is a lecturer; I don’t know of what but he is new to town and single and Chike and I decided you two were perfect for each other. Oh look, there’s Chike now.”

Waving vigorously across the room to get her husband’s attention. Bimbo didn’t turn around, her attention elsewhere she didn’t really care about meeting this new lecturer guy, she already had someone on her mind.

She heard voices behind her. One the familiar tone of her brother–in–law, the other brought shiver to her spine, making her pulse quicken. There’s no way she thought. Hearing introductions “Bimbo this is Akintola, Akintola this is Bimbo.” She turned slowly, keeping her gaze down. Seeing his toes, she looked up slowly.

Making a full inspection all the way up until she reached his face. Their eyes met and she could see that he was as surprised as she was. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth as he offered his hand to hers. “Nice to see you again” he stated.

“Likewise,” she replied giving him her hand.

“Oh. You two have met already? How did this happen?” Her sister asked.

“Oh…we just ran into each other at the library this afternoon.” He replied. They both shared a private laugh. “Speaking of,” he reached behind his back, “I found this most interesting book lying on the floor of the library, do you happen to know where it belongs?” He raised an eyebrow,

“It is a most fascinating book after all, you should read it. I could go through it with you some time if you like.”

“I would love to,” she answered, taking the book she smiled and gave him her hand as they walked towards their dinner table. This was indeed proving to be a most eventful day. She wondered what the night would lead to. Glancing over at him he looked over and smiled in a knowing way.

She knew then that the night’s events were just beginning and that the episode this afternoon was just a taste. She felt her nipples harden in anticipation and a knot of desire begin to form in her belly.

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