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November 18, 2020

Edymaniac: The Gym Lady IV(18+)
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Edymaniac: The Gym Lady IV(18+)

She stood up in front of me and with a shrug of her shoulders sent her black dress falling to the ground. She was wearing a black lace bra and panties. The ones I had seen in her drawer two days before.

Damn, she looks so fine.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked.

“I love what I see,” I answered.

“Would you like to see more?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Oh yes please,” I begged. She reached back to undo her bra hook which thrusted her massive breasts out. Her bra struggled to hold them in.

Oh yes, those breasts are begging to be free.

She undid the hook, let the bra slide off her arms and her giant breasts fell out. Two perfect orbs of breast flesh. For a mother of three children and how big they were, gravity hardly pulled them down at all. Her areolas were the size of a fifty kobo coin and dark against her skin. I didn’t think it was possible but her big perfect juicy breasts made my dick even harder than it already was.

She straddled me again and I took one giant breast in each hand and began messaging them as she ground her pelvis on my crotch. I kneaded her soft mountains of breasts flesh like dough in my hands. I couldn’t get enough! I took one hard nipple into my mouth and sucked on it while I played with the other one between my fingers.

“Ahhh…Ohh…that feels good.” She whimpered. I switched off nipples for a few more minutes and then her hands found my belt. She undid it and slowly slid it from the loops. After tossing it to the floor she undid the button on my trouser and got on her knees between my legs. She looked me in the eyes as she slowly unzipped my zipper and folded open the flaps.

Her hand went up and felt my abs then headed south. She slipped her hand in under my boxers and grabbed my throbbing dick.

“You’re as hard as a rock.” She giggled.

“You made it that way,” I said.

I hope it’s big enough for her.

She whipped it out and admired it with her eyes. It stood up straight and firm like a soldier… all seven inches.

“Oh my… impressive.” She said as a smile spread across her face. She took it in both hands and started slowly stroking it.

“Let’s take your trousers off it will make things easier.” She said in that sexy voice. I kicked my shoes off and she pulled my jeans and boxers off my legs. She scooted back up on her knees, grabbed my dick and licked the underside off my shaft from the bottom up to the head like it was a lollypop.

It’s a good thing I wanked before coming over or I would have busted ten minutes ago.

She placed her lips on the top of my head and looked at me with her big eyes. Then she deep throated me in one quick second and got all seven inches. She stayed there for a couple of seconds before coming up for air making a big slurping sound. She leaned back and smiled at me, leaving a strand of precum from the tip of my head to her lips.

“Wow that was amazing,” I said. But she didn’t stop to say anything she just took my hard-slippery wet dick back into her mouth like it was her favorite kind of ice-cream. Her big lips were like cushions against my dick as she bobbed up and down my shaft, teasing it with her tongue the whole time

“Ahhh…Ahhh…oh ya!” I couldn’t help but moan aloud. She moved her mouth to my ball sack and took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked it while she quickly jacked me off.

Oh shit, here it comes! If she keeps going, I’m going to bust!

Luckily, she stopped and let my sopping wet dick spring free from her hand. She pulled on her nipples and pushed her boobs together.

“Now that your fat dick is nice and slippery, I need a good breast fucking.” She said.

“You want me to fuck your breasts?” I asked in disbelief. She just bit her lower lip and nodded her head.

“ok stand up,” I answered. She stuck my dick between her giant breasts and then pushed them together engulfing my cock. It completely disappeared except for the head which was barely visible. Her soft breasts flesh felt amazing around my penis and kept it warm.

“Oh yes, I love the feel of a nice hard cock between my breasts.” She said to me as she began to work her boobs up and down my slippery shaft. I quickly got close to my climax again so I started thrusting with her motions and pounded her big breasts.

“Oh yes, oh yes, fuck those breasts!” she moaned.

“I can’t take it anymore I’m going to explode!” I warned her. She quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and started pumping fast with her hand.


“Here it comes!” I screamed. Gush after gush came out in powerful spurts but Mrs. Jumoke just kept sucking and milked every last drop into her mouth. She swallowed and licked her lips.

“That tasted great.” She said flashing me that sexy smile. “Now it’s my turn.” She grabbed me by the penis and led me to the kitchen counter.

She swiped off the paper and cold food onto the floor then she hopped onto the counter. I grabbed her panties and slid them down her long sexy legs. She was completely naked except for her high heels and hoop earrings.

She spread her legs exposing her totally shaved pussy.

Wow, look at those mature pussy lips! Girls at school just have slits.

“May I taste it?” I asked sincerely.

“Please do.” Was her answer and she grabbed my head and shoved it into her pussy. I stuck my tongue as deep into it as I could and wriggled it around. Her loud moans told me I was doing something right. Then I stuck my fingers in and fucked her pussy with my fingers while I flicked her clit with my tongue. After a few minutes of this, her moans got louder and louder.

“AHhhh, Ahhhh! Yes! I’m almost there! Oh yes!” she screamed as her pussy juices flowed all over my hand. Then her body went limp.

Oh shit, did I kill her?

“Mrs. Jumoke? Are you ok?” I asked. She leaned up and threw her arms around me and smiled.

“Ok? I’m amazing.” She laughed.

“You ARE amazing,” I said.

“You think so? Cause you haven’t seen anything yet honey.” She said in that sexy voice again.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’ll see.” She said. She reached down and grabbed my dick softly in her hand.

“Oh, my goodness! You’re already hard again?!” she said “Oh I love your young dick! I could play with it all day. You make my pussy so wet Chris. Come on follow me.” So, I followed her up the stairs to the master bedroom. Watching her firm ass and bouncy breasts the whole way.

“Lay on the bed.” She ordered me.

“Yes ma,” I said obediently. So, I hopped on the bed and watched her crawl like a cougar after me. She gave me a quick Spiderman kiss then kept crawling over me so her wet pussy was just above my face and her heavy breasts were resting on my stomach.

Oh my gosh! I’m about to 69 with my mom’s friend who’s twenty years my senior! And my friends are playing video games! Hahaha!

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