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September 2, 2020

Edymaniac: The Gym Lady [Finale] (18+)

Edymaniac: The Gym Lady [Finale] (18+)

She took my dick into her mouth and lowered her pussy so my tongue could reach. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and pulled her down so I could get in deep. She started sucking as fast and ferociously as she could. She started letting out whimpers while her mouth was still full of dick and started grinding her pussy into my face.

“That’s it. I need you inside of me.” She begged after getting up and turning around so she was straddling me again. She grabbed my dick and guided it into her as she slowly lowered herself until she was impaled with all seven inches.

“…Ahhh…” she let out a quiet whimper. Being inside of her pussy was amazing. It was surprisingly tight and super warm. She slowly rocked back and forth for a while then started raising herself up about six inches and then letting herself fall back onto all seven inches of my dick, each time she let out a gasp of pleasure.

She started getting faster and faster. I grabbed onto and took a handful of her juicy breasts as they bounced up and down.

“OH ya! Oh ya! That’s the spot!” she started moaning over and over. She stood up on the bed and turned around and lowered herself back onto my dick so I was looking at her back. I watched amazed as she slammed her ass down on me over and over again.

This is amazing but I want to take control. I’m going to fuck you, Mrs. Jumoke, like you’ve never been fucked before!

I grabbed her and threw her off of me.

“What are you doing?” she asked as I rolled off the bed. But instead of answering I grabbed her by the ankles and pulled her across the sheets until her ass cheeks were at the edge of the bed. She smiled, spread her legs and held them in the air for me. I played with her clit with the head of my penis. She let out a moan.

“Oh! Stop teasing me! I need that big dick inside of me!” she begged.

You asked for it.

I took her legs, rested them on my shoulders, grabbed her by the waist and rammed all seven inches inside of her in one swift motion.

“OH FUCK! Fuck me!” she yelled. I took long deep thrusts. As I rammed my rod into her pussy, I pulled her body into it with my arms and I went as fast as I could.

“OH YES! OH YES! FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG DICK!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. “AHHHH!!! AHHH!! DON’T STOP!!! PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!”

I pounded her pussy long and hard. Each time our bodies collided it sent a shock wave up her body that sent her big giant breasts bouncing in every direction. She had one hand on my ass pushing me deep in her pussy and the other grabbing her breasts.

“I’M GONNA BUST!! I’M GONNA BUST!!!” I yelled.

“OH YA!!! BUST INSIDE ME!! FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM!!!” she yelled while looking into my eyes. Then her eyes rolled back into her head as she yelled, “AHHHHH!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK YES!!!!! I’M CUMMING!!!!”

As she said that I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I shot load after load into her hot wet pussy. Then I pulled out and fell onto the bed next to her sweaty body. We lay there panting for a few minutes while her juices and mine flowed out of her pussy down her ass and onto the bed.

“That was the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had.” She said between breaths.

“This was the most amazing night of my life,” I said back.

“I wish you could stay longer so we could play some more but my husband will be home soon.” She said. Her heavy breasts moving up and down as she breathed.

“You’re right. I better get going.” I said. I got up and walked to the door then turned around and added, “Mrs. Jumoke… any time you need a baby sitter or… or anything. Call me.” I said with a smile on my face.

“I plan on it. My husband’s going to be out of town in a couple of days and I’m going to have to call your mom and tell her I need you for some heavy lifting.” She said and then winked at me. I smiled and turned to leave.

“Look.” She said and walked over to me. She gave me one last long kiss and handed me her black panties. “Just something to remember this by.” She said smiling. I grabbed my clothes and left. . .

The cold night air felt good on my skin. I took a sniff of her panties and could smell that musky scent. Down the street, I saw her husband pull into his driveway, and I started walking towards Emeka’s house to play some video games.

The job is done, the day is done, it’s a new world, a whole world… for me!

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