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October 26, 2020

Edymaniac: The Funke Temptation(18+)[Legend Series]
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Edymaniac: The Funke Temptation(18+)[Legend Series]

I had known Funke since she was a baby. I watched her grow from a young child to an excited teenager and finally to a very sexy young adult. 

Yes she was half my age, and to be honest, when she was an 18-year-old student, there were times that I had less than wholesome thoughts about her, but as every father thinking things like that about their kid’s friends, I kept them well to myself. 

I suspect that as she grew into her early twenties, those full-body hugs she gave me, the ones where she couldn’t seem help but press her hips tight to mine, were an indication that she had picked up on those hidden desires.

Over the years I watched her grow, and yes, fill out, till she was quite a sexy looking young woman. She was somewhat petite, but her chest had filled out into full C cup. A fact which I was frequently reminded of as she continued to give me full body hugs every time we met.

If that meeting was alone, those hugs seemed to last much longer and I often wondered if it was my imagination that she hugged tighter or that she ground her hips into my quickly growing hard-on.

One thing I was sure of, was that those alone hugs were more than long enough for her to feel that hard-on pressing against her body. The hard-on caused by the tingles sent through my body by her obviously hard nipples. I pulled her as tight to me as she did, not wanting to miss a moment, and at the same time, not wanting her to realize just how much desire there was to undress her and explore her body with my lips.

Another thing that I was never quite sure of was how many of the couple dozen “flashes” that I received in the last few years were accidental. There were times that I swore they had to be intentional. Coming out after a shower without a towel while I was working on something to help her mom, or a crop top “slipping” out of place. I got more flashes of her body than I could actually chalk up to accidental events.

Now that she is married and starting her family, those hugs are things of the past. I still got hugs, but now those hugs were from the side, pressing her substantially larger milk filled breasts into my side instead of into my chest. Not that it made my dick any less hard, I mean I kind of have a thing for sexy milk filled breast, and hers definitely fell in that category.

But Funke was my wife’s best friend’s daughter, my daughter’s good friend, and my son’s best friend’s sister. With all that in the way, there was no way I was going to even hint at what was in my mind, not to mention the significant age difference.

So over the years, I let the desire stay hidden away, but still always there. This day though, those desires bubbled toward the surface as both she and I attended a trip to the beach, including all of our direct and extended families.

Funke showed up in a very skimpy black string bikini, her body looking incredible considering that it had been less than a year since she had given birth. I presumed that the bikini was to show off just how sexy and shaped she had gotten her body back into. I know that I certainly appreciated her showing off all her curves, including her breasts which wiggled so enticingly in the barely adequate brown top. Throughout the day I did my best to keep my dick down while also trying to peek at what she was showing.

I assumed it was my imagination, but it seemed to me that her breasts were actually growing as the day progressed. Either that or the black triangles of material covering part of them and attempting to hold them in place were shrinking.

By the time we got off the beach for the day, there was no doubt what was going on. I felt almost stupid at not having thought about it before. She hadn’t brought her daughter, leaving her with grandma, who didn’t want to come to the picnic, and her breasts were quite literally bursting with milk.

The wet spots on the front of the triangles of the material were the clear indication that finally brought it to mind. I watched her walk off toward the toilet wearing her tiny black top and a pair of shorts as I headed to where the chicken barbeque being grilled.

After hanging around the grills for a while, I headed to the toilet to take care of my own relief, wondering if it was going to be private enough to get the other kind of relief I needed or if I was going to have to dash into the bush that was just behind the bathrooms.

As it turned out, they were not at all private enough for what I needed to take care of, and I was exiting the toilet to hide in the bush for a few moments to relieve the load that had been building all day. With my mind already intent on that action, I guess I wasn’t paying attention and nearly walked into Funke as she came out of the ladies’ toilet.

“Oh. Sorry, Funke!” I muttered, stopping just short of bumping into her.

“Not a problem Mr. Ed.” She replied with a smile on her face, using the same name for me most of her life. “Where were you headed?”


“Uh…. Outside the beach.” I answered, my mind not fully engaged yet.

“The place is that way.” She said with a crooked grin forming on her face. She leaned closer and whispered to me, “Looks to me like you were going someplace else.”

“Huh? Why would you say that?” I asked, shocked that not only was it obvious to her, but she was being bold enough to say so.

“Oh, just a guess.” She said as she took hold of the waistband of my short and pulled on it, stepping backward to lead me around the corner of the bathrooms toward the back side. She held her finger to her lips and guided me quietly to the more secluded side.

“You know. I have a really hard time expressing enough milk so my breasts don’t hurt when I don’t have a baby around. Would you mind helping me?” She whispered as she reached behind her neck and untied the string holding the top-up. The two black triangles of material fell away from her body, catching with the loop around her back and hanging at her waist, her full round breasts more fully on display for me than I had ever seen before.

I really couldn’t help myself, my hands took on a life of their own as they reached out and cupped each magnificent breast, my thumbs rubbing back and forth across each erect nipple, making them dimple her dark areola as they bent to and fro.

“ohhhh Gawd.” She whispered as her hands fumbled with the zip of my short. “I have wanted you to touch me like this for so long.”

I gave her no answer as I stepped slightly to her side and leaned my head down to gently kiss one nipple while stroking the other. My tongue could taste the milk oozing from it, warm and almost sweet. I closed my lips around the tip of her breast and gently sucked her nipple into my mouth, suddenly receiving more of the warm treasure along with a gentle moan from her lips. Her hands pushed my short off my butt, allowing it to slide down my legs until I was naked from the ankles up.

Her hands found my hard dick and wrapped around it, stroking it long and slow, rubbing the precum that was already leaking from it into the whole shaft. My own hands began roaming again, the one that had slipped around her back sliding down into the back of her shorts, pushing them partway down in the process, and the one caressing her other breast, slipping down her firm stomach and into the front of her shorts.

Her hands left my dick long enough to push her shorts down, allowing my hands to now roam freely across her firm round ass and her shaved pussy.

Her hands went back to my rock hard dick as one of my left hand worked between her legs from behind, my finger stroking between her wet lips in search of her inviting tunnel. My right hand found and zeroed in on her clit, sending tingles of lightning through her body with each stroke across the hard nub.

“Oh god. Fuck me… Please fuck me!” She begged in a whisper, grabbing my arms and pulling my hands from her pussy.

I stood up and looked down at her, wondering what she had in mind. I didn’t have long to wait, her flexible body easily lifting one leg high and hooking it over my left arm. I lowered myself slightly while she grabbed my dick and aimed it at her pussy, rubbing the head up and down her pussy, teasing her clit with the tip before pushing it back so my head was engaged in her pussy. She let go and pulled herself against me, arching her back and pushing her sopping wet pussy over my fat dick a few inches.

“Oh God, you’re so big!” She moaned quietly rocking her hips in time with the short little strokes I started to make, working my dick into her a little bit at a time.

“Oh God,” I mumbled as my head finally reached the end of her sweet tunnel, my body already on overload. I started stroking longer into her now, each stroke slipping out until I was nearly out of her wet pussy before pushing quickly into her again.

Each stoke brought a new grunt, squeak, or moan to her lips, and her whole body was quivering. Her nipples leaked milk, some in drips collecting like raindrops and some in small streams that reached out the few inches between us to wet my chest.

“Yes. Oh god, I’m going to cum!” She whispered hoarsely as I continued to stroke into her. Her whole body shook and quivered as I continued to stroke into her, knowing my own load was about to unleash its torrent into her.

“YES!” she squeaked as her whole body jerked, her pussy clamping around my dick. I stroked once, twice, a third time, my hands squeezing her breast, covering both of us with her milk before my own climax was beyond holding back.

“Wow!” I grunted as I jerked, pumping my dick into her so hard I lifted her from the ground, pinning her against the back of the building. Her arms wrapped around my back and pulled my chest to hers, driving her breasts and hard nipples into my chest as our bodies jerked and trembled, emptying my cum deep in her pussy with each jerk of my dick.

“Oh Jizoz.” I whispered as I lowered her back to the ground, my dick still stuffed deep inside her, twitching gently.

“Oh yes. But you still have to help me express some of this milk now.” She said with a quiet giggle, moving my hands to her breasts. We stood there, my dick shrinking inside her, her hips rocking in pleasure, grinding her clit against me while my hands squeezed and milked her large breasts. We were quite literally covered with her milk as the darkness closed around us.

“Oh yes. Just a little more!” she moaned quietly, another orgasm building within her as she continued to ride my again hardening cock.

“You going to cum again?”

“Oh yes. Just a little more.” She mumbled as she rocked her hips, grinding her clit into the base of my dick as I worked her breasts and nipples. “Yes…just there. Oh yes….right there…..Ohhhhhhh” she finished with a squeak, her body once again twitching and trembling as she came, her pussy squeezing my dick pleasantly.

I stood there, gently rubbing her breasts and nipples, her milk no longer flowing as it had.

“God that was good. I can’t remember the last time I came twice like that.” She whispered, unhooking her leg from my arm and lowering it so I was trapped within her pussy.

“I have to say, I don’t know when I came that hard either,” I whispered

she laughed quietly. “Glad to know it was as good for you as for me.”

“Yeah. It was.” I replied quietly.

We were interrupted by the sound of voices coming up the path toward the bathrooms. “Shhhhh. Come with me.” Funke whispered as she pushed me back, my hard dick sliding from her and unleashing a small flood of cum down her leg. She bent to pick up her shorts from the ground where they lay after she stepped out of them. “Just bring them.” She whispered to me, as I tried to get my leg into my short.

Holding onto my short with one leg in and one out, I followed her down a path into the bush. She kept going as the path twisted and turned, finally dumping us out at the edge of the beach.

“Here we go.” She said, reaching for my short and pulling it down my leg and enticing me to let her pull it off. “We better clean up and you don’t want to go up with a wet short, do you?”

“Probably not a good idea.” I agreed as she tossed her bikini top into the sands with her shorts. She waded into the water and crouched down, using small handfuls of water to wash her sexy breast and body. I followed suit, the cold water trying to shrink my still hard dick.

“I hate to let that waste!” she whispered, sliding over and reaching for my dick to stroke it gently.

“This is probably not a good idea to continue this just now. Besides people missing us, I’m not sure this was exactly right.” I said in a quiet voice.

“Maybe not right, but something we both waited for a long time. I know you have been looking at my body for years, and I was just waiting for you to make a move, but you never did. I’ve wanted you since I walked in on you in the shower one day. God your dick looked so big and fat. I just wanted to climb in and let you fuck me right there.”

“When was that?” I asked startled.

“Oh remember that night when I stayed the night after Titi and I went out for my seventeenth birthday?”

“I think so. Several of you went out to some party.”

“Uh-huh. The next morning I had to go pee bad and I snuck into the bathroom while you were in the shower. I don’t think you even knew I was there. You were way too busy if you know what I mean.”

“Shit, you watched me jerk off in the shower?”

“Uh-huh. And I came right with you. If you had opened your eyes you would have seen me standing next to the shower with my hand stuffed in my pussy. Ever since then, I have been trying to get you to fuck me, but you never would.”

“I had no idea,” I answered as she got up and stepped to the shore, slipping her shorts back on before standing to look at me.

“Well, now you do.” She flatly. “So don’t forget it.” She said as she turned and walked down the shore, putting her top on as she walked away.

I pulled my short on and followed her down the shore a short time later, my dick still hard at the thought of her body and the sensations, and also at the open invitation, she had left.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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