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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 7] (18+)

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Edymaniac: The Emergency with Dr. Adaobi [Episode 7] (18+)

Nurse Victoria quickly reached over with the tape, placed the end just under Kunle’s huge ball sack and ran the tape to the tip again,

“Twelve inches.” The doctor’s eyes almost crossed from the erotic information she just received.

Kunle was hanging on the edge, still experiencing spasms of erotic stimulation during the last twenty-five seconds of measuring.

“I’ll get the balls,” giggled the nurse. Three-and-a-half inches from side to side, four-and-a-half vertical.

“Don’t forget the width of the shaft! And the crown, that gorgeous crown!!” whispered Doctor Adaobi.

“How could I forget?” moaned Nurse Victoria. “Kunle is two-and-a-half in diameter midway….three inches in diameter at the mushroom base!” Kunle nearly came when the nurse touched the tape against the ridge of his massive cock head. A pearl of clear fluid again emerged from the hot tunnel at the tip of his cock.

“OK. We got our measurements. Let him cool down for a minute,” directed Doctor Adaobi. “Are you OK, Kunle?”

“Mmmm-Hmmm,” hummed Kunle in response. He couldn’t speak. He thought he was going to lose his mind. The things the lady doctor and nurse had been doing to him for the last hour had driven his body to a new plateau of experience.

Never had this young boy felt the erotic stimulation he was impelled to feel this afternoon. He didn’t know how he could hold it much longer before something extraordinary would happen and he would be totally embarrassed in front of these two perfect, gorgeous women.

He could feel the head of his massive cock twitching, an indescribably luscious itch was present at the base of the mushroom under the wide half-inch hole where the pre cum kept appearing.

He could feel his nipples throbbing with a deep tickle, made super sensitive from the teasing and sucking and probably from the injection Doctor Adaobi gave him.

Kunle was lost in a world of naked eroticism for the first time in his life.

Nurse Victoria couldn’t take her eyes off the crystal clear pearl dancing on the tip of the boy’s cock. “My turn, Doctor. Please?”

The women exchanged a deep look for a moment, then Doctor Adaobi stepped back and returned to Kunle’s left side. Nurse Victoria moved carefully around and between Kunle’s long legs. Her dreamy eyes gazed at the 13-inch vertical shaft as it twitched in the air supported only by Kunle’s young, strong groin muscles. Unbelievable. A woman’s dream.

Kunle gasped as Doctor Adaobi leaned across his stomach and chest with those grade-AA globes and brushed her exquisite nipples and pink aureoles against him, barely touching his skin. She leaned in and tenderly kissed his lips, face and eyelids.

Kunle tried to catch his breath in reaction to this stimulus. Doctor Adaobi slowly raised her body off of Kunle causing her soft, full breasts to brush back across his nakedness, swinging as they brushed away. As she stood erect she touched the right side of Kunle’s face with her left hand and gently turned his face toward her.

She looked deeply into the boy’s big brown eyes and whispered,

“First test is over. You passed. Now you have to hold on a little longer for our final test. It shouldn’t last much longer.”

Doctor Adaobi nodded to Nurse Victoria and looked down at Kunle’s cock giving her a cue to proceed with “test 2”. The doctor looked back into Kunle’s dark eyes and said,

“Nurse Victoria is going to start the next test. I want you to watch her as she begins. Then, I want you to make these feel good with your lips and your tongue.” She softly ran her fingertips across both her darkening, swollen nipples. Kunle gulped. He couldn’t breathe.

Taking her cue, Nurse Victoria slowly reached out with her soft fingertips and lightly slid them across Kunle’s inner thighs. Kunle gasped again, feeling the flood of goosebumps on his legs and toward his genitals. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful young nurse. Their eyes were locked in an erotic visual embrace.

The nurse’s fingers slowly progressed toward Kunle’s balls, closer and closer, until they brushed up against the sides of the scrotum. This caused an intense sensation in the boy’s groin. The fingertips continued their little journey to the top of Kunle’s pubic bone area and tickled the sensitive skin there just below his soft pubes.

As Victoria continued to tickle below Kunle’s pubic hairs, she reached under his ball sack with her right hand and, cupping it upward as Doctor Adaobi had done, began softly tickling the boy’s huge scrotum. Kunle reacted immediately by crying out!

His cock jumped up higher in the air above his stomach. Nurse continued to tickle his balls as she allowed her left hand to lightly brush against the 13-inch rod and softly tickle the entire length from base to tip! Kunle groaned in ecstasy!

Nurse Victoria sighed as she saw another clear pearl of precum emerge from the tip of Kunle’s cock. Holding the shaft in her left hand just below the bulbous mushroom crown, the nurse slowly leaned down, opened her gorgeous, full lips and encircled the tip of the cock with them.

The thick, sweet fluid immediately flowed through her open lips onto her tongue. Kunle was losing his mind watching this beautiful nurse touch his cock with her mouth! Then! Nurse Victoria’s mouth slowly crept down like a caterpillar over the shiny black 3-inch cap, opening wider until her lips snapped over the ridge of his cock and locked around the shaft below! Kunle screamed!!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! God!!!!!!!”

Doctor Adaobi, mesmerised by the scene, slowly turned back to Kunle’s face, slowly leaned forward over his mouth and served him her left nipple! The boy took the long, dark nipple in his mouth and began tonguing it as if he’d done it all his life.

Doctor Adaobi gasped at the sudden rush of sensation. Kunle began to suck deeply. The doctor let out a guttural moan as her nipple reacted to the sucking pleasure.

Nurse Victoria Victoria allowed the tip of her tongue that was still inside her open mouth, locked over the head of Kunle’s penis, to gently probe the half-inch hole. Kunle’s precum flowed freely onto her tongue as she began gulping it down! It kept flowing like a pump dispensing sweet well water.

“Ahhhhhh, Godddd!!!,” cried Kunle.

Doctor Adaobi gently withdrew her left nipple from Kunle’s soft, swollen lips and used her left hand to begin lightly tickling the boy’s chest, nipples and stomach. As she continued this, the doctor leaned back over Kunle’s mouth and offered him her right breast. He immediately began sucking.

Victoria, beside herself with erotic pleasure, began flicking the tip of her tongue up and down against that sensitive spot just under and below Kunle’s cock head.

The boy screamed again from the searing sensation! Victoria continued for another five minutes until Kunle thought he was going to come. Victoria stopped, withdrew her mouth and looked up at the beautiful sight of the boy nursing at the doctor’s breast.

Nurse Victoria reached down under Kunle’s buttocks, hanging in mid-air off the table, and softly tickled his globes.

Goosebumps sprouted! She continued the tickle with one hand, back and forth and between his bums, gently driving the boy mad. As she tickled his butt she found his ball sack with her other hand, encircled it and began to softly tickle his huge cum bag! Kunle couldn’t take it anymore!

At least he thought he couldn’t. On top of all that, Victoria returned her lips to his engorged shaft where they made contact with the free flow of clear fluid escaping the tip.

Victoria allowed her soft lips to slowly engulf the head again, sliding her tongue up and down the base of the head as she went.

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