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October 31, 2020

Edymaniac: The Birthday Girl [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Birthday Girl [Finale] (18+)

The strong, utterly male scent of the cock makes Ireti dizzy with desire. More and more of the massive cock fills her mouth until the tip of it is touching the back of her throat. Staring at the curly hairs only inches away she whimpers. Ireti wants to take it all into her mouth, but her throat isn’t co-operating. That isn’t preventing her from exploring the cock with her mouth and tongue.

With his hand, Ireti plays with his heavy balls as she sucks hard on the cock, her tongue lapping and tasting it making slurping sounds as she moved her head back and forth on the shaft more rapidly. Ireti loves to hear the grunts and gasps of pleasure Hassan lets out. His body trembles and jerks as she sucks him harder, faster.

“Stop,” Hassan commands.

Reluctantly Ireti slowly, wanting to savor the taste of the cock, pulls back until the cock finally pops out of her mouth. “But Daddy!” Ireti pouts. “I want to taste your delicious cum!”

“Later,” Hassan says, “get up,” Ireti gets up, and Hassan grabs the neckline of her dress with both hands. “This dress needs to go.”

Ireti gasps as he tears the dress open, revealing her red lace bra and panties. The remnants of the dress fall on the floor. Hassan reaches behind her and unclasps her bra, releasing her full breasts. “Beautiful,” Hassan mutters as he kneels and pulls her panties down.

Ireti steps out of her panties and sucks in a breath, a rush of excitement dashes through her as she stands naked before him. She glances who is sitting on the armchair, and the older woman gives her a reassuring smile.

“God, you’re even more beautiful than I imagined,” Hassan says.

“Thank you,” Ireti says in a soft, shaking voice, lowering her gaze to his crotch. She whimpers when she sees the massive erection glistening with her saliva. Ireti feels her pussy clench in desire as she looks at the cock.

“Daddy,” Hassan says. “Remember that I’m your Daddy.”

Ireti nods slightly. “Sure, Daddy, I totally will keep that in mind.”

“Get on the bed, baby girl, cunt facing me,” Hassan orders with a commanding voice that leaves no room for disobedience.

Ireti obeys him without the slightest hesitation. She gets on the bed, opens her legs wide open, presenting her pussy to him, and on the corner of her eye, she sees Onyeka sliding her hand between her legs.

“Spread it open,” Hassan orders.

Ireti spreads her pussy wide open with her fingers, Hassan leans down to examine her pussy. “Wow, what a beautiful cunt,” Hassan says, running his finger from the bottom of her slit over her clitoris. Ireti jerks at the feel. She squeezes her eyes shut, groaning as his fingers tease her moistening pussy. “Don’t cum until I give my permission.”

Ireti feels his finger on her outer and inner lips, running it there, his finger tugs her clit, eliciting a moan out of the girl. Hassan slips middle and ring fingers into Ireti, nice and deep, and curls his fingers, finding the g-spot and rubs his fingers up against it, rubbing his thumb on her clit.

Ireti tries to do her best to keep her orgasm at bay, but the longer Hassan fucks her with his fingers rubbing her clit, the harder it becomes. She bites her lip, squeezing her eyes shut, willing her body not to give in the orgasm. “Oh, God,” Ireti moans when Hassan starts to move his fingers in and out of her slippery hole, sucking and licking her clit.

Ireti begins to move her pelvis in time of his darting fingers and tongue. Hassan raises his head and smiles at her. “You can ride my fingers, baby girl, but don’t cum,” he says and continues eating her pussy. She tenses her muscles, trying not to cum as he keeps stimulating her clit, sliding his fingers in and out of her spasming cunt.

Finally, her body gives up; Ireti arches her back and rides his fingers furiously and surrenders to the pleasure, “Fuuuucckk! I’m cummmmming!” Ireti screams, squirting her climax on Hassan’s face.

“Bad and disobedient girl,” Hassan says, lifts her up, and next Ireti knows she’s lying on her belly on his lap.

The first spank on the left butt cheek comes hard, fast, and entirely without warning, making Ireti cry out in pain. The hard, painful whacks are coming in a steady rhythm, each one coming harder than the one before. Each one sending jolts of pain and pleasure through her. Her buttocks are burning hot, the tears are flowing, and her face contorts with pain and pleasure.

Then Hassan stops, and his hand slides between her legs, the fingers are pushed into her throbbing cunt, filling her with big, fat fingers, taking her to new heights. Her whole body is electrified, overloaded with the sensations. Hassan finds her clit. “Cum for me!” he says and flicks the clit, and Ireti’s scream of pleasure echoes in the room as the orgasm floods her overexcited body with pleasure.

Ireti trembles with the aftershocks, breathing heavily, while Hassan caresses her back and burning butt.

Ireti is still trembling with aftershocks, breathing heavily when Hassan gets away under her. Hassan lifts her ass up and spreading her cunt lips with fingers he places the head of his cock to Ireti’s opening and pushes an inch in.

“God!” Ireti cries, feeling how her cunt is spread wide open as he slowly impales her quivering hole with his massive cock. “It is huge! Oh, oh, oh, God! I’m too small for your cock!” she cries out.

“Just take it, baby girl,” Hassan grunts.

“Yes!” Ireti cries. “I can take it, Daddy! Fuck me with your monster cock!”

When his whole cock is sheathed on Ireti’s pussy Hassan glances at his wife. He grins when he sees her fiercely rubbing her pussy as she looks at him and Ireti. Hassan begins to fuck Ireti with fast strokes. “You want it hard, don’t you, Baby girl? Hard, and roughly.”

“Yes! Fuck me hard, Hassan!” Ireti cries.

Hassan pulls almost entirely out and says, “Beg for it.”

“Please, just please, Daddy. Fuck me hard. Fuck me all the way down with your big hard cock!” Ireti begs.

Hassan starts to move hips back and forth at a fast pace, filling Ireti from behind, thrusting the cock into her tight, wet hole.

“I’ll make your little cunt beg mercy,” Hassan says as he pounds his cock harder into her. He loves to watch Ireti’s big ass ripple with every thrust. Hassan loved to hear Ireti’s cries of pleasure as he fills her. He keeps ramming it into her convulsing cunt holding by the hips, her face is rubbing on the mattress with every thrust.

“Fuuuck,” Ireti moans when she feels a finger sliding into her asshole. Wiggling the finger inside the ass, Hassan pumps his massive cock in and out of her. Ireti has never felt as full, nor has she ever felt as intense pleasure as she feels now. “Please, Daddy, can I cum?” She begs.

“Cum for me,” Hassan grunts.

That sends Ireti over the edge, and she screams from the top of her lungs, “DADDYYYYYYY!” as the orgasm shoots out of her convulsing cunt. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as the intense pleasure takes a firm grip of her body and shakes it uncontrollably.

A few thrusts later, Hassan’s cock erupts inside her spasming pussy.

Hassan pulls out of her and lays down on the mattress. He draws, trembling Ireti to him and kisses her forehead. “You are a great, baby girl,” he says and then looks at his wife. He chuckles when he sees that her legs are wide open; her pussy is a gaping hole, and she is gasping air, having a huge, glistening dildo on her hand. “Honey, can I guess that you enjoyed the show?”

“Oh, yeah,” Onyeka gasps and gives him a big smile.

“Uh-huh,” Hassan says. “come here, I want to be sandwiched between two of you.”

Onyeka slides out of her dress and gets into the bed. She snuggles to her husband and places her head on his chest and smiles at the woman facing her. “So, did you like him?”

“God, yes,” Ireti moans.

“Do you want to become our cuckcake?”

“Depends… what does it mean?” Ireti asks.

Onyeka smiles at her. “As much sex with Hassan as you want. The only thing I want is to be there and watch.”

Ireti kisses Hassan’s chest, and then she bends her head to look at Hassan. “Daddy,” she says. “do you want me to be your cuckcake?”

Hassan strokes her back. “You are my baby girl.”

“Yay!” Ireti cries in delight. 

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