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March 3, 2021

Edymaniac: The Aunty Experience IV (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Aunty Experience IV (18+)

Now that I had been fucked by my aunty and had fucked her in return, my spirits were soaring beyond this earthly plane, and my tongue was inspired to finally tell my aunty just what I felt about her—that is, as much as such an overwhelming emotion can be expressed in words. 

“Ah, my wonderful, wonderful aunty, my beloved goddess of love, the most gorgeous creature on this earth-I love you with every atom of my mind and body. I am the most fortunate of all men because the most desirable of all women has given me her love!”

I know that this sounds corny as hell, but I was really into love poetry, and I was very good in English composition. Never would I have uttered such flowery phrases without exactly the stimulation that I had received on this glorious afternoon.

My aunty smiled a beautiful big smile, the smile of a fully satisfied woman who has been freshly and very well fucked. “Oh, my God, honey! When you talk like that, you just turn me too much.

I could just melt right into you. Oh, I love you with all of my being too, my handsome, loving nephew with the delightful big dick.” We turned on our sides and lay there, still joined at our satisfied genitals, clinging to each other rapturously and continuing to speak words of the deepest love between our open-mouthed kisses. Then we were suddenly shaken by the sound of the front door being closed. One of the family had returned.

Oh, my God!” My aunty gasped, jerking her cunt free from my semi-rigid prick. She leaped out of the bed and grabbed her panties, pulling them on despite her leaking pussy. She scooped up her dress and struggled to pull it.

By this time we could hear voices, feminine voices. It must be my cousin with one of her friends. We could hear them ascending the stairs as aunty frantically tugged her dress down and stepped into her shoes. Then we relaxed a bit as we heard the voices disappear into my cousin’s bedroom.

“Whew!” aunty sighed. “That was close! I had better slip down to the bathroom. See you later, honey.” One quick kiss and she was gone.

I cleaned myself off the best I could and put my shorts back on. It was only about five minutes later that my uncle and his friend arrived at the house. But by this time aunty was undoubtedly locked in the bathroom, washing away the evidence of our sin.

I was so worn out that I just lay back in my sex-soiled bed and went to sleep, not waking up until it was dark. I dressed and went downstairs, very nervous about facing the family after my earthshaking experience, which I was sure had transformed me into an entirely different person. How could I behave normally so soon after my rapturous initiation into real sex? I needn’t have worried. My uncle was in the living room watching TV, and my cousin was nowhere around.

I went into the kitchen and found my aunty just finishing the dishes. My heart jumped into my throat as I stared at the gorgeous woman, her short dress plumped out fantastically in all the right places by that adorable body that I had now seen in all its naked majesty.

She smiled at me as I entered. “Ah, here’s the sleepyhead. I thought that you probably needed some rest after your-uh—hardworking afternoon. I’ve kept your dinner warm for you.”

“Thanks, aunty,” I said, just staring at her, still in awe of her amazingly explosive sexuality. I sat down at the table, and my aunty filled a plate with some of her deliciously cooked food. She brought it over to me and leaned forward to place it before me, her breast touching my shoulder as she did so. Then she put her arm around my neck and kissed me on the ear, sending goosebumps all over my body.

She whispered softly, “Love you, baby.”

I turned to wrap my arms around her, but she restrained me and moved away. “Take it easy, lover. There’s a time for everything. Go ahead and eat.”

I did so but kept watching every move she made as she went on with her work. After I had finished, I took my plate over to the sink. Now I hugged aunty from the back, pressing my aroused cock into the crack in her ass. “Oh, aunty, I love you so much!” I breathed into her ear.

We heard footsteps in the next room, and I quickly moved back to the table and sat down to hide my hard-on. It was my cousin, who apparently had just come down from her room. She asked me for some help with her math homework, and I reluctantly agreed. She would be taking her O’ level exams soon.

She had her book with her and sat down at the table, where I was able to clear up her difficulties pretty easily. The rest of the evening, however, there wasn’t any real opportunity to be alone safely with aunty. I lay awake a long time that night, thinking of the marvelous events of the day and wondering what tomorrow would be like.

I awoke the next morning to gentle prodding and looked up to see aunty bending over me, her robe gaping wide open, showing her beautiful big boobs.

“Move over,” she said.

“I’ve got to be with my new lover boy. Your uncle just left for work, and your cousin has gone to school. We have the whole house to ourselves for a while.” I moved over and aunty stripped off her robe, standing before me completely nude. I noticed that she had a bath towel with her.

“We can keep this under your mattress,” she said, “…for emergency use.” She laughed softly. “And you know, I feel an emergency coming on.”

She started to climb onto the bed with me, but to her surprise, I gently pushed her back. “aunty,” I pleaded,

“Just stand there and let me look at you a minute. I want to get a really good look at your magnificent body.”

My aunty laughed and moved her hands to cover boobs and her crotch. “Aw, come on, aunty! Let me see you.”

“Well, OK, but you’re embarrassing me.” She struck a pose, model style, then spun around slowly.

Ah, God! What a woman! My aunty had taken time to put on her makeup already, and her already beautiful complexion had a skillfully enhanced glow which made her look radiant. Her deep brown eyes were made even more beautiful by a delicate eye shadow and a hint of eyeliner.

There was a touch of bright red lipstick on her perfectly shaped full lips.

Her skin, all over her body, was a beautiful dark, absolutely uniform in every part and without blemish. Her big full breasts swelled out so provocatively, standing out firmly with perhaps very slight sag, the nipples hardened and sticking out stiffly from their brownish areolas. Her waist nipped in nicely, but her hips flared out in a true hourglass form, and her belly, with its cute little navel, was slightly rounded, curving down excitingly to the hairy crotch.

Her ankles were very trim, but her calves swelled out beautifully, her knees were dimpled perfections, both front and rear, and her lovely full thighs tapered outward to meet her broad hips. Her ass was a sculptor’s perfect model, deliciously curved, plump but firm, thrusting out in an irresistibly tempting manner, with delectable little creases where the precious cheeks met her thighs.

Yes, there was just a very slight hint of marbling in the back of her upper thighs, just that slight imperfection which is even better than perfection. And maybe her curves were very generous-sized ones, but damn, she was well proportioned. As she turned back to face me, I stared at her prominent mound, covered with thick, crispy dark dark hair. When she spread her legs apart, I could see her plump, swollen pussy lips peeping through the foliage.

I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at her until she smiled and giggled again and put her hands over her face. Then I reached out and pulled her to me, burying my face in her swaying breasts. I massaged her ass cheeks eagerly as I kissed and clung to her boobs.

She had her hands on the back of my head, holding me lovingly and letting me have my way with her body. I turned her around and stared at her ass, holding her with a hand on each hip. I lowered my face to that fantastic buttocks in loving adoration, kissing, licking, and nibbling lightly.

Then I turned her back around and nuzzled into her hairy bush. She spread her legs for me as wide as she could and I was able to get my face right into her crotch, rubbing my nose, cheeks, and chin all over her damp pussy, kissing and licking at the swollen lips. My aunty began to moan and writhe as I stimulated her most secret place with my loving mouth.

My aunty was cooperating so well that I knew that she was in the mood to let me do anything to her. I laid her down on her back on the bed and knelt beside her. Then I began a complete tour of her body with my hands and my mouth.

I kissed her from her forehead to her toes, licking and nipping at her beautiful warm, smooth, satiny flesh. I really didn’t know anything about oral sex, but I was just instinctively drawn to that coveted love opening in my aunty’s crotch. I began to pet it and kiss it.

I probed delicately inside with my fingers and opened the lips so that I could kiss inside them, then thrust my tongue into the fragrant, tangy softness of her womanhood.

My aunty was breathing heavily now, twisting and writhing with her hips. She held my head tightly now, sort of directing my eagerly searching mouth. All at once she jerked violently and groaned,

“There! That’s it!… Right there!…Oh, honey!…Oh, my baby!…Oh!…Oh, you’re making your aunty feel so good!”

I licked feverishly at my aunty’s juicy cunt as she moaned and thrashed about. I had to hold on tightly to her hips, but her hands on my head helped to keep my face buried firmly in her crotch. Then she groaned, “OH, MY GOD!…OH, HONEY!…BABY!…MMMHHH!…Oh, F-U-U-U-C-C-C-K-K-K-K!”

She clamped down on my head very tightly now with both her hands and her thighs to keep me from moving any more. She was shuddering violently as she soared through an intense orgasm, moaning, and whining.

I could tell that it was all she could do to keep from screaming. I was being stifled by her firm hold on my head, mashing my nose and mouth against her hot, wet pussy, but it felt great to realize what a tremendous thrill I was giving to my beloved aunty, not to mention the tremendous thrill that it was to me to have such willingly allowed intimate contact with this love organ that I had been only able to fantasize about through years of horny adolescent yearning.

Finally, aunty gave her characteristic big sigh and relaxed, freeing my head just before I passed out of suffocation. She lay back, all sprawled out, her legs wide open. I crawled up on top of her and lay there with my knees between her thighs, and my upper body weight on my elbows, just lightly lying on her soft, panting body, now hot and sweaty. I stared at her lovely face until she finally opened her eyes, having some trouble focusing them at first.

Then I kissed her tenderly and asked, “Did you like that, aunty?” “Did I like it!” she exclaimed. “My God, honey! If I had died right at the peak of that, I would have died a happy woman! Oh, God, that was the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life! Oooohhh! I’m still thrilling through and through!”

“Does uncle do that to you sometimes?” I asked.

aunty laughed. “Are you kidding? I can hardly get him to touch me there, let alone put his mouth on my- pussy.”

“I’ll do it to you every day if you’ll let me,” I offered eagerly. My aunty giggled. “God, honey, I don’t know if I could stand it every day…But I will sure like to try.”

We lay there kissing for a while, as I rubbed my cock up and down her sopping cunt lips. aunty started stroking my ass lovingly.

Mmmm, honey!” she exclaimed. “Have you ever opened up my life for me? I have never been happier or felt better-or loved anyone nearly so much.”

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