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November 18, 2020

Edymaniac: The Aunty Experience II (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Aunty Experience II (18+)

“NO!” aunt squealed. “That is, I was just saying that-uh-it’s apparently sometimes done.” 

“Aunt,” I breathed into her ear fervently as I rubbed her nipple,

“I’d give anything to be one.” 

“Oh! I-uh-one what, honey?”

I slid down a bit, positioned my cock between her legs, and gave a thrust up between them. Of course, her dress was in the way. 

“An aunty-fucker, With an aunty like you, there is nothing in this world that I’d rather be than an aunty fucker!”

“Oh, honey!” aunt moaned. “Oh, you naughty boy! How can you say such a thing?” She pushed me away from her.

Damn! Just when I thought that my dream was going to come true! My aunt seemed very upset. I expected her to get up and walk out. I had ruined our relationship forever…But she did not get up. She lay there, on her back now, breathing heavily.

“I’m sorry, aunt,” I finally said resignedly, with tears in my eyes. “I just got carried away.”

We lay there without speaking, and the sound of the rain came back into my consciousness. All of nature was weeping with me. Oh, God, what a mess I had made of it! Suddenly a sob shook my body.

“Oh, honey!” my aunt said, turning toward me. “It’s all right. I forgive you. I know that you’re going through a difficult time in your development. It’s OK.” She hugged me, and I really burst into tears.

“But, aunty, “I sobbed, “I really meant all I was saying about how much I love you and- how much I want you…Don’t despise me, aunt. I just couldn’t help it.”

“Oh, honey, honey,” my aunt cooed. “It’s all right. I’m really flattered.” She held me tightly, now face to face with me. We lay there clinging together for several minutes while the steady rain fell outside the open window.

Then aunt kissed me gently on the forehead. I raised my head to kiss back, and her lips were there. I kissed them softly. aunt did not pull away. I kissed her again, and she responded with a long kiss. “Oh, honey!” she murmured and kissed me again, this time with opened lips. 

“Oh, honey!”

She continued to kiss me fervently. Now I felt her tongue licking at my lips, and I opened my mouth. Her tongue plunged inside, and I met it with my own. Her body was squirming against mine, and my hard-on, which had collapsed a bit, sprang back into full erection.

Then my aunt abruptly drew back and stared straight into my eyes with the deepest intensity that I had ever seen there. “It’s really me, isn’t it?” she asked. “It isn’t just sex? It’s really me you want?”

“Oh, God, yes, aunty! Oh, aunty, I’ve been so hungry for you—just you-for so long! Oh, God, I love you, aunty!”

“All right, then,” aunt said. “God help me, for I can’t help myself.” With that, she swept back the sheet. She grasped my shorts and tugged them down, with some difficulty because of my huge erection. “Oh,

God!” she said. “You’re enormous!”

My aunt rose up and pulled her dress up over her head. She cast it onto the floor and reached down to her sheer panties, through which her dark pussy hair showed clearly. She quickly removed them off. I reached for her, but she pushed me onto my back.

Then she climbed astraddle my body, pausing a moment to look me in the eyes and then taking my huge cock into her hands and staring down at it. My eyes devoured her gorgeous big body as she towered above me. Her big boobs were firm, sagging only very slightly with their weight.

Her smooth, slightly rounded belly curved down to the V of abundant crispy dark hair at her crotch, through which her swollen pussy lips peeped. Her fat thighs were straddling my own as she held my cock with both hands.

“All right, honey,” she said in a fierce tone, almost hissing, “you want to be an aunty fucker-Damn it, you’re going to be an aunty fucker!”

She moved one hand to her mound and fingered her cunt for a moment. Then she held the lips open as she lowered her crotch toward my cock. 

She guided my hard rod between the puffy lips of her pussy and rubbed it several times, using me almost like a dildo to pleasure her clit. Then she slowly sank down upon me, and I watched her cunt swallow up my big prick inch by inch until her dark pussy hair meshed with my light brown hair.

God! What a sight! And what a sensation as I felt my sensitive love tool slide all the way into her warm, wet, slippery sheath!

Then aunt lay forward on my body and brought her face down to mine. For a moment she stared intently into my eyes again. Then she murmured, “Oh, honey, honey!” again and placed her open mouth on mine.

For a long time, we just lay like that without moving, my cock throbbing inside her tightly gripping cunt. I got my hands on her ass and began rubbing and squeezing her firm, smooth ass cheeks. 

God! She felt good! Our tongues were playing together again, and aunt’s warm breath was coming faster. Her body was heavy on mine, but God, it was a wonderful burden to bear! Then my aunt began to slowly raise and lower her hips.

My hands could feel the flexing of her rump muscles as she raised her ass way up until my cock was almost out, then lowered it again, sliding down my tingling fuck pole delightfully. I was just letting aunt do everything at this point. I knew that if I tried to thrust, I would shoot almost immediately, and I was glad that she was taking it slow. God! What a sheer pleasure to feel that coveted cunt sliding up and down my happy rod!

I could feel every inch of her love passage moving against every inch of my cock. It was just enough to keep me right on the verge of cumming without making me cut loose. I wanted it to go on forever and ever! 

I worked one hand in between us and started playing with my aunt’s smooth, spongy boobs while I continued to fondle her ass with the other hand. Our continuous kiss was a sloppy wet one, as we chewed at each other’s lips and tongue passionately.

My aunt was really into it now, and I knew that she wasn’t doing this for just me alone any longer. She was breathing more heavily and more rapidly as she continued to fuck slowly. Now, however, she was coming down harder on the downstrokes and grinding against me before she raised her ass up again.

Then all at once, aunt blurted, “Oh, God! Oh, God!” into my mouth and began to fuck with abandon, jerking her hips up and slamming down rapidly and fiercely, bouncing us up and down on the little bed. 

I began to buck under her now, humping up to meet her descending belly and having my ass slammed back into the mattress by her almost savage assault. My cock was being rammed in and out of her with tremendous force and speed now, and it was on fire with the strongest sensations I had ever felt. 

I could feel the heat inside my aunt increase too, along with the wetness. I had dreamed of fucking the hell out of my aunt, but here was my ladylike aunt fucking the hell out of me. God, could she fuck!

Slam!…Bang!…Fuck!…Fuck!…Fuck!…Fuck! My aunt was panting into my mouth, whining a high-pitched whine now, completely out of control in her passion. And the sensations in my cock spread out through my groin, and I knew that I couldn’t hold back any longer.

The heat inside me just boiled over, and I gave a muffled roar as my cock began to jerk and spit out its load deep inside my aunty’s plunging cunt. My aunt felt me start to shoot into her, and she gave a little scream as her ass leaped and jumped even faster in a frantic stretch drive into her own climax. 

Then all at once, she stiffened up, with my spurting cock buried to the depths inside her.

She was shaking and moaning, and I could feel her cunt muscles spasms and grasping at my emptying baby maker. For a long time, we hung there together, trembling violently as our mutual orgasm swept our bodies, lifting us up to the heights of sexual ecstasy.

Aunty and nephew Cumming together for the first time in a glorious incestuous union! God! All my fantasies and all my masturbatory climaxes were such a pale prelude to the fantastic pleasure of the real thing! At last, aunt heaved a great sigh and just collapsed upon me.

A tremendous release came over me as well, leaving me drained but gloriously happy. Oh, God! My aunty had fucked me! My own dear, precious, wonderful, gorgeous aunty had fucked me-her own nephew, her adoring, worshiping nephew. 

A wave of sheer love swept through me. Oh, God How I loved this wonderful woman! More now than ever! She had given me everything now.

She was a warm, loving aunty in the conventional way, and now she had proved to be a passionately hot lover, giving all of herself to me without any reserve. What greater joy could anybody possibly experience? After my aunty recovered her breath and came back down to earth a bit, she began to murmur,

“Oh, my God! What a fuck! Oh, God, did that ever feel good! Ooohh!” She was lying fully upon me, and her weight was rather uncomfortable, but I would have died before I would ask her to move. It was a glorious discomfort. 

My cock was still buried deep inside her overflowing cunt. I could feel our mixed fluids seeping down from our crotches, over my ass, and onto the bedsheet. I didn’t care about that.

The whole experience had been so stimulating that my cock lost hardly any of its rigidity. I could feel little ripples running through my aunt’s vaginal muscles from time to time, and they helped my dick to begin to return to maximum erection.

Then apparently the gravity of the situation struck my aunty, and she raised her head and looked at me. “My, God, honey, what have we done? How could I have let such a thing happen?” I had no answer to her question, but I hugged her tight, and she laid her head back down on my shoulder. Then she asked softly, “Honey, was this your first time?”

“Yes, aunty, “I replied. “I’m glad that my first time was with you.”

“Oh, God, God!” aunt moaned. “What have I done to you? It was all my fault, honey. Oh, God, I’m so sorry!” And now she was the one who was crying.

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