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February 25, 2021

Edymaniac: The Aunty Experience [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: The Aunty Experience [Finale] (18+)

“I’m so glad, aunty,” I said. “I want to do everything I can to make you happy. If there is anything at all that I can do for you, just let me know.”

“You’ve already done so much, baby, that I feel that I should be doing more for you.” She thought for a moment and then said, “Hey, that’s the idea. Get off me, honey.”

She gave me a push and I reluctantly climbed off her lovely body. “Now, we have to be fair about this,” aunty said, smiling. “Stand back for a minute and let me look at you.”

“Aw, aunty, “I complained, “I’m not nearly so good to look at as you are.” For some stupid reason, I put both hands in front of my cock. “Well, looking at it from a woman’s viewpoint, I don’t agree, my dear. Now move those hands and turn around slowly.”

Protesting mildly and smiling like crazy, I put on my little show for aunty. My cock was standing up at a sharp angle, as hard as it could possibly be, and it bounced up and down as I moved. “Mmmm! Very nice!” aunty purred as she gazed at my nakedness. “Now turn back around here and let me have a close look at that beautiful big pole sticking out in front there.”

My aunty reached out and took hold of my turgid rod and bent her head over it, examining it closely. “Oooh, it’s so lovely, honey!” She petted and stroked my rigid prick and cupped my hairy balls. Then she said slowly, hesitantly, “Back when we were first married, your uncle forced me to suck his dick several times, and God, I hated it! Maybe if he had been gentle about it, I might not have minded so much, but finally, I told him I will bite it off if he ever tried to stick it in my mouth again.

“Now, though, I have a lot more experience, and I’m more open-minded… And with a gentle lover who treats my body with such tenderness…and has such a big cock that makes me feel so good…I think that maybe I could learn to enjoy it. I-I would like to try—if you don’t mind.”

“Oh, God, that would be wonderful, aunt-that is, if you’re sure.”

My aunty stroked my cock lovingly. “Hmm, I’m sure, honey. I just have to have a taste of this beautiful big monster.”

She had me lie down on the bed, and she straddled my legs on her knees. I assured her that she could stop at any time if she wanted to. Then she lowered her lovely head and gently kissed the tip of my cock, where a bead of pre-cum had formed. She licked her lips and said with a grin, “Hmm, not bad tasting at all.” She began to tentatively lick the head of my rod, setting my sensations a-tingle right away.

Then she slipped the first inch or so inside her pursed lips and began to suck very lightly. God, what a sight! And what a thrill! Bit by bit she took more of me into her sucking mouth, and she began to apply more pressure. Then I could feel her tongue swirling around the super-sensitive ring. I tightened up and held on for dear life to keep from shooting my load too soon.

Now aunty was sliding her mouth up and down my cock eagerly, holding me firmly at the base, as if she were sucking a lollipop. From time to time she would stop and lick the head thoroughly, then go back to her enthusiastic mouth fucking. I can still see clearly in my mind my aunty’s beautiful head bobbing up and down over my excited cock. I can still see my happy hard fuck pole appearing, covered with her saliva, and disappearing into her delightful red lips.

And I can almost feel that hot, burning, itching sensation as my climax began to spread out from the roots of my cock, through my groin and stomach and thighs, curling my toes and making my whole body one big ball of fire.

“Aunty! I’m going to cum!” I choked, expecting her to pull away and let me shoot.

But my aunty kept right on sucking, now squeezing my balls and jacking my cock as well with her hands. I couldn’t stop it now. Struggling to keep from shouting out loud, I just had to let go and let all that fiery cum boil out of me. And out it came, erupting like a volcano, right into my aunty’s mouth.

She didn’t pause for a moment. She just gulped and swallowed it down and kept sucking and jacking. Spurt after spurt of my hot juices spewed into her mouth and was swallowed right down. I thought I would never stop Cumming, and the waves of pleasure kept sweeping through my body. Oh God! Never had anything felt that good before, not even the fantastic fucks with aunty last night.

At last, I dribbled the final drops and aunty stopped sucking. She just held my cock in her mouth for some time, however, then licked it off carefully from tip to balls. Then she let go of me and licked her fingers, where some of the cum had dripped down from her lips. Then she smiled at me as I lay there panting.

“Yes, my darling boy, that is much better than I remember it. Oh, yes, I could grow very fond of doing this with my handsome nephew.”

Then she leaned forward and kissed me, sticking her tongue immediately into my mouth. Her breath smelled like my cum, and I got a slight taste of it too. Ah, a delicious kiss! I’ll bet that any young stud who has just been sucked off by his darling aunty wouldn’t mind such a sexy kiss at all.

My aunty just sprawled out on top of me then, and we did some marathon kissing. In no time at all my cock was rising again to full erection, rearing its hard head up between her legs. She could feel it and took hold of it again. Then she lifted up her hips and positioned the tip of my straining dick against her soft pussy.

Then she slowly lowered herself again, sliding down on my iron rod, forcing it up, up into that juicy cunt once more. Already I felt that that was its home, just where my happy cock had always been intended to be.

We enjoyed a long, slow fuck for several minutes. Then my aunty got carried away again and rode me fiercely to another grand climax for both of us. we had just barely got finished when we heard my cousin returning from her class, and we had to break up that morning’s fuck session.

Well, that set the pattern for our whole holiday. We fucked almost every morning after my uncle and cousin had left. There were many other occasions when my socially active (and, I suspected, sexually active) cousin was away from home during the day, giving us other opportunities for sexual pleasure. Sometimes my aunty would even sneak into my room at night, with my uncle asleep right in the next bedroom. Those occasions were very nerve-racking but wickedly delicious.

When I got admission into the university, it wasn’t quite so easy to find good opportunities, but we still managed to do a surprising amount of fucking and sucking. When we did get a long period of time together, we loved to lie in a 69 position and gently suck and lick each other for up to an hour, just pleasuring each other and holding off the orgasm until one of us couldn’t stand it any longer, and then we would both race to a climax together.

We became amazingly good at mutual orgasms. My aunty apparently is an unusual woman in that she can be easily stimulated to orgasm in a relatively short period of time.

It is now 9 years after that glorious rainy day. I am 28 and aunty is 44. I would have been quite content to remain entirely true to my aunty alone sexually, but she made me start dating. With what I had learned from her, I found that I could easily please just about any girl, and I became quite popular. In fact, I fucked my way through university, and graduated with a first-class in spite of that.

I got a good job in town so that I could live at home and continue to fuck my aunty frequently.

However, on the first day on the job I met a lady who was 10 years older than me, a secretary with the company and a divorcee. She was so much like aunty in figure and personality that in no time at all I was in love with her. It took some time to convince her that our age difference was no problem, but eventually, she agreed to date me, and I was such an impassioned wooer that she soon surrendered her body to me. She was not as good in bed as aunty was (Who could be?), but she was pretty good, and with plenty of practice she has gotten better and better. We married two years ago and are very happy.

And what about aunty? Well, I would never give up such a great lover, so I visit her very frequently. We still fuck and suck like crazy, and my aunty is still the very best piece of ass that I have ever had—or could ever imagine. And, seriously, I still love her more than all the rest of the world combined.

I am so very, very grateful to the wonderful lady who gave me life and who made my life so completely happy on that lovely rainy day.

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