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October 23, 2020

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party VI (18+)

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party VI (18+)

“Yes, yes. Just working this cock into me is driving me crazy. I can’t stand it. I have to fuck it.” Temi was really working Jide’s cock into her pussy, she was up to nine or 10 inches but still had an inch or two left.

“You cum a lot, don’t you Temi?”

“I do. I do tend to cum a lot. I love to cum, especially when I’m being well fucked. I haven’t been fucked a lot lately. I have an old friend up east that fucks me good, but he doesn’t live around here, so today is just incredible.”

Temi was working the last inch of Jide’s cock into her pussy. She was determined to make sure she would be known as one of those women who could take all of Jide’s cock. Just as she began to bounce on all of Jide’s cock, she had a huge orgasm.

“Oh my god, oh shit, so good, such a big cock, fuck me, fuck me!”

“So what do you think of your first albino cock?”

“Oh god, I love it. I have a friend of mine, Mimi, who has been telling me how good albino cock is, but I never believed her, now I do. I can’t wait to tell her how good fucking albino cock is. She’ll be so proud of me. Oh god, I love it, oh, oh!”

Temi continued to bounce on Jide’s cock for several more minutes as her orgasm overtook her and then began to subside. She realized the effort to take Jide’s cock and then the subsequent orgasm led her to sweat quite a bit. She realized she was in the middle of the room impaled on a large cock, covered in sweat, and panting from an incredible orgasm. She must look like a real slut right now, she thought. As she began to recover her wits, she noticed the other three men were now more tightly around her.

“Are you ready for more cock, Temi?” asked Ebuka.

“Definitely. I said you could gang bang me, so let’s start gang banging.” Temi said with a huge smile.

And with that, the other three men descended on her. Ebuka pushed her a bit forward so while she was impaled on Jide’s cock she was also leaning over his head with her breasts almost in his face. At that point, Nnamdi stepped in front of her and pointed his large hard cock in her mouth. She smiled up at him and opened her mouth wide and he began to slide his cock into her mouth. She could remember the feeling from earlier in the day, her mouth entirely stuffed with Nnamdi’s cock. She liked that feeling. Nnamdi continued to stuff more and more cock into Temi’s mouth and was now holding the back of her head as he began to fuck her face.

As Nnamdi was fucking Temi’s face, Ebuka was behind her playing with her ass. Temi was concentrating so much on Jide’s cock in her pussy and Nnamdi’s cock in her mouth, she was taken a bit by surprise when she felt a finger sliding into her ass. She had never been fucked in the ass before.

“I have never done that,” said Temi removing Nnamdi’s cock from her mouth.

“Never done what?” said Ebuka.

“I’ve never been fucked in the ass,” she said laughing. She was laughing because the idea that she had never been fucked in the ass somehow seemed funny at the moment, but also because Nnamdi was slapping her all over the face again with his big cock. While she was laughing, she also had to admit that she liked Nnamdi slapping her face with his big cock.

“Well, then it’s time to start! You asked us to gang bang you, so it’s time to take it up the ass,” said Ebuka.

“Okay, but be gentle.” Temi was apprehensive, but a promise was a promise.

Ebuka then rubbed his cock with some lube and began to press up against Temi’s ass. Temi could feel this and tried to relax, but it was hard with a big cock trying to enter her ass. Little by little Ebuka began to work his cock into her ass. As he did, Temi began to realize that with Jide’s huge cock in her pussy and Ebuka’s ample cock in her ass she was completely stuffed. Once Ebuka had fully entered her ass, she realized she was “airtight.” She never thought she would ever experience that!

The three men continued to fuck Temi in the pussy, ass, and mouth for many minutes, the whole time an orgasm was building and Temi. The feeling of being so stuffed was incredible, and the idea that she was being such a slut, was too much. She had three cocks in her at the same time! It was that that point that she noticed that Uzoh, having no hole to fill, had retrieved his phone and was beginning to take pictures of her getting fucked in this position. At first, she was going to tell him to stop, but then she realized that it was making her more excited. The idea that there would be pictures of her being so fucked for others to see was incredibly exciting. After a few more minutes Nnamdi withdrew his big cock from her mouth and Uzoh stepped forward to fuck her face.

As she continued to rock on Jide and Ebuka’s cocks, an orgasm overtook her.

“That’s it! Oh, fuck me! This is unbelievable. Cocks in my pussy and ass, unbelievable. Fucking my first albino cock, unbelievable. Gang banged by four men, unbelievable. Fuck me. Use me! Fuck me! I want to be your slut!”

Temi was now bouncing uncontrollably on Jide and Ebuka’s cocks. Her orgasm had overtaken her.

“Oh! I love your cocks in me! Yes, yes, yes! I’m such a slut! Such a slut! Oh, god!”

Temi slowly began to come down from her orgasm and Ebuka slowly pulled his cock out of her ass. At that point, Temi began to pull herself off of Jide’s cock. After she was finally free from all of the cocks, she lay back on the ground exhausted.

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