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October 22, 2020

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party V (18+)

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party V (18+)

“I told these fine gentlemen that very thing. And they were a bit skeptical that you had sucked my cock. They were even more skeptical that you let me fuck your face. So tell them how hard I fucked your face and how much you enjoyed it.” Ebuka was now smiling. Temi knew he was putting on a show for the other men. She also knew that he was demonstrating that she was there to be used by them.

Temi, standing by Ebuka now, turning towards Nnamdi, Uzoh, and Jide, said, “yes, Ebuka fucked my face. He really fucked my face hard. He definitely had me gagging on his cock. And, I loved it. I loved Ebuka using my face as his fuck toy.” Temi enjoyed showing off a bit of her sexuality and her willingness to be a slut to all the men.

“Okay Temi, bend over and start sucking my cock like the true cock sucker that you are,” said Ebuka.

And with that, Temi did as she was told. She stood in front of Ebuka and bent over and took his cock in her mouth. His cock was about the same size as Uzoh’s cock, big, but not as big as Nnamdi’s. Temi realized that in bending over and sucking on Ebuka’s cock she had made her pussy completely available to the other three men. She had to admit to herself that being in this slutty position made her increasingly aroused.

As Temi worked on sucking Ebuka’s cock, she could feel someone playing with her ass and stroking her pussy. As she lifted her head off of Ebuka’s cock, she could see Jide and Nnamdi on either side of her as they began to play with her tits. She went back to sucking on Ebuka’s cock as Uzoh began to slide his cock into her pussy. Uzoh had just finished fucking her before Ebuka and Jide came in the room, but apparently he was up and ready for more.

Temi was beginning to moan at all of the attention she was getting. She was being fucked and was sucking, while two additional men played with her tits and ass, and rubbed their hands over her body. Uzoh was doing a good job of pounding her pussy when Nnamdi suggested a new position. That seemed to be okay with everyone, Temi thought, as Uzoh withdrew from her pussy and Ebuka told her to stand up.

Temi still couldn’t get over the idea that she was standing naked in front of four men, all with large and hard cocks. The situation was even more than any particular fantasy she had had. She had often wondered what it would be like to be double-teamed, but to be gang banged was really beyond her fantasy life.

“Jide, why don’t you lie on the floor and let Temi mount you, and then we can use her mouth and her ass as we like,” said Nnamdi.

Temi found it odd and yet exciting that they weren’t asking her for permission to fuck her, she was simply there for them to use. They were talking as if she wasn’t even there. It was then, as Jide walked to the middle of the floor and began to lie down, that she realized she was about to be confronted with her fears. She had never fucked an albino man before and she wasn’t sure she wanted to. In addition, as Jide began to lie on the floor Temi suddenly realized that Jide had the biggest cock in the room. Temi had never seen a cock as big as Nnamdi’s before the day began, and now she was looking at a cock that was even bigger. She couldn’t help but stare.

“Jide, Temi can’t seem to keep her eyes off of your cock,” said Nnamdi. Jide just lay down and smiled.

“Temi, have you ever seen a cock that big?” asked Nnamdi.

Temi took her eyes momentarily off of Jide’s large cock and looked at Nnamdi, who didn’t say a word. She then looked back at Jide’s cock.

“So Temi, what do you think? What do you think of Jide’s big cock?”

Temi could feel hands rubbing against her body. She could feel hands rubbing her breasts, another hand was playing with her ass, and someone had a finger in her pussy. Temi was still staring at Jide’s large albino cock standing straight in the air.

“It’s huge,” said Temi.

“Can you fit that in your pussy?” said Nnamdi.

Temi was somewhat in a trance. The hands that were all over her body were mesmerizing and the questions that Jide’s large cock created in her mind were interfering with all thought.

“I don’t know,” said Temi.

“Are you ready to try?” said Ebuka?

“I don’t know,” said Temi. Temi’s mind was still filled with confusion.

Nnamdi was sensing this of Temi, but he wasn’t willing to let her back out.

“You said you wanted us to gang bang you, didn’t you?” asked Nnamdi.

“Yes, I did,” said Temi. She noticed that the hand that was massaging her pussy was doing an excellent job. Whoever it was, was an expert at manipulating her clit.

“Are you a woman to go back on your word?”

“No, no I am not. I never go back on my word if I can help it.”

“So what does that mean?”

“I’m going to fuck Jide,” said Temi. “A promise is a promise. As you said, I agreed to let you gang bang me. So, all of you get the chance to fuck me, and if you’d like, fuck my face.”

With that, Temi walked over to Jide and straddled his body. She began to lower herself toward Jide and grabbed a hold of his cock as she neared the floor. It was at this point that she was glad that she was a tall woman as this might help her take Jide’s huge cock. She began to rub his cock head against her wet pussy while everyone watched on.

“Can all women take all of your cock?” asked Temi.

“No, some women can fuck all of my cock, but many women cannot. I guess their pussies are just too small,” Jide replied, smiling up at Temi.

Whether Jide knew it or not, he had just challenged Temi. Temi felt that she wanted to be one of the women who could fuck all of Jide’s cock. She had fucked all of Nnamdi’s cock earlier in the day, and he had a large cock as well, so she was hopeful.

Temi continued to rub Jide’s cock across her wet pussy and then began to slowly slide up and down on just the head of his cock.

“Good god, this really is a big cock,” she said quietly to herself. Jide heard her and smiled.

Temi was getting used to the size of Jide’s cock and sliding more and more of it into her pussy. At this point, she was getting about seven or 8 inches into her pussy and it was driving her crazy. She was suddenly aware that she may not be able to get all of his cock in her pussy before she cums. The men began to notice this, as she began to moan more and more as she was sliding his cock into her pussy.

“You like that cock?” asked Uzoh.

“Oh yes. This is a huge cock. Huge cock.” Temi wasn’t speaking to anyone in particular; in fact, she wasn’t even sure who had asked the question. All of her attention was focused on Jide’s cock in her pussy.

“Are you ready to cum?” asked Uzoh

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