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October 23, 2020

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party IV (18+)

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party IV (18+)

“You never would have asked me to use you? To fuck you harder? To make you cum?”


“But you did today, didn’t you?” retorted Nnamdi.

“Yes. Yes I did,” replied Temi, somewhat sheepishly.

“And you will again, won’t you?”

“What?” Temi was taken by this last question. She somehow had never thought beyond this experience itself. Somehow it seemed that this experience was confined to this room.

“You’re going to beg me to fuck you again, aren’t you?”

“Probably, yes.” Temi couldn’t believe she was saying that, but she somehow knew that she was again going to want Nnamdi to fuck her with that big cock. She was afraid that in one fuck, Nnamdi had made her a slut.

At that moment Temi could feel Uzoh slide his cock into her pussy. That was just what she needed to take her mind off of the conversation she was just having with Nnamdi. Uzoh wasn’t quite as big as Nnamdi, but it would have been a mistake to call him small. Had Uzoh just not followed Nnamdi, Temi was thinking that she would have thought he had a fairly large cock.

“Nnamdi, Temi’s pussy is fucking amazing. I never thought we’d get the chance to fuck you Temi. You always seem to be the teaser type. But not now! Now you’re on your knees letting Nnamdi and I fuck you silly. How do you feel about that?”

“Shut up and fuck me,” replied Temi, and Uzoh and Nnamdi began to laugh.

As Uzoh began to gain momentum fucking Temi, she felt Nnamdi’s cock begin to enter her mouth. She then realized, that not only was Nnamdi’s cock big for fucking, but it was also big for sucking. She found herself straining to open her mouth wide enough to allow his cock all the way in. As Nnamdi began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth, she realized she couldn’t take his cock all the way in and began to gag.

“That’s it Temi, gag on my cock. I bet you like gagging on cock don’t you?” asked Nnamdi.

Temi pulled Nnamdi’s cock from her mouth and said, “yes, I do. I do like gagging on cock, at least some of the time.” Temi found herself in a position where lying just didn’t seem to matter, so she found herself telling the truth, even if it was somewhat embarrassing to her; she had never been fucked like this before and had never had such a sexual experience, she was out of her mind with lust and was enjoying the double-teaming she was getting from Uzoh and Nnamdi.

As Uzoh continued to fuck her and Nnamdi continued to work his cock into her mouth she could feel her second orgasm of the night begin to build. Uzoh’s cock wasn’t quite as big as Nnamdi’s, but he was adept at using it. Temi started to push back in rhythm with Uzoh’s cock and the noise of her ass slapping against his body began to fill the room. As Uzoh’s pace began to quicken, so did Temi’s moaning. At that point, Nnamdi removed his cock from Temi’s mouth.

“You are a fucking slut, aren’t you Temi?” asked Nnamdi.

“Oh god, fuck me Uzoh, fuck me,” moaned Temi loudly. Temi’s orgasm was close at hand. She could feel it building in her groin. “That’s it, take me. Use me, Uzoh. I’m going to come. I’m going to cum for you.”

Uzoh quick and the pace and pounding of the fucking he was giving Temi. Temi could feel this and grunted loudly. She was lost with lust and just wanted Uzoh to pound her into submission.

Nnamdi began to slap Temi in the face again with his big cock. “So, Temi, are you a fucking slut, or what? Do you like the fucking that Uzoh and I are giving you?”

“Oh god, oh god, I’m going to come. Fuck me, Uzoh. Fuck me hard. Keep fucking me.”

“Temi?” stated Nnamdi, somewhat forcefully.

“Yes, oh god, yes. I love the fucking you and Uzoh are giving me. It’s the best fucking of my life. I’ve never been fucked this hard before. And yes, that makes me your slut. I am a slut for your big cocks. I want your cocks in my mouth and in my pussy. You guys are incredible. Yes. Yes. Yes.”

As the second orgasm of the night washed over her and was now beginning to subside, Uzoh had slowed down his fucking and was barely sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. While she was panting and catching her breath she could also feel Nnamdi’s cock against her face, sliding across her face.

“Oh, that was amazing,” said Temi. “That was amazing.”


As the action between Temi, Uzoh, and Nnamdi, began slowing Uzoh continued to slide his cock slowly in and out of Temi’s pussy and Nnamdi continued to slide his cock across Temi’s face and into her mouth. Temi was enjoying this phase, as she was still coming down a bit from her second orgasm. The slow fucking and slow sucking were just enough to keep her simmering—aroused and lustful. As Temi had a moment to think, she realized she was likely changed forever.

What had just happened had opened her awareness to another type of sex. She found that she enjoyed the somewhat involuntary face fucking that Ebuka had given her earlier, as well as the pounding that Uzoh and Nnamdi had just given her. She found that she liked that they didn’t really ask permission; but rather, they told her to suck their cocks and that they were going to fuck her.

As Uzoh and Nnamdi continued to slowly fuck and suck Temi, the door quietly opened again and in walked Ebuka and Jide. Temi didn’t hear the door open, but she did hear it close. As she began to turn her head toward the door Nnamdi stuffed her mouth full of his cock and, holding the back of her head, slid more and more cock into her mouth. Temi could now only turn her head partway and as she rotated her eyes she could see Ebuka and Jide had come into the room.

She became keenly aware that she was still in the middle of the room being fucked and sucking a cock while two men watched her. She stared back at the two men not knowing what to say and unable to say anything even if she had wanted.

“Temi, I see you have made some new friends,” said Ebuka with a smile. “When I had fucked your face earlier at the party, I had no idea of your potential.”

Ebuka and Jide had now walked over closer to Temi who was still on the floor with a cock in her pussy and a cock in her mouth. Ebuka looked at Uzoh and Nnamdi and they removed their cocks from Temi.

“Temi, stand up,” said Ebuka.

Temi’s mind was on fire with too many thoughts and emotions to be clear. She was standing in the center of the room in a nice sundress, without her thong, having recently let Ebuka face fuck her, and Uzoh and Nnamdi pound her with their cocks.

“Are you ready to take off your dress?” asked Ebuka.


“You understand what that means?”


“What does that mean?” asked Ebuka.

“It means I’m going to get gang banged,” replied Temi.

“Take off your dress.”

Temi reached up and untied the top of her sundress and let the dress slide down her body onto the floor. She then reached behind her and unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor as well. She was now standing naked in front of four men having agreed to let them gang bang her. These were four men that she had never previously allowed to touch her, and with the possible exception of Ebuka, never would have. In addition, two the men had already fucked her and the third had already fucked her face.

In addition, Jide was albino. Temi had never been with an albino man before. She really wasn’t sure she ever wanted to be. But here in front of her, Ebuka and Jide were now undressing and she could see her first an albino cock up close. She found this thought, and the thought that Jide’s cock would likely soon be in her mouth, very exciting. She found the idea of doing something that she never thought she would do highly arousing.

That said, she wasn’t sure she wanted Jide to fuck her. It might be one thing to suck an albino man’s cock, but another thing entirely to let him fuck her. As she began to think about that she suddenly realized that the men were moving. Ebuka had moved over to a chair in the corner of the room and sat on the leading edge and leaned back, his cock now standing at attention.

“Temi, come over here and suck my cock,” instructed Ebuka.

Temi, naked, walked in front of the other men and toward Ebuka.

“So Temi, are you a good cock sucker?”

“Yes, I am a very good cock sucker. I love to suck cock.”

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