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September 3, 2020

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party III (18+)

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party III (18+)

With that, Temi fell to her knees for the second time in less than an hour. She undid Uzoh’s trousers and pulled them and his underwear to the floor. Again she came face-to-face with a growing cock. At this point there were no words, Temi simply grabbed Uzoh’s cock and after licking the head began to slide his cock into her mouth. His cock was a good size and she was enjoying sucking him. She licked his shaft and deep throated his cock and soon her head was bobbing up and down on his cock. This was all too unreal for her and yet she found herself amazingly aroused.

After several minutes Uzoh finally spoke again, “Ebuka was right, you really are a good cock sucker.”

While Uzoh was saying this Temi was busy sucking his cock. Temi was enjoying sucking him and she really enjoyed being called a good cock sucker. She wasn’t sure why, but she always like that. She knew it was a little bit slutty, but she liked for men to think of her as having talent in sucking a cock.

After about 10 minutes, and somewhat predictably, Temi felt Uzoh’s hands grab her head. He was soon fucking her face with great abandon. She didn’t always enjoy having her face fucked, but today she was so aroused by being coerced into sucking these men’s cocks that she was really enjoying the face fucking she was receiving. In the midst of this face fucking, unbeknownst to Temi, Nnamdi had quietly entered the room and was standing off to the side watching Temi get face fucked.

“Temi, take a look to your left.”

Uzoh was still holding her head and was still fucking her face as she shifted her gaze as best she could to her left. She suddenly realized that she was being watched by Nnamdi. At that point, however, she seemed to understand that she really didn’t have many options. Uzoh had a firm grasp of her head and he was doing a good job of jamming his cock down her throat. The best she could do at the moment was work not to gag on his cock. For several minutes Temi’s eyes were locked on Nnamdi’s as Uzoh continued to bury his cock in her mouth.

“Temi, go ahead and stand up,” Uzoh said as he pulled his cock from her mouth.

Temi stood up, somewhat between Uzoh and Nnamdi, knowing that Uzoh had just faced fucked her and that Nnamdi had watched. She was unsure. While she was new to sucking cock at these parties, Aisha hadn’t told her about two men at once. She had never been with two men at once, although she had thought about it.

“Temi, are you ready to take off your thong?” asked Uzoh.

Temi had worn a nice sundress to the party and was wearing a nice matching electric blue thong and bra underneath. Suddenly, Temi understood.


“You understand what that means?”


“What does that mean?” asked Uzoh.

“It means I’m going to get fucked,” replied Temi knowingly.

“Take off your thong.”

Temi reached up underneath her sundress and began to peel off her thong. She could feel that at this point her pussy was extremely wet. Did she want to get fucked? Definitely. Had she planned on getting fucked? Definitely not. Would she have normally let Nnamdi and Uzoh fuck her? Probably not. But she was now a stranger in a strange land, where the normal rules of sex and dating seem not to apply.

“Are you ready?” asked Uzoh.


“Ready for what?”

“Ready to get fucked. And fucked hard.” Temi’s mindset was beginning to change from one of coercion to one of desire. She was enjoying the situation these men were putting her in. She was enjoying the fact that they were now using her. She knew that Nnamdi came into the room ready to fuck her, and right now, that’s exactly what she wanted him to do.

“Get on your knees and pull up your dress,” said Nnamdi as he walked behind her back, taking off his trousers.

Temi knelt down on the floor and pulled her dress up to her waist exposing her ass and pussy. She was amazingly wet at the moment and she could feel the excitement in her clit. She was now on all fours in between Nnamdi and Uzoh waiting, for the first time, to be double-teamed.

Uzoh then walked in front of Temi and she could see that his cock was now again fully hard. She couldn’t see or hear Nnamdi at the moment and as Uzoh moved forward she opened her mouth and welcomed his cock again. Uzoh started to rock his cock back and forth and Temi’s mouth and she was enjoying the sensation. Uzoh was not really face fucking her at this point but simply sliding his cock into her mouth and she liked to feel his cock as it reached the back of her throat.

As she was getting into sucking Uzoh’s cock she began to feel Nnamdi probing her pussy with his fingers. While she knew she was extremely wet, she could feel this even more as Nnamdi’s fingers stroked her pussy and played with her clit. Then she did begin to feel Nnamdi’s cock sliding up and down her pussy getting wet and getting ready to enter her. As she was sucking Uzoh’s cock and thinking about Nnamdi fucking her, she suddenly realized she hadn’t even seen Nnamdi’s cock yet.

“Oh yeah,” moaned Nnamdi, as his cock begin slowly sliding into Temi’s pussy. It was then that Temi realized that Nnamdi had a large cock. As Nnamdi began slowly sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, going a little bit deeper with each thrust, Temi had to take Uzoh’s cock out of her mouth.

“Shit Nnamdi,” said Temi quickly, “how big is your cock? Unbelievable. Oh god. That’s a big fucking cock.”

“We are just beginning, Temi,” said Nnamdi. “I can’t believe I’m getting the chance to fuck you Temi. I’m going to make sure you get every inch of my 10-inch cock. I think you’re going to really like getting fucked.”

“Oh my god, I already am.”

With that Uzoh stuffed his cock back in Temi’s mouth and Uzoh and Nnamdi began to pound her with their cocks. Temi was in nine kinds of heaven at the moment. She was in cock overload. Nnamdi had managed to work most of his 10-inch cock into her pussy and Uzoh was now seriously face fucking her. Temi became fully aware that she was being used by Uzoh and Nnamdi as their slut, and that was actually making her more excited.

Temi was moaning for all she was worth, loving the fucking that she was getting. Nnamdi was really working her pussy over well and she could feel an orgasm building in her body. Nnamdi seemed to sense this as well as he picked up the pace of pounding Temi’s pussy. Temi couldn’t take it anymore and had to pull Uzoh’s cock out of her mouth.

“Oh fuck, Nnamdi,” Temi stammered, “fuck me with your big cock. I love you pounding my pussy. You’re going to make me cum, aren’t you Nnamdi.”

“Damn right,” said Nnamdi, pounding Temi’s pussy even harder. “I’m going to make sure you remember this fuck. When you go to bed tonight I want you thinking of my cock fucking your pussy.”

“Make me cum, you bastard.” Temi’s orgasm was imminent. She was about to have a powerful orgasm and she knew that Nnamdi knew it. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, use me, Nnamdi. Make me your slut.”

Temi’s orgasm was now upon her and all she could feel were the waves of energy through her body and Nnamdi’s cock pounding her pussy. She could feel him reaching deep into her pussy. This was the closest to an out of body experience she had ever felt. At some level, she still felt that letting Uzoh and Nnamdi have their way with her was somehow wrong, but based on the fucking she just received, she was willing to ignore that feeling for the moment.

“That was incredible,” said Temi as her orgasm faded. She was still on her hands and knees but Nnamdi had slowed his fucking of Temi and Temi was gently sucking Uzoh’s cock. “I need a quick break,” smiled Temi.

“Let’s switch places,” said Uzoh. “I’d like a chance to fuck Temi too if you haven’t stretched her out too much,” said Uzoh with a knowing smile on his face. Nnamdi slowly slid his cock out of her pussy and Uzoh and Nnamdi began to swap places. Temi watched them swap places, recovering from her orgasm, and thinking about what a slut she is currently being. She realized she is on the floor, on all fours with her dress up over her back, letting two men she never intended on fucking, fuck her.

Nnamdi knelt in front of Temi, his semi-hard 10-inch cock bouncing as he knelt down. Temi could also feel Uzoh playing with her ass, she liked that.

“So, did you like that fucking I just gave you?” asked Nnamdi as he began to slap her face with his big cock.

“Yes, I did. That was great. You have an amazing cock.”

Nnamdi was still rubbing his cock across her face, slapping her face with it, “before today, you never would have let me fuck you, would you?”

“No, never.”

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