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September 2, 2020

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party II (18+)

Edymaniac: Temi’s Slutty Party II (18+)

“Oh, Temi, that was great! You really are a good cock sucker.”

“Wow,” Temi sits back on her heels panting from just being face fucked. “That was awesome,” she says with a big broad smile across her face.

Ebuka reaches down and helps Temi to her feet, very gentlemanly. Temi looks down and sees the two drops of cum on her breasts. She goes to wipe them off.

“No, don’t. Leave them. No one will notice the cum except you and I,” says Ebuka.

Temi smiles sheepishly and leaves them. She finds this somehow very erotic. She will reenter the party with two drops of Ebuka’s cum still on her breasts. Ebuka then leads Temi back into the party and Temi thinks to herself what an amazing turn of events — in 15 minutes she was coerced to leave the party, forced to her knees, seduced to suck Ebuka’s cock, and convinced to leave his cum our her breasts. She was incredibly excited as they reentered the party.

As they reentered no one seems to take much notice except a couple of men off to the side that were friends of Ebuka’s.

Temi began to wonder, was Ebuka really going to tell the other men that she is a good cock sucker? And, would that be a bad thing?


As Temi reentered the party she grabbed a beer from the table and headed over toward Aisha. She found herself a bit nervous, not knowing quite what to say if Aisha asked what Ebuka wanted. She couldn’t really tell her, could she?

“Hey Aisha,” Temi said in a bit overly friendly manner trying to hide her nervousness. “Ebuka just needed some help.” That seemed generic enough to Temi and at the same time satisfied her need to be honest. Aisha smiled broadly and Temi felt as if suddenly exposed.

” I’m sure he did,” Aisha was now looking knowingly at Temi and her smile was continuing to grow. Aisha glanced down at the two drops of cum on Temi’s breasts. “I see someone has given you a gift.”

“What?” Temi wasn’t quite sure what Aisha meant and was unwilling to divulge any information at this point. She was both incredibly nervous and incredibly horny. Thoughts of what had just happened with Ebuka were still fresh in her mind.

“I see that someone has given you a gift. I assume it was Ebuka. Yes?”

“I’m sorry?” was all Temi could muster.

“Temi, I’ve been there. I know that there are several guys at this party that like to have their cocks sucked at parties such as this. I can see a little bit of cum on your breasts and that is how they like to mark whoever at the party is willing to suck cock. Did you just suck Ebuka’s cock?”

Temi was beside herself. She could not believe what Aisha had just said. She couldn’t believe that her secret was out already and that apparently this happens at these parties. What does she say? What does she tell Aisha? Confused and excited Temi was a bit at a loss for words and in no mental condition to lie.

“I can’t believe you just said that. What do you mean that several guys at this party like to have their cocks sucked?”

“Welcome to the party,” Aisha grins. “At most of these parties involving Ebuka and his friends they like to find women who like to suck cocks. They have over the past few years acquired a decent list of women who are willing to suck their cocks at parties.”

“Really?” replied Temi. “Who?”

“Well, I don’t want to speak out of turn, so you’ll just need to figure that out as we go along. Was it Ebuka? Did you enjoy it?”

“Sorry if this is inappropriate, but have you sucked cocks at parties like this?”

“Definitely. Now stop avoiding my questions,” Aisha says in a very friendly tone.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. But, yes, I just spent several minutes sucking Ebuka’s cock, and yes, that is Ebuka’s cum on my breast.” Temi’s head was swirling with ideas, thoughts, and emotions. This was really happening all so quickly. Here she was at the party talking with Aisha, a good but not extremely close friend, about sucking cocks of other men at the party.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh my god, yes,” Temi said. “It was one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced. It was forceful, yet intimate.” Temi just couldn’t force herself to make up a story with Aisha. And, apparently, she was a cock sucker too.

“Have you sucked cocks at parties like this?” asked Temi.

“Yes, several times. I guess you could call me a serial cock sucker. It started last year at Jide’s party. I wasn’t looking for it and I really wasn’t on the prowl; but, after a couple of glasses of wine and halfway through the party, Uzoh asked if he could talk to me and led me into one of the back rooms. Minutes later I was on my knees sucking his cock like there was no tomorrow. I had no idea at the time how much I was missing sucking on a man’s cock, but somehow he knew. Since then I have sucked on several of the men’s cocks, often more than once.”

Temi was enthralled by Aisha’s retelling of her entry into the party cock sucking club as she was now referring to it in her head. Temi found Aisha’s story both extremely exciting and recently familiar. How did these men know that they wanted to suck cock?

“I was at Jide’s party last year,” Temi said.

“I know, I remember talking to you. We actually talked before and after I sucked Uzoh’s cock.”

“I had no idea.”

“Of course not. No one really notices unless you are one of the cock suckers,” Aisha said with a smile. “Then you begin to notice when a woman is escorted away for 15 or 20 minutes and returns to the party either grinning or somewhat unsure of herself.”

“Are there many women at these parties that are cock suckers?” asked Temi. Temi was now curious as to the nature and extent of all of this cock sucking. Apparently she was now part of a cock sucking, party-going club, and she wanted to know more. “Do the men all know who the cock suckers are?”

“I can’t tell you who the cock suckers are, that is sort of a secret. You’ll begin to notice them at these parties, now that you yourself are a cock sucker. It is all very subtle, but if you know what you’re looking for, you will notice them. As for ‘do the men all know,’ only a subgroup of the men. Just as only a subgroup of the women at these parties are willing to get on their knees and suck a nice cock, only a subgroup of the men know about the cock sucking.”

Temi was just amazed. Apparently there was more going on at these parties than she was aware. That said, she found herself increasingly aroused by the idea that there were women sucking cocks of men at these parties, and that these activities were not based on being married or even dating.

“Do you think that the men know that I sucked Ebuka’s cock tonight?”

“I’m pretty sure that by this time the word is spreading. If you look over at that group by the table – Ebuka, Uzoh, Jide, Hassan, and the rest – I think you’ll notice they are looking at you slightly differently.” Aisha was now smiling broadly at Temi. Temi was afraid to look.

Just then Jide walked up to Temi and Aisha.

“Aisha, can I borrow you for a couple of minutes,” says Jide.

“Sure Jide. Temi would you hold my drink for me?” Aisha looks at Temi, smiles, winks, and then is escorted off by Jide.

Was this really happening? Was Aisha then going to go off and suck Jide’s cock? How many other women at this party were part of this cock sucking club? Temi was thinking that you cannot simply ask a woman that question. She was thinking that she will just have to pay attention and begin to notice women going off with men.

With Aisha gone and not wanting to join the men’s group, Temi wandered over to a couple of her friends that she knew from their children’s school. The conversation was light and Temi was glad for it, given the intensity of the last 30 minutes of her life. Her mind was currently filled with new ideas and new perceptions. Omotola was in the midst of discussing her husband’s new job when Uzoh walked up to the group.

“Temi, I understand you ran this year’s school play, may I bend your ear a bit?”

“Sure! I will be happy to,” Temi said.

“Excellent,” said Uzoh. “Let’s go inside for a minute where it’s a bit quieter.”

Even given Temi’s recent experience, she was not expecting anything other than a conversation about running a school play. As she and Uzoh walked into the house they were conversing quickly about how well the play went this year. However, Temi’s inner voice was quickly alerted as Uzoh led her into the same room where she sucked Ebuka’s cock. Suddenly she felt anxiety, excitement, fear, and arousal – all at once.

“You know why you are here?” said Uzoh.

“Yes,” replied Temi.


“To suck your cock.”

“That’s right.”

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