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September 2, 2020

Edymaniac: Sister Nnenna & Her “Born Again” Brother Jide [Finale] (18+)

Edymaniac: Sister Nnenna & Her “Born Again” Brother Jide [Finale] (18+)

She looked at her uncle straight in the eyes. Her lips tightened around his shaft as her head started to move up and down, adding moans to her motion. She didn’t know why, but she had noticed that boyfriend would get more into it if she moaned a little.

She couldn’t suppress a little smile as she felt her uncle’s cock slowly engorge inside her mouth. The smile traveling to her eyes, rewarding her with a caress of her cheek. Soon she had to move back a little as her uncle surprised her with a solid eight-inch cock that seemed to grow out of nowhere.

The second her uncle was fully erect, Nnenna started to work her mouth for all her worth, swallowing his shaft as deep as she could, licking his balls, teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue, all while broadly smiling as she couldn’t hide her giddiness.

“On the table.”

Nnenna had to fight herself away from his cock, wanting nothing more than to please it, but reluctantly she stood up and moved to the table.

She was about to bend over it, when she felt her uncle’s hand on her shoulder, turning her around. Sitting her on the edge, he gently but firmly pushed her down.

When her back touched the hard, wooden surface, he pushed her legs to the side so that her head hung over the edge. Then, aligning the head of his cock with her sultry lips, he started to push forward, and Nnenna was all too happy to open up wide.

Enjoying the feeling of the hard cock sliding in and out of her gasping mouth, Nnenna let out an animal moan as her uncle’s hand closed in on her breast. He touched her not in the clumsy, tender way that Peter used, but a self-secure grasp that left her shivering. Nnenna was so focused on her own body that she hadn’t noticed that she was deep throating, and, for a second, she started to panic. It took a moment for her to realize that if she couldn’t handle it, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Oh, how she wished she had her hands free to play with her yearning pussy. Her uncle’s fingers twisted her nipples hard before trailing teasingly across her chest to her throat, softly closing around her airway as he pushed his dick all the way in her and started to massage his cock through her delicate skin.

While it choked her a little, Nnenna was once again surprised at how arousing this was to her as her uncle slowly increased the intensity of his hold, slowly choking her as his cock assaulted her throat.

Nnenna couldn’t help but whimper as her uncle retracted his big tool from her mouth, but as he moved to the front of the table as he pulled her straight and she quieted down, filled with anticipation.

Placing each one of her feet on an opposite corner of the table, her uncle looked from her face to her pussy. Knowing that she was offering him the view of a freshly shaven dripping wet pussy, she blushed again.

Biting her lower lip raw was all she could do to keep herself from screaming at her uncle to take her, as the tip of his cock teased her, rubbing against puffy lips and caressing her swollen clit.

Her body trembled under his touch as the purple head of her Father’s cock trailed a path downwards. Lining up his throbbing member with her anus. He leaned in a little and hardened his expression, not wanting to betray the amusement he felt at feeling her sphincter flex, desperate to swallow his member, just like her mother’s ass had done.

Grabbing both of her thighs he started to push himself inside her. She felt so tight that he knew she hadn’t been using her poophole as a loophole, but, like her mother, her body seemed to have been made for sodomy.

A wild scream roared through her throat as her uncle pushed his cock, inch-by-inch, inside of her, filling her in a way that she had never experienced.

Nnenna had always expected it would hurt the first time, but, as her uncle gradually filled her bottom, her only complaint was that he was going too slow. She wanted to scream at him to fuck her harder, but she didn’t dare to voice her desire, that it might mean the end of her punishment.

He stopped for a second as his balls hit the ass cheeks, enjoying the feeling of being deep within a woman again, then taking her ankles he lifted her feet up and pushed her legs together in front of him. Nnenna felt as if she was going to split in two because of this, but her wriggling around had nothing to do with that, she simply couldn’t hold still as the pleasure was intoxicating.

Without caution or gentleness, the pastor started to pump in and out of his teenage niece’s virgin ass, and with every thrust he pushed both her legs a little to his right, twisting her hip slowly sideways as his gaze was locked on the wanton eyes of the girl. He kept his cock buried to the hilt as he slowly rotating her, feeling her young ass squeeze around his cock, as his daughter moaned, his veiny dick sending surges of pleasure through her young body.

The second her knee touched the table, he started to pump into her, slow at first, but as her voluptuous breasts started to jiggle, he picked up the pace until her alabaster orbs were thrashing around.

Nnenna’s eyes rolled back as she moaned loudly, she couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her uncle fuck her like this. She knew it was wrong, but somehow she didn’t care, so long as it kept ongoing.

“Fuck me harder Uncle!” She moaned, and the Preacher again was reminded of his late wife. Smiling at her, he pushed her legs off the table, once again bending her over it.

Pulling at his tie, bringing her hands backward, she automatically grabbed her own cheeks and spread them apart for him. Grabbing her hip with his left hand, his right went to her long hair, yanking her head right back up as he started to drill her into the table, putting the soft treatment behind them. He started to push in hard, his balls slapping the soft skin of pussy with every thrust.

The young lady didn’t understand what was happening to her, she could feel a ball of pure energy gathering at the bottom of her tummy as black spots appeared at the very edge of her vision. Loud, almost animalistic moans could be heard throughout the lounge and it took her a moment to realize that the sounds were coming from her.

Feeling pressure against her ankle, and having her hair pulled to the side, she twisted around again, twisting around her uncle’s cock like an animal on a spit-roast.

Swinging her legs up over her uncle’s shoulders, she pushed herself up on her elbows, presenting her breasts to her uncle. He continued to hammer away at her tight little asshole, not reaching for the jiggling treats. Instead, his large hands closed around her neck. His thumbs slowly caressing her throat as his fingers gave just enough pressure to make her feel his control over her.

The preacher couldn’t deny he enjoyed this, seeing his niece impaled on his cock, moaning and screaming in pleasure as they gazed into each others eyes in wanton pleasure.

Recognizing the telltale signs of an impending orgasm, he let his hands drop from her throat, placing one on her pelvis, flicking her clit with his thumb and sending wave after wave of ecstasy through her young body until her young eyes rolled back into their sockets and she passed out.

Consciousness was slow to return to Nnenna.

For a second she didn’t understand what she was doing asleep on the sofa, but as the haze in her mind cleared, the burning sensation between her delicate buttocks reminded her that it hadn’t been just a dream.

“Ah, good to see you have finally graced us again with consciousness.” She heard her uncle say from the dining room table. “From now on, and until the day you get married, you are not to fool around with that boy. If your urges become too pressing, you will come to me and we will take care of it. Is that understood?”

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