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October 26, 2020

Edymaniac: Sister Nnenna & Her “Born Again” Brother Jide III (18+)
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Edymaniac: Sister Nnenna & Her “Born Again” Brother Jide III (18+)

Nnenna couldn’t believe how vulnerable she felt right now. She knew that, posed like this she exposed a lot more of herself than before, and she couldn’t help but to cry again.

The sound of leather hitting skin quickly filled the room pushing those thoughts out of her mind. No matter how vulnerable she felt, it was made worse by the fact that she could feel herself getting excited again. Her thong was quickly soaked and juices started to run down her legs. Worst of all the room started to smell of her arousal, too.

“Thank you Jide, that will be all. Do you need to relieve yourself before going?”

Jide couldn’t believe his ears, but he simply nodded and started to unzip his pants. Nnenna was so shocked she didn’t move as she heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down.

Looking at the thong-clad ass in front of him, Jide was quick to feel his load rising. He knew that his friend would never let him fuck that ass, but he wondered how far he could go, so, just before he came to the point of no return, he let go of his dick and turned to his friend.

“I can’t do this, I haven’t masturbated in over five years, and cumming on my own feels wrong.”

Nnenna could hear her uncle rise from his seat and walk towards them. Silently he pulled her up by her shoulders, turned her towards Jide and pushed her against his side. Jide wrapped his right arm around her, placing his hand on her lower back, as her uncle walked towards the kitchen.

Her hand brushed against the throbbing member of Jide and it was clear what her uncle wanted her to do. Biting her lip, she closed her hand around his smallish dick and started to pump her wrist. Jide let out an animal moan and his hand cupped her ass, pulling her closer towards him.

“Slow it down baby, I want to enjoy this.” He whispered in her ear as he smelled her hair.

Nnenna did as was asked and loosened her grip a little, slowing down the strokes. As Jide’s right hand was skillfully playing with her ass and thong, he used his left hand to caress her jawline and throat, before brushing his thumb against her lips.

Nnenna hated it but she was getting extremely turned on by this and couldn’t help but press her crotch against his leg. Jide started to kiss her under the ear as he whispered to her to use her spilled juices to lube up his cock.

Using her left hand, she scooped up some of her juice from between her inner thighs and used it to coat Jide cock. The man still couldn’t believe what was happening, he was so close to cumming but he used every shred of discipline to stretch this out.

Focusing on her body, he lifted her up by the butt a little, forcing her to use her free hand to hold on to him, and pressed his index finger against her anus through the flimsy thong.

Her gasp betrayed her as she started to jerk him off harder again. His left hand then joined his right as he pulled her in close, obstructing her arm from moving too much. Not wanting this to drag out much longer, Nnenna moved her hand up to his throbbing shaft and started to polish the knob, rubbing her thumb over the purple head as her index finger stimulated the ridge below.

Hearing Jide’s breath becoming more labored, the young lady knew that she was close to putting this ordeal behind her.

Jide needed all the self-discipline he had to not throw this little cock-tease down and take her like a little whore. The second he felt he could take no more, he released her bubbly little ass and grabbed her by the back of the neck. Pushing her down firmly on the table on the table, his cock bobbing wildly between them.

“Beg for it, you bitch.” He said half hoping she would beg him to fuck her.

Tears covered her cheeks as she found herself pinned against the table. But it wasn’t the humiliation that bothered her, no it was the fact that there was nothing she wanted more at this moment than to get a big fat cock into her.

Knowing this couldn’t happen since her uncle was in the kitchen, she replied the only way she could think of. Bringing her hands back to her ass she propped it up a little, offering her ass to Jide.

“Please cum on me Jide.”

The man could do nothing but comply to this. The sight of her young ass was just too much and he exploded right there, covering the ass of his best friend’s niece with his semen.

Nnenna could hear Jide behind her fumbling with his trousers at the same time that his warm cum was starting to run down her leg. She suppressed a scream of frustration as the man left. Taking some napkins she started to clean her backside up as her uncle walked into the room.

Not daring to face him she kept her eyes on the floor as he came to stand next to her. He placed a trash bucket next to the table and stepped back.

“Throw away that filthy thong and your so-called bra.”

Nnenna waited for a moment for her uncle to move away, but as he doesn’t she just complied, peeling her thong off and discarding her bra.

She tried to cover up at best she could while keeping her eyes firmly on her feet. Her attention was drawn to a piece of paper that her uncle had placed on the table. She immediately knew that it was her virginity contract she had signed with him when she was sixteen.

“So was this punishment enough?” He asked, his voice calm and collected.

This made her even more scared, she knew that the angrier her uncle was, the less emotion he showed.

She simply shook her head no and turned around to bend over the table again. Her elbows had just made contact with hardwood when the sound of flesh slapping against flesh rang through the room.

The spanking was methodical and stern. It was clear that it was meant as a punishment but as it went on Nnenna’s squeals of pain turned dangerously close to moans of pleasure.

Looping his tie around her left wrist, Nnenna was a bit surprised as her uncle pulled her arm back. Grabbing her right hand he guided it in the noose before pulling it tight.

“You do know I am doing this for your own good, right?” He asked, but, as his fingertips slowly caressed her buttocks, Nnenna could do nothing but just nod.

“Your aunt, God rest her soul, was just like you. Needed a strong hand once in a while.” Nnenna gasped as the finger of her uncle trailed her sphincter, applying a little pressure to it that sends a wave of excitement through her spine.

The young woman was shocked as she could feel the tip of the digit push through her resistance. She couldn’t help but let out a sexy moan as the finger started to move back and forth into her.

“Hmm just like your mom. You like sodomy.”

She was about to deny this, that she was raised to be a good, proper Christian girl, but then she realized her uncle had not asked if she liked it, he had stated it.

It was only then that she realized that her uncle’s hand had not moved at all, but that the motion came from her. She could feel how her uncle’s finger slipped away and, with a pull on his tie, he made her stand up and turn around.

Rising her chin up to face his steely-gray eyes, Nnenna could see the anger in her uncle’s eyes, she had failed him. Feeling a strong hand on her shoulder, Nnenna dropped to her knees, again looking down, too ashamed to look her uncle in the eye. She could feel how he caressed her hair as he used to when she was little.

“You remember that your purity belongs to me until your wedding night, right?” she just nodded, remembering how she had signed a purity contract, pledging that her purity was for God and her uncle would be its guardian until this privilege would be passed on to her husband.

Then his hand moved away, and she heard a belt buckle being opened closely followed by a zipper. Looking up she was faced with a limp cock. For a second she feels disappointed and felt bad at herself for the though. Who, honestly, would wish their uncle’s cock erect at a time like this?

“Take it in your mouth.” He spoke.

Her eyes snapping back up at her uncle, meeting his steely gaze, trying to see if he was bluffing, or angry, but she couldn’t decipher his mood at all.

She had a choice to make, she could refuse to act and take the chance of angering her uncle, or she could be an obedient little girl and just as her uncle had instructed.

Taking a deep breath, she straightened, wishing her hands weren’t bound behind her back as she let her forehead rest on the fat stomach of her uncle as her lips closed around his flaccid member.

Working her tongue around the member of her uncle she didn’t know if she had to be impressed by his control or disappointed by the lack of reaction as his cock refused to grow. Since her tongue didn’t seem to be doing the trick, she moved to something that had always driven her boyfriend mad with desire.

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