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September 5, 2020

Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo III(18+)

Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo III(18+)

Iheoma turned away from Lethabo as she bent over, grabbing the trunk of a tree, exposing her moist pussy for his taking. Lethabo positioned himself behind her as she reached back to guide his monster to her entrance.

I moved quietly, my shorts now off as well, to get into a better position to watch.

“Fuck me, but take it slow at first. I’ve never had a cock as big as yours so be gentle,” Iheoma moaned, almost begging for him.

Lethabo placed the head of his cock into position, spreading her labia as she reached behind herself, parting her pussy for him. The head of his cock entered her as she arched, moaning.

“Am I hurting you?” Lethabo asked as he paused.

“Fuck no, that’s a good sound Lethabo. Everything is perfect, just fuck me.”

Lethabo pushed forward as Iheoma pushed back toward him, accepting about half of his length as she attempted to muffle her screams of pleasure so nobody would hear her back at the picnic area. He withdrew slowly, his eyes now closed, his hands grasping her hips tightly. He pushed forward again, sliding most of his monster cock into her tiny pussy as she screamed, muffled by her own hand.

“That is so fucking good, give me all of you,” Iheoma commanded.

Lethabo pushed forward until his huge balls hung below her pussy, his pubic hair tickling her asshole. It was almost too much for her to take as she quivered in orgasm immediately, soaking his cock with her moisture. As he withdrew, his cock glistened with her moisture, surely making the next push more pleasurable and easier for her. He started rocking back and forth, pushing his entire length into her, her pussy stretched to its limit, tightly gripping his mast. Lethabo’s eyes were still closed, probably rolled back into his head with pleasure as he enjoyed his first fuck.

Lethabo was grunting and driving his big cock into Iheoma hard, I could tell he was about to erupt. He slammed his cock in and out of her as they moaned and grunted together.

I stroked and was about to cum when I heard a snap behind me, someone was coming! I quickly pulled my shorts on, not knowing who was about to discover them.

“I’m going to cum!” Lethabo yelled as he slammed in and out forcefully.

He was exploding into her pussy as he held her body, his cum oozing from her pussy each time he withdrew to slam forward again.

Just then, Lethabo’s three friends came into view, astonished by what was taking place before them. They stood staring at Lethabo and Iheoma. Iheoma immediately noticed them as Lethabo continued his assault on her pussy, completely unaware of their presence as he was lost in a world of lust, shooting his hot sticky cum deep inside her. He acted like a wild animal, grunting with each push and shot of cum that erupted into her pussy.

“Join us, boys, drop those shorts,” Iheoma moaned as Lethabo finished emptying his huge load into her pussy.

Lethabo quickly pulled out, surprised and embarrassed by the sight of his friends witnessing this.

“Shit Lethabo, huge cock!” one of the young men exclaimed.

The three other men quickly stripped and approached Iheoma as she turned to greet them, Lethabo’s cum oozing from her cunt. They surrounded her with no hesitation as she reached for two of their cocks. She immediately started stroking them as they fondled her tits and pussy.

Iheoma dropped to her knees, taking one of the men into her mouth. He wasn’t nearly as large as Lethabo, but had an average-sized cock, about the same size as mine. She slammed his entire cock into her mouth, devouring it as she stroked the other two cocks. Each of them had their hands on her head, almost trying to steal her from the other. She released the first cock, plunging onto the second one. He was large, probably nine inches, a lot bigger than me, as she tried to force all of him into her mouth. He was uncircumcised, I don’t think she ever saw one like that.

She gagged as she stuffed his cock into her mouth, his foreskin sliding back, and couldn’t quite take him all. She sucked him for a minute, then went to the third cock, another large one, at least 8 inches long but very thick. She sucked him for a minute or so as she stroked the other two. All three cocks were wet from her saliva and very erect, these young men were giving her the fuck of her life!

“How am I going to do these guys?” Iheoma said after she released the third cock. “I need to take care of all of you at once, we don’t have much time. One of you needs to lie down on your back, I want that big cock!”

The guy with the nine-inch cock obeyed, positioning himself as instructed, his cock pointing straight toward the sun as he held it in his hand. Lethabo was memorized watching this, still naked and becoming hard again.

Iheoma slowly lowered herself onto his cock, luckily she was moist from Lethabo’s cum so she easily took all of him, her tits resting on his chest.

“Damn, your cock is so big, it feels so good.”

“You, fuck me from behind,” she commanded the guy with the smaller of the three cocks.

Iheoma reached back, inserting her finger into her own ass, lubricating it with Lethabo’s cum. The other man slowly inserted his cock into her ass as she arched, screaming in ecstasy. The man beneath her remained motionless as she accepted the cock in her ass. Her eyes were closed tightly, her hands gripping the shoulders of the man beneath her.

Iheoma and I rarely did anal so this was a huge surprise and turn on to me. I had my shorts back off, stroking my cock again.

Iheoma sat up just a bit and said the third man, “Come here.”

The third man approached as she reached for his eight-inch throbbing cock, twitching in anticipation. She quickly stretched her lips around his cock and started sucking and slurping him as the other two were now working in unison, fucking her pussy and ass at the same time.

The third man was now gripping her head, forcing his thick cock deep down Iheoma’s throat, gagging her each time he pushed forward. The two men fucking her were slowly working together, filling her completely as she screamed and shuddered in orgasm. I’ve never seen Iheoma shake so violently, she was completely taken over with desire.

The man fucking her mouth was still shoving his cock down her throat as his ass cheeks tightened, he was about to explode. He tilted his head back with his eyes closed as he thrust forward, shooting his first load of semen into Iheoma’s mouth, choking her. His cum oozed from the corners of her mouth as she eagerly consumed him, load after load forcefully erupting from his shaft. I could actually see his shaft expand each time he emptied into her.

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