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October 26, 2020

Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo II(18+)
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Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo II(18+)

Our guide was the first to enter the water, one by one the others joined. Iheoma’s new friends were some of the first to follow as her chosen stud actually took her hand as he led her into the water. She was surrounded by three or four other young men, all shirtless and competing for her attention.

I lost sight of Iheoma as she and the others entered the cave, swimming through the tiny opening into the cave. As the final tourist entered the water, I followed closely behind. The water was surprisingly cold and clear, but very refreshing as it was so hot and humid.

As I completed the short swim and stepped from the water I was amazed by the view before me. The cave was breathtaking, cool and spacious. I was even more surprised to see the attention Iheoma was gathering.

As I approached I immediately noticed why. Her sheer white tank top was completely see-through with her fantastic, perfect breasts fully visible. Her nipples were as hard as I’ve ever seen. I’m not certain if that was because of the cold water or the attention she was getting. Every young man in the cave was staring at her perfect breasts. Hell, I was staring at them too!

“You are very sexy Iheoma,” her young admirer said quietly, though I still could hear.

“Oh, you’re just saying that. I’m so much older than you, you must have a beautiful girlfriend at home,” Iheoma said.

“Actually I don’t, I’ve only had a few girlfriends and I’m still a virgin. I just haven’t found the right lady yet,” the young man said.

“I find that hard to believe,” Iheoma said as she glanced at his crotch.

He was wearing fairly tight shorts, showing his growing interest as they talked. I could tell this guy was either hung like a horse or he had a full erection. I remember being 18, I got hard at the mention of a woman, let alone looking at a beautiful, half-naked woman like Iheoma.

“Well, it looks like you have a lot to offer a lady Lethabo,” Iheoma said, still staring at his crotch.

Now she was on a first-name basis with this guy, she was getting more friendly than I’d ever witnessed before with a total stranger. She loved to tease but I was beginning to wonder how far she was going to take it with this guy. The thought of the possibilities was getting to me as I felt my cock swell.

“If I could ever find a lady back home just like you, I’d do everything I could to get her to go out with me,” Lethabo said.

“You’re just being nice, stop,” Iheoma said, running her hand along Lethabo’s forearm.

“Not at all, you’re as good as it gets,” Lethabo said, returning her touch by placing his large hand on her shoulder.

“We better break this up, you’re getting me all hot and bothered and you’re so young,” Iheoma said as she felt the muscles on his arm.

We continued our tour of the caves. I stayed back a little from Iheoma as I was enjoying watching her drive these young men insane with desire. She had four young men following her every move now, with Lethabo becoming more aggressive with his advances as time passed. Even the other guys were talking, flirting and touching Iheoma occasionally, though still innocent enough to not warrant my intervention. I was positive Iheoma was very turned on by the attention.

“I’m getting cold, I hope we get out of this cave soon or I might need someone to warm me up,” Iheoma said to Lethabo as she leaned toward him. “I wonder where my boyfriend went.”

“Don’t worry about him, he can’t get lost. I’ll keep you warm,” Lethabo said as he put his arm around her.

Iheoma was quick to wrap her arm around his waist, pulling his torso close to hers. His excitement for her was very noticeable as his cock was struggling to be freed from his shorts. This kid was ready for action.

After finishing our exploration of the cave, we entered the water again, one by one, until I was the final person remaining in the cave. I stepped into the water, swimming through the tiny opening again as the hot, humid air hit me like a blast as I exited the cave. It must have been well over 100 degrees out.

The plan was to have a picnic lunch after the tour so all were gathering in a small area about 100 yards from the cave entrance. The tour guide was busy spreading out blankets on the ground under a huge tree, providing a little shade from the searing hot sun. Others were placing picnic baskets on the blankets.

“If anyone would like to change into dry clothes, we have plenty of time. There aren’t any changing rooms in the forest so you’ll have to just pick a tree to change behind,” our guide announced to everyone.

“I’m soaked and showing a bit too much through my shirt so I’m going to change,” Iheoma announced.

Iheoma gathered her dry clothing and entered a small, narrow path to walk to a more private area so she could change. She looked back at me and gave a little wink as she left. I had no idea what that was about but would soon find out.

As Iheoma disappeared into the forest, Lethabo stood, gathering his dry clothes and headed toward the same path Iheoma had taken. As he disappeared into the forest, I followed, trying not to make any noise as I searched for them.

I slowly and carefully traced their steps, almost as if stalking prey quietly. I was surprised how far I had walked before I caught my first glimpse of someone. I stepped off the path and quietly circled them, not wanting them to be aware of my presence. I got very close, easily within 20 yards as I hid behind a tree, crouching as not to be seen.

Iheoma stood topless as Lethabo stared, not yet making an advance of any kind.

“I’m sorry I didn’t wait long enough for you to finish changing Iheoma, you have a fabulous body,” Lethabo said as his eyes were locked on her breasts.

“That’s OK Lethabo, I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t already seen.”

“I’ve never been this close to such a beautiful, sexy woman, half-naked before though. You have the sexiest body I’ve ever seen.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Iheoma said as she stepped out of her shorts, exposing her shaved pussy, standing before Lethabo totally naked now.

“Oh my God, you’re so sexy,” Lethabo said, his breathing noticeably becoming heavier.

“Thank you Lethabo. I must say, I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked as well. I bet you have a fantastic body, so young and hard.”

He immediately dropped his shorts, stepping out of them, exposing his huge cock. I’ve never seen anything like it, he must have had a 12-inch cock, as big around as a beer can. His huge cock was almost erect, pointing straight at Iheoma as her eyes were locked on it. He was circumcised with veins protruding his entire, thick shaft.

“Oh my, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I can’t believe you’re a virgin with a beautiful cock like that. I wish my boyfriend had a cock like yours, his is so much smaller,” Iheoma said. “I hate to be so forward to ask but would you like to lose your virginity?”

Lethabo’s cock grew to a full erection as she stared, still neither had touched each other. He stepped closer to her until his cock was resting against her, the head almost reaching her breasts.

“Your huge cock is beautiful Lethabo, I would love to be your first.”

I think Lethabo was afraid to touch her as he didn’t make the first move. Iheoma reached up, wrapping her arms around Lethabo’s neck inviting him to kiss her. They kissed passionately as his hands quickly moved to her ass, clutching her tiny ass cheeks.

Their kiss continued as Iheoma panted, her hands now reaching for his huge cock. She grabbed his cock as it swelled, I could see the moisture escaping from the tip of his cock, glistening in the sun. Iheoma stroked him as his hands were now kneading her breasts feverishly. I swear this kid really was a virgin, he looked like he was ready to explode already.

“You have a great cock, I have to taste you,” Iheoma panted as she dropped to her knees, never letting go of his monster.

Iheoma’s tongue circled the head of his cock, uncertain if she could actually fit it in her mouth. She licked the moisture from the tip of it, then traced the entire length of his cock with her tongue until she reached his balls. His balls were a good match for the huge mast above them, they hung low and large. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed, I couldn’t blame her for not being able to resist.

Lethabo’s eyes were locked on Iheoma as she fondled his balls while licking them. She then traced her way back up his shaft with her tongue until she reached the tip, again licking the moisture oozing from the tiny slit, sinking her tongue into it.

Iheoma arched back as if sizing it up, then stretched her lips around the head, her tongue working the underside of his shaft as she attempted to consume as much as possible of him. She devoured him until his cock filled her mouth, gagging her. She could only take about half of his monster into her mouth. She slowly slid back up his cock, her lips wrapped tightly around it, stretched as far as she could, until his entire moist shaft was exposed again, then began plunging up and down his shaft.

I was so horny watching this, I removed my shorts and had my cock in my hand, slowly stroking as I watched.

“Oh God, that feels so fucking good Iheoma,” Lethabo panted.

Iheoma continued assaulting his monster as best she could, considering his gigantic size. I could see the saliva glistening in the sun as she rose, her lips fucking his cock. Then she released his huge mast from her mouth, looking up at him, sensing he was about to cum already.

“I want that fucking thing in my pussy,” Iheoma said seductively.

Iheoma stood as they embraced again, their mouths locked, tongues searching and exploring, a wet passionate kiss. Iheoma was stroking Lethabo’s cock as his hand moved to her pussy, his fingers searching for her entrance.

“I really haven’t done this before,” Lethabo said.

“Just follow my lead and fuck me. It’s easy, shove that big cock into my pussy.”

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