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October 26, 2020

Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo [Finale] (18+)
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Edymaniac: Our Sex Adventure to Congo [Finale] (18+)

As she choked and gargled on his cum, the man behind her was cumming in her ass, clenching her hips tightly as he exploded, pumping his sticky semen into her ass.

I re-positioned to witness his cum ooze from her ass, lubricating the cock below as he continued fucking her pussy. He was also tensing to cum, forcing himself upward as he groaned, splashing her with his first eruption. I could tell she was feeling the force of his ejaculation as she relished with the fact she could make all four of these guys cum in such a short time.

The man fucking her mouth had finished cumming as some of his cum was on her face as he withdrew, smiling down on her as he released her head from his grasp. He stoked the few remaining drops from his cock as Iheoma licked and sucked him dry. The man behind her was withdrawing as his cum flowed from her ass onto the man below.

Iheoma was now lifting up and down, riding the big cock below as he continued cumming, exploding in her cum soaked pussy. The other three men were watching in astonishment as Lethabo stood with his cock in his hand, now hard again.

Iheoma sat up when the man below had emptied his entire load deep within her and stood, cum running down her legs from the three men who had consumed her and filled her.

Lethabo moved closer, presenting himself to Iheoma as she noticed he was hard again.

“My my, you young men are eager!” Iheoma exclaimed. “Come fuck me.”

I could tell Iheoma was exhausted as she rolled over on her back, spreading wide for Lethabo’s monster cock again. The other three men looked on in astonishment of his size and quick recovery.

Lethabo mounted Iheoma, sliding his huge shaft in.

“Fuck me hard with that monster!”

He didn’t need any coaxing as he started slamming her pussy with his massive cock, his big balls slapping her cum soaked ass with each push. Iheoma was holding on, gripping Lethabo’s body as he pounded her. This guy was punishing her pussy, slamming in and out with such vigor and force I was surprised she could stand it.

I couldn’t take any more as I tensed, preparing to explode, my hand quickly sliding up and down my shaft as I watched her shake in orgasmic pleasure. I erupted, my cum shooting forcefully as if shot from a cannon. I continued splashing the forest floor with my semen as I watched Iheoma and Lethabo.

I shot load after load, difficult to contain my grunting in excitement as I watched.

“I want to cum on your tits'” Lethabo grunted as he pulled his huge cock from her pussy, making a popping sound from the suction the monster created as it escaped.

Iheoma sat up as Lethabo feverishly stroked his cock, Iheoma’s tiny hands joining his as she cupped his balls. Just as he was about to cum she slid a finger in his ass as his first load burst from his shaft. His cum splashed right between her tits as she eagerly leaned forward to force his shaft into her mouth to gobble up the rest of his offering.

His second shot choked her with the force as he erupted again, his hands now entangled in her hair. Iheoma continued sliding her finger in and out his ass as he emptied into her mouth, his ass tightening with each forceful spasm of his hot semen. Iheoma never backed off, swallowing every drop eagerly, choking with the force of his ejaculation. As he relaxed, Iheoma removed the finger from his ass, looking up into his eyes for his approval.

“I will never forget my first time,” Lethabo said.

“Neither will I,” Iheoma said. “I love your big cock.”

I quickly pulled my shorts up and made my way back to the picnic area as we’d been gone for at least a half-hour.

“Where have you been?” the guide asked me.

“Looking for my girlfriend, I couldn’t find her.”

Just then the four young men and Iheoma appeared and were asked the same question from the guide.

“I went into the forest to change and got lost. These young men were kind enough to find me, I was getting scared,” Iheoma said trying to be convincing.

Iheoma winked at me. Had she known I was watching all along? She never did say anything about it afterward and I never brought the subject up. The young men weren’t as clingy with Iheoma after having sex in the forest so I spent time being closer to her for the rest of the tour.

I was so horny just thinking about it, I couldn’t wait to get her back to the hotel to fuck her. We had great sex that evening as I relived every moment in my mind as we fucked, I’m sure she did as well. She even asked me to fuck her in the ass that night.

Since that day in the jungle, our sex life has gotten wild. I’ll write about our other adventures soon. We’ve been with couples, had threesomes and even visited a strip’s club once since then. She still prefers the young men and I expect I’ll catch her again in the future, I hope. We’re still not married and have no plans to wed in the future. Why ruin a good thing?

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