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Edymaniac: Nurse Emem V (18+)

Emem lent forward cupping his face in her hands. They kissed deeply again, their tongues tangled in each other’s mouths. Her breasts dangled in front of him. Then she sat up again, savoring the moment, feeling his cock in her pussy. She closed her eyes, not wanting the moment to end. He reached up to touch her breasts, his cock was hardening again inside this beautiful woman.

Feeling his cock growing again Emem moved a little to make it easier to start again. As she lifted herself and plunged down again some cum flowed out to pool on his crotch. He moaned as she began again. Up and down his hard shaft. It glistened with her juice and his cum.

It wasn’t long before Emem felt herself cumming again. Once more she moaned as her juice flooded her pussy. Again Tunde was touching her breasts, feeling them with his hands. Then he lifted his body forward and buried his face in her soft breasts, licking the nipples and sucking on them, while Emem bobbed up and down his cock.

“Oh Emem you are good,” he said as he fell back on his back. “You can fuck me all day.”

“I want you to cum again. I want your cum in my pussy,” Emem encouraged him. “Fill my hot pussy, please.”

It was too much for the 18-year-old he let his load go. It wasn’t as powerful as the first, but just as much cum. He pumped it into the nurse, feeling some roll back out down her leg.

This time she got up quickly, raising her leg over his body and slipping from the bed. Tenderly she lent forward over the pool of cum which had formed at the base of his cock. Her tongue quickly cleaned it up, and then she licked the deflating cock, sucking the cum from it. Tunde moaned again.

“Oh, Emem that was good,” Tunde said.

She lent forward again to kiss him. “Thanks, Tunde, you have a beautiful cock. I enjoyed that.”

“Any time,” he said. “Will you be back tonight, or do I have to wait until tomorrow?”

Emem went to the basin in the corner and used the towel hanging there to clean herself.

“I’m not on again until next week. You would have been discharged by then,” she said, clipping the bra back into place. “Mind you I saw your girlfriend visiting last week and I’m sure she will take care of most of your desires.”

“But, I was enjoying your visits…”Tunde started to protest.

She pulled the little lace panties up, adjusting them with her thumbs. “Well, I’ll see what I can do, but I am not on duty tomorrow.”

“You could visit me,” Tunde pleaded.

Emem laughed as she buttoned up the uniform dress. “There is another nurse I work with. I think she is working tomorrow. I’ll tell her to take special care of you, ok? Her name is Tomi.”

Emem checked her hair in the mirror and walked to the bed. “Thanks, my sexy patient. I think Tomi will look after all your needs tomorrow.”

With that Emem walked to the door. There was one last smile and the door shut as the sexy nurse disappeared. Tunde sunk back on the bed. Soon he was deeply asleep, dreaming of Emem the sexy nurse.

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