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September 3, 2020

Edymaniac: Nurse Emem IV (18+)

Edymaniac: Nurse Emem IV (18+)

Emem stood and walked out of the room. She walked down the corridor past Room Three. As she passed, she glanced at the closed door, a gentle moaning noise could just be heard from within. A smile spread on Emem’s face. Two rooms further on, Room One, was Tunde’s private room. Emem turned the handle and walked in.

“Are you awake?” she whispered. There wasn’t any response. “Hello?” she asked.

“Hi,” a whispered response came. “Is that you Emem?”

“Yes,” she replied turning on the light.

Once more Tunde squinted in the bright light. There she was again, standing before him in the crisp white uniform.

God, she looked beautiful. Tall and slim, yet her uniform seemed tiny on her body. Those long legs ending in a pair of white high heels. Once more her sweet smell filled the room.

“I told you I would be back,” she smiled as she walked toward the bed. “How are you feeling now?”

Tunde looked up at her. “Fine, I guess.” He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was now stroking his hard dick beneath the sheet. The hospital gown still lay on the floor from their first encounter.

“Hmm, looks like you are still having trouble sleeping to me,” the sexy nurse stated. Her hand moved to the buttons on her uniform. “I think you need some more help, don’t you?”

“Yes, that would be good. I think I need some more therapy.” Tunde smiled back as the white uniform opened. This time Emem let it fall to the floor. She walked forward leaning over him to kiss his lips. Tunde felt his tongue probe into her mouth, touching her tongue as her hands moved to pull the sheet away from his body.

“Hmm, that tastes good,” Emem said. “Now how will that taste?” She pointed at the hard throbbing dick she had just exposed.

She moved down the bed to his crotch. Then leaning over she took the large dick in her mouth, her lips slipping over the swollen head. Tunde moaned as she slipped up and down the shaft.

The glistening black rod disappeared into her delicious mouth just to reappear as she moved up and down its length. She licked around the head, flicking his pre-cum off the tip.

Then she stood up. Taking a step back she slowly deliberately tugged her own panties down around her ankles, exposing her trimmed pussy. Then she reached behind her back and unclipped the sexy white lace bra.

Teasing, she held it across her breasts for a moment before letting it slide sexily down her arms to the floor. She just smiled at the naked Tunde who was holding his dick at the base, looking up at the sexy nurse.

Leaving her nurses cap pinned to her hair and her shoes on she stepped back to the bed. Once more Tunde received a long lingering wet kiss. His hand moved beside the bed to touch her hot pussy, it was already wet with her juice.

Again she pulled away from him and stepped back. The hospital bed was taller than an ordinary bed and she had to climb up. But soon she was on the bed, straddling the injured man’s chest.

She thrust her pelvis forward, then dragged it back across his chest, smiling into his face as she did and reaching back to hold his stiff cock at the same time.

“I’ll be careful, but tell me if I hurt your ankle,” she whispered to Tunde. “Just lie there and enjoy this.”

Holding his cock, she raised her hips and positioned herself over it. Then slowly she lowered her body onto the hard cock. He let out a long low moan and Emem gasped as she felt her pussy fill with his cock.

Then she slowly pushed her hips back and forward. He closed his eyes and moaned again as he felt her wet pussy sliding up and down his shaft.

“God Emem, God,” he called out softly. “This is great.”

His hand reached up to touch her breasts as they bounced before his eyes. Gently he tweaked her hard red nipples, feeling the little rocks on their soft mounds. He ran one hand down over her firm abdomen to the fur of her trimmed pubic hair. He let his finger find her clit as she continued to push up and down his cock. Her body seemed to twitch more as his finger rubbed the hard clit.

“Oh, oh,” the nurse moaned as she pumped his hard cock. “God yes.”

“Cum Emem, cum on my hard cock,” Tunde encouraged the lady.

She let out a long moan as her orgasm crashed over her body. He felt her pussy tighten on his hard cock. Her hips were bouncing, almost uncontrollably. Then she relaxed to continue her piston-like movement.

“Fuck me Emem, fuck me hard,” he exclaimed. “God, you are good.”

“Oh, oh,” was all she could manage.

“God Emem I think I’m going to cum,” he said grabbing her hips and pulling her down. His face went bright red as he let out a deep moan. She felt a strong spurt of cum shoot into her pussy.

He groaned again and again. Then his body relaxed a little, his hands released their grip on her hips sliding over her thighs feeling the silky stockings.

“God that was good,” he said.

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