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October 21, 2020

Edymaniac: Nurse Emem III (18+)

Edymaniac: Nurse Emem III (18+)

“Yes Doctor Musa,” she replied as he stepped out of the room.

She straightened her uniform and checked her face in the reflection from the bowl she had just washed.

After finishing cleaning the bowl she walked out into the corridor and back to the nurse’s station. The duty nurse was sitting at her desk. They smiled at each other.

“Sister, I spilled some vomit on my dress. Can I go get changed?” Emem was feeling the hot sticky semen dribbling through the fine lace of her panties onto her legs.

“Yes, sure Emem,” the older woman said. “Don’t be long though will you?”

“No sister.” With that Emem walked back to the nurses’ locker room.

She opened her bag and took the spare uniform out, along with the spare panties that she kept in nylon. Slowly she unbuttoned the old uniform and slipped it off her shoulders. Standing in her underwear she took the new underwear from the nylon. Then she screwed up the old uniform and packed it into the bag to take home.

“Hi Emem,” the voice came from Tomi, the other young duty nurse.

“Hi Tomi,” Emem replied as she turned to see the nurse walk in.

“Mess your uniform?” Tomi asked.

“Musa again,” Emem said with a smile. Tomi knew all about the Doctor’s behavior.

“He did you tonight?”

“Yeah, about five minutes ago in the cleaning room. Someone will catch us at it one night,” Emem laughed.

“Damn. I was hoping he would do me tonight, I feel so horny since Jerry has been out of town,” Tomi said.

“Well, he said he would do me again later. Shall I tell him you are available as well?”

“That would be good, I love tasting his cum,” Tomi said.

“Well, I’m full of his cum right now, that’s why I need to get changed.”

Emem turned to pull her panties off. As she tugged at them, his cum making a little crust sticking them to her butt, another hand joined hers. Emem looked down, it was Tomi. The nurse was on her knees pulling her friend’s panties down. Then she pushed her tongue to the brunette’s thigh, licking a drying crust of cum.

It was so sensual. Emem flicked the panties off. Then she walked to a chair and sat. Tomi positioned herself in front of Emem on her knees. Emem spread her legs wide, her pussy still swollen from her encounter with the doctor. Tomi’s tongue darted across the pussy, taking the drying cum off the dark trimmed pubic hair. Emem moaned as the tongue brushed her still sensitive clit.

Tomi could taste the mix of Musa’s cum with Emem’s hot pussy juice as she licked it out of Emem’s pussy. Her tongue thrust deeper and deeper. Emem moaned as it flicked her clit. The dark beauty held her friend’s head in at her hot pussy, making her lick and slurp.

Again Emem felt the feeling build. A wave of ecstasy flooded Emem as she held Tomi’s head closer to her pussy. Her hips pushed a little as her pussy juice flowed once more. Tomi slurped at it until it was running down her chin. The orgasm subsided and Tomi stood up.

She went to a washbasin and washed the sticky cum and pubic hair from her face. The two girls looked at each other. Emem walked over and embraced the Tomi. They kissed, their tongues probing each other’s mouth. Then they broke apart again.

Thanks Emem,” Tomi said quietly.

“That’s ok,” Emem said. “I liked that. We must do it again.”

Emem quickly cleaned herself up and redressed. After adjusting her hair and adding some perfume she walked back out onto the ward. The night had been one of many adventures. Thinking about all that had happened Emem felt herself getting hot again.

She sat at her desk filling in some paperwork while the nurse that sat opposite her doing the same. Tomi was away on her break. Emem would have to wait until the sister returned before getting hers.

The minutes ticked by. It was now past midnight. Tomi came back from her break and the other nurse went on hers. The two ladies sat next to each other.

“Do you want to come over to my place later?” Emem asked.

“Yeah, why not,” Tomi said. “After all I haven’t had any fun tonight.” She winked with a seductive smile. They laughed together.

Just then Doctor Musa appeared at the door. “Emem, can I see you in Room Three for a minute?”

There was no one in Room Three so both girls knew what the good Doctor wanted. “I will be there in a minute Doctor. I just need to finish this.”

Alright I will be waiting. Don’t be long,” he walked away.

As soon as he had left Emem turned to Tomi. “You go, tell him I have another assignment.”

“You are in favor tonight,” Tomi responded. “I hope I won’t be a disappointment for the Doctor.”

“I doubt it,” Emem laughed. They stood together and Emem gave Tomi another embrace and a long lingering kiss. Tomi walked off.

Not long after the older nurse walked into the nurses’ station. “Where is Tomi?” she asked.

“Doctor Musa needed some help,” Emem smiled. “Can I have my break now?”

“Sure Emem.”

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