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May 27, 2020
Edymaniac: Nurse Emem (18+)

Edymaniac: Nurse Emem (18+)

Tunde lay in his bed, it was dark outside. Soon he would be going home from the hospital. Another two days, the doctor thought.

This was the second attempt they had had to fix his knee; broken two months ago after the 20-year-old had fallen from his bike. Now it was re-pinned and healing much better.

That night Tunde couldn’t get to sleep though. There was only one thing on his mind and he couldn’t ignore it. It had been over two months since he had been able to have sex with his girlfriend. To make matters worse now, he felt like it and she was out of town for a week.

Compounding these thoughts was the absolutely stunning night nurse who had delivered his meal and taken his evening temperature and pulse readings the night before.

For some reason, he just couldn’t get her off his mind. The long shiny dark hair pinned back and flowing over her shoulders contrasting with the tight fitting white uniform. Her sexy body, small but bouncy breasts and hour glass figure.

His mind wandered to how her hips swayed with every step she took. Then, there was the beautiful smile from those deep red lips, the deep look from dark sensual eyes and the smooth complexion of her pretty face.

A sweet smell of perfume always filled the room as she entered; he would take in deep breaths through his nose to relish the sensation of her perfume after she left.
Then there was that voice. Low and sexy. Every word sounded as though an angel spoke it. All of these factors had Tunde concentrating on one thing. Beneath the thin sheet that covered his body his dick stirred.

Every time he closed his eyes he had a vision of that sexy nurse bent over him, his face close to hers. So vivid a vision was it that he could clearly make out her name tag with the name ‘Emem’ on it.

Another nurse had brought him his food and recorded his progress that night. Tunde was aching for his night nurse to appear, just to confirm that someone that beautiful did really exist.

He felt his hand wandering under the sheet, lifting the hospital gown to expose his hard dick. Slowly he rubbed over the hard pulsing muscle and then stroked it lightly between his fingers. Why was he thinking of his night nurse and not the equally beautiful Kemi, his girlfriend?

Just as he was relaxing, thinking he could live his fantasy with a wad of tissues and his left hand the door to his private room opened. Artificial light flooded in, blinding Tunde as he tried to see who was there, at the same time pulling his gown down in the hope it would hide his raging hard-on.

The door shut and the figure walked slowly toward his bed. It was the figure of a nurse, his nurse, Emem.

“Are you awake Tunde?” the soft sensual voice asked in a whisper. “Are you having trouble sleeping?”

“Um…yes,” Tunde replied, unsure what to say.

“It’s getting late,” Emem said. He could smell her fresh perfume now, so sweet. “Are you in pain?”

“Not exactly,” Tunde answered. “Just restless.”

“Oh,” Emem responded. “Let me see what your heart is doing.” He hoped she hadn’t noticed the hard dick hidden under the sheet and gown.

With that she held out a slender hand, her nails painted in glossy red paint, they glinted in the dim light that entered the room from the window. Tunde held out his arm in the reversed posture awaiting his pulse being read. Her touch was so soft and gentle.

“Hmm…” she muttered softly. “Your heart is definitely racing a little. Nothing to worry about I think.”

“Good,” Tunde smiled up at her beautiful face. He didn’t really hear what the nurse said, he was taking in all those beautiful features and again his dick was responding.

“Some people find a bed bath soothing at this time. Shall I give you one now?” She smiled down at the young man.

“Um…ok,” Tunde couldn’t believe it, a bed bath from this beauty.

“Ok, I won’t be a moment.” Emem turned, Tunde watched those swaying hips and long slim legs all the way to the door. Again the hall lights blinded him as she left the room. He collapsed back onto the bed, a broad smile on his face and a throbbing under the sheet.

A moment later the tall nurse opened the door, pushing a small trolley in front of her. Slowly she wheeled it over beside the bed. The smell of warm lavender scented water drifted up from the bowl on top of the trolley. Two towels and a sponge sat beside the bowl. Tunde reached out and switched his bed light on and blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light.

“Take your gown off please,” Emem asked as she prepared the trolley. Tunde didn’t hesitate he quickly slid the gown over his head from under the sheets.

Then he pulled himself up in the bed, still covering his bulging dick with the sheet. He blushed a little at the size of his dick, realizing that he wouldn’t be able to conceal it for long.

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