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January 15, 2021

Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience V (18+)
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Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience V (18+)

“We’re going to miss you, Chidi,” Lola sighed as she got up to stretch. As she reached up, Chidi caught a glimpse of her navel but tried to distract himself from looking.

“Yep, you guys are definitely going to have to come out and visit me when I get settled,” he replied.

Ali, who was sitting on a box of books across from the couch, hadn’t failed to notice that Chidi’s eyes had wandered, and he gave his friend the same crafty smirk as earlier. When Ali pulled his girlfriend onto his lap, Chidi couldn’t help but think that he was trying to shield her from his prying eyes. Yet Ali continued to shoot the breeze without the least hint of a grudge.

“You’ll have to give us a tour of your new city,” he suggested. “I hear they’re supposed to have some great food out there…”

The conversation was mundane enough, but Chidi was becoming a little distracted by the way Ali was petting Lola as he talked. He couldn’t seem to remember if they had normally shown this kind of affection—perhaps he was just overly sensitive to it now. But as the conversation went on, he became more certain that there was something suggestive in the way that Ali moved his hands over her belly and even let her shirt, again, ride up above her navel.

It was clear that all three of them were becoming a little hot and bothered, and this time it was Ali who broke through the tension.

“So Chidi,” he finally interjected, as if to change the subject. “What is it around here that you’re going to miss the most?”

Before he could think of an answer, Chidi realized that the question was not only rhetorical, it was a tease. Just as soon as Ali had asked, he subtly tucked his fingers into the band of Lola’s sweat-shorts. She perked up, realizing along with Chidi that Ali had been toying with them both.

The encroaching of his fingertips gave her a tingle that she didn’t want to resist. Leaning back against her boyfriend, she looked at Chidi and let loose a quiet squeal.

“I think I know what we’re going to miss…” Ali said. He was bold tonight. He slipped his hand further into her shorts until he could begin to feel the warmth of her crotch.

Lola gasped but instinctively spread into a wider straddle upon his lap. She loved the way that Chidi stared at them, not quite sure that he was allowed to look and yet completely absorbed. Tonight, at least his shock left him with some of his wits.

“You guys kill me,” he muttered with a baffled grin. For the first time, all three of them were aware of what they were getting into.

Lola giggled. “Well that’s the fun of it, huh?” she toyed, following immediately with a moan as Ali rubbed his fingers down between her legs.

As things progressed, Ali wriggled into Lola’s underwear and gently burrowed to her clit. Chidi could tell by her contortions that Ali had reached the prime spot, even though he could see only obscure motions through her shorts. Her body arched back as Ali tickled the spot, and she finally had to groan for a relief. He obeyed, tucking his middle finger into her pussy.

“Mmmmm,” Lola hummed in a high tone.

She pushed against Ali as he fingered her, and the friction on his lap was getting him good and hard. Eagerly, he worked her wet pussy, feeling how much it turned her on to have Chidi watching her squirm. She was so aroused that Ali was surprised to hear her already beginning to approach a climax.

“Unnnhhh…ohh… unnhh…”

Chidi leaned forward, as if the tension in her body was pulling him closer. He could see the motion in her shorts picking up to a frantic pace. He stared, staggered by the idea that she was on the verge of coming right before his eyes.

“Ohh… annhh!”

Lola’s body involuntarily arched out, thrusting her hips in Chidi’s direction. Ali had to grab hold of her in order to keep his finger moving. With his other arm wrapped around her waist, he grasped her crimson tank-top and feverishly pulled it up so that her belly was exposed. Tightly, he held onto her as she bucked, and he resolved to make his finger push her over the edge.

Lola’s eyes snapped shut, and she let out a ferocious cry as her pussy began to gush.

“Annnggghhhh!! Ah! Ah… ahh… ahhhh!!!”

Chidi’s mouth went dry as he watched her bare stomach ripple with spasms of relief. He could tell that Ali was looking right at him, but his own eyes were glued to Lola’s flesh. Her hips wiggled about, trying to escape the unbearable pleasure that Ali’s finger was bringing, but he held firm until the last pang splintered through her nerves. At last, she collapsed upon his lap.

Spent, Lola’s body prickled everywhere. She could feel both Ali and Chidi looking at her, but it took her a while to come to her senses. With her eyes closed, she rested against her boyfriend’s body, simply savoring the soft feeling of his finger massaging her clit.

Gradually her senses awoke. She could feel that her shirt was hiked up and that Ali’s hand was squeezed over one of her breasts. Lying there, a wry smile crept over her face as she imagined what it was like for Chidi to see her in this state. With a deep, satisfied breath, she opened her eyes to see him.

“Mmm,” she sighed, grinning at his spellbound expression.

Chidi shook his head with an astonished smile.

“Un-be-lievable…” he stammered.

Both Lola and Ali smiled back.

“Um, yeah!” Lola giggled. With another whimsical sigh, she added, “I just don’t know what it is that comes over me in this apartment!”

Ali and Chidi chuckled. Fixing up her untidy hair, Lola clumsily got to her feet and smirked at the two of them. The look in her eyes was by now all too familiar.

“So, what do you think we should do now?” she asked Chidi flirtatiously as she stepped up to parade her bare area in front of his face. His overawed expression was the only answer she allowed him to give before nudging him to settle back into the cushions of the couch.

“Why don’t you guys just relax?” she purred as she turned to face Ali, who was still sitting on the box across from the couch. Bending down to untie her sneakers, she indulged Chidi with a view that she knew he had been sneaking all day and then kicked off her shoes and socks.

She exchanged smiles with Ali as she stood up, knowing that they were about to put the long conversation they had last weekend to the test. Tonight, Lola was ready to have some fun. She glanced over her shoulder at Chidi and flirted with him as she lifted the remainder of her shirt over her head.

Chidi stopped breathing as she cast the crimson top down to the floor and stood with only the black, silky straps of her bra across her shoulders. The lamplight picked up the amber glow of her slim, sexy back and cast soft shadows along her ribs as she gently stroked her own skin. Although she was facing her boyfriend, her moves were calculated to mess with Chidi.

She stepped forward so that her bosom was level with Ali’s face, and he welcomingly put his hands upon her hips. Though Chidi was becoming more accustomed to the role of the onlooker, it never ceased to quicken his pulse when he saw the two of them touch, and this was something to which Ali was very well attuned. Playing with his friend, Ali smoothed his hands across the back of Lola’s shorts and gave her ass a firm squeeze.

Then, with an almost devilish look in his eyes, he tucked his fingers into her waist and peeled the shorts down to the floor.

The two of them took pleasure in Chidi’s reaction as he saw the tiny, short-cut panties that showed a good bit of Lola’s buttocks. Ali continued to taunt, placing his hands right back on Lola’s ass and pressing his fingertips over the black, silky briefs. Lola grinned at Chidi as her boyfriend groped her. Not to be outdone at this game, she reached back and unfastened her bra.

Chidi gulped as he watched the straps go slack and slide from Lola’s shoulders. Her lovely back was now completely bare, and it made Chidi shiver to see her layers provocatively dropping away.

Lola grinned down at Ali and let her breasts brush against his face. Perhaps, she mused, her boyfriend would also enjoy being teased. Raising her eyebrows suggestively, she backed away until she bumped into Chidi’s knees. She was pleased to see nothing but passionate curiosity in her boyfriend’s eyes. Giddy, she spun around to face Chidi with her breasts gloriously displayed.

Chidi was excited. Her soft peaks sloped toward him, plumped beneath by perfect hemispheres that swelled out from her chest. Appearing even more gorgeous in the warm glow of the lamp, Lola let Chidi’s eyes devour her topless figure, knowing that it was playing havoc with her boyfriend’s lust. She bent over Chidi, placing her hands on the cushion behind his head so that her breasts swayed in front of his face. Ali stared at her from behind and once again found a strange delight in seeing her tempt his friend.

“How does it feel to be the best man?” Ali jested. Maybe there was something perverse in mentioning their wedding at a time like this, but given the intimacy that they were sharing with Chidi, it seemed an oddly appropriate joke.

Lola burst out laughing. It caused her to sink down, almost touching her breasts against Chidi’s chin, and the ridiculousness of it made him join in laughing, too.

“Not quite the responsibilities I imagined,” Chidi snickered, “but you can never say I wasn’t here for you!”

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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