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January 15, 2021

Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience IV (18+)
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Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience IV (18+)

A lustful fever was burning through Lola’s body. She could feel how much it turned Ali on to watch her tantalize his friend, and this excited her beyond belief. She returned her eyes to her boyfriend and put her mouth around his tool. There was a certain cockiness in her expression. How he would never be able to doubt her flighty instincts again!

Amused with herself, Lola let her lips slowly sink down until Ali was in her throat. The deep plunge made him huff and puff, and she held him there until the anguish was almost too much. By the time she let it wriggle free, Chidi was squirming in his seat. Smug as ever, Lola kept her mouth squeezed around the shaft and started bobbing like a buoy.

Every detail of Lola was sensuous to Chidi. His eyes wandered from the lusciousness of her lips down over the contours of her skin. With the white bath towel tied around her chest, her shoulders and arms, lightly tanned, remained bare and taut from the grip she held around the base of Ali’s shaft. Bare also from mid-thigh down, her legs were sleek and firm, poised in a half-crouch above the cold tiles of the kitchen floor.

Ali noticed Chidi peering at his girlfriend’s figure. It gave him a lurid impulse. Remembering the rush he had felt when Lola had pulled open his towel, he found himself reaching down and pulling hers un-tucked!

Lola recoiled as she felt the towel go slack, catching it before it fell. The panic was instinctive, but she almost immediately began to giggle at her own reaction: just what modesty was she trying to defend?!

“Ah! You!” she exclaimed at her boyfriend, amused at what he had tried to do.

He shrugged his shoulders with a wry grin.

Lola raised her eyebrows. So this was the game he wanted to play… Without another word, she rose to her feet and, facing both him and Chidi, let the towel drop to the floor.

The sight of Lola’s naked body knocked Chidi back in his chair. She was every bit as gorgeous as he had imagined. Taut and slender, her curves blended into smooth, muscular lines along her slim tummy and legs without depriving her softer parts of any of their plumpness. Despite her confident, even cheeky, stance, Chidi could tell that it made her tingle to show him everything.

It was true that Lola was acutely aware of her own nakedness, but it only made her carnal urges stronger. Standing now, she reached down and seized hold of Ali’s thick pole. She smirked at Chidi as she began to tug. As she gradually picked up her pace, her body took on a slight bounce, and she had to chuckle at how Chidi—while gawking at the handjob—was constantly distracted by her breasts.

An idea came to Lola that made her smile. She bent down so that her breasts dangled over Ali’s lap, and she wedged his cock between them. Flirting with Chidi as she cupped a hand around each breast, she squeezed them together and used them to get Ali off!

Chidi gulped. The sight of Ali’s tool poking through her cleavage was so utterly raunchy that Chidi felt like he might spontaneously cum in his trousers. Lola’s breasts, though modest, had ripe juiciness to them. They must have felt spectacular to fuck, and Chidi envied his friend’s position more than ever.

In fact, it felt so good that Ali was beginning to buckle. Groaning with telltale anguish, he gave his girlfriend an urgent, helpless look. Lola simply grinned. She pulled back and started working a corkscrew motion with her hand. Grumbled at the magnificent feeling of her grip, Ali assuring both her and Chidi that there was soon to be no turning back. But Lola had no plans to turn back.

She grinned at her boyfriend, squeezed tightly, and started jerking faster.

“Oh fuck…” Ali gasped.

Lola glanced at Chidi just long enough to see his eyes grow wide with anticipation. It made her heart race even faster, and from that moment on she kept her wild eyes on Ali as she frantically jerked him off.

“Oh… oh fuh…”

Her eyes blazed as she watched her boyfriend’s face contort with agony. He saw her eagerness, and it sealed his fate.


Ali roared as Lola’s feverish handjob pushed him over the edge, releasing a massive blast of semen against his chest. The climax was so powerful that the sight of it made Lola and Chidi tremble in awe. Choking out the next big spurt, Lola reveled at the sound of her boyfriend’s grunt as the hot come shot out onto his skin. Her hand hurried to bring him total relief, and she could only imagine how much Chidi was yearning for the same. To watch was scintillating torture for him.

As Lola strangled the orgasm into fatigue, the remaining semen pulsed down her knuckles. The whole scene was a sticky mess, sprawling in front of Chidi’s eyes. Ali finally collapsed back onto his elbows and marveled at Lola as she calmed him with a slow massage. In the sight of himself together with his fiancée, both naked and covered in cum, there was a strange beauty that he now felt even glad to be sharing with someone else. Apparently, Lola had taught him the joy of letting their friend’s lusts merge with their own.

Satisfied with herself, Lola cast an almost righteous smile at both of her admirers. She unwrapped her sticky fingers and playfully tickled Ali’s cock. Then, without so much as a word, she stood up and walked out of the room, sighing fancifully.

Covered in the aftermath of his orgasm, Ali was left sitting in front of his roommate, and the two of them quickly began to feel a little awkward. Although he was still a little dizzy, Ali gathered up his towel and looked to Chidi as if he was going to speak. Neither was quite sure what to say. Instead, Ali simply stumbled away in the direction that Lola had left.

Chidi was at a loss for what to think. His body still tingled from everything he had seen. Feeling like he had to flee as well, he hurried out of the kitchen and closed himself behind his bedroom door. He was short of breath, and the room seemed to spin. Only one impulse was free from confusion: he quickly tore open his knickers and grabbed his throbbing dick. The climax that had been waiting to happen all morning ripped through his body almost instantly. Ejaculating indiscriminately across his bedroom, Chidi was not in a state to care about the mess. In his mind, the hot juice was splashing gloriously onto Lola’s breasts.

* * *

By the time Chidi had finished cleaning up that morning, he emerged from his room to find that Ali and Lola had already left for work. He, too, hurried off late for work, thinking it was just as well that they had avoided each other for now. In fact, he didn’t see either Lola or Ali for the entire weekend.

Obviously the couple had some things to sort out for themselves. They stayed at Lola’s apartment well into the next week, and while Chidi understood why they needed their space, it began to worry him that he hadn’t seen or heard from his friend. Finally, on Tuesday night, Ali returned to the apartment after work.

“Hey man,” he said as he came through the door. His tone was already apologetic, as he could see the worry in Chidi’s expression.


He could see that Chidi was at a loss for what to say, so he tackled the subject right away.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been home in a while. We had… well, we had some stuff to talk about…”

Chidi nodded.

“I hope… I hope what happened didn’t… I hope it didn’t freak you out,” Ali stammered, averting his eyes as he spoke.

“No, I…” Chidi didn’t know quite how to respond. It had been the most fantastic experience of his life, and yet how could he admit that to his friend?

“We can get a little carried away. It’s just been such an exciting time recently…”

“No really,” Chidi interrupted. “You don’t have to apologize. I mean, it didn’t bother me.”

Ali’s pulse began to race. He already knew, from the look in Chidi’s eyes last Friday, that it hadn’t bothered him at all. The trouble was in admitting it to one another.

“Yeah, I wasn’t complaining either,” Ali joked, trying to add some levity to what they were admitting. It was a relief for both of them to chuckle. “And, well, Lola was okay with everything, too.”

Chidi gulped at the mention of her name. He completely respected that Lola was special to his friend, and the last thing had wanted was to jeopardize anything for them. Yet he could not avoid the erotic thoughts he had been having.

Though at a loss for how to respond, Chidi hoped that his friend could read in his eyes that his intentions were benign. They nodded at each other as if they had come to terms, though neither really knew what the conversation had implied.

Seeing that there was little more that they could say for now, Ali changed the subject.

“I was hoping that Lola could move in most of her stuff this weekend. Do you think you will be able to help?”

“Oh yeah, no problem. I’ll be packing up my stuff, too. I have to send it out on Monday.”

“Thanks. Lola and I will come with you to the airport when you fly out, too.”

Chidi smiled. It was bittersweet to be moving away from his friend, but he was glad that they were at least parting on good terms.

* * *

Saturday morning, Ali picked up the moving van and brought the first load of Lola’s belongings to the apartment. When Lola and Chidi first saw one another, they strained to pretend that nothing had changed. For most of the day it worked, as the three of them worked busily to bring a couple of truckloads of stuff into the second-story walk-up.

But it was difficult for Chidi not to eventually take notice of Lola. She was dressed innocently enough, but the way she looked in her little shorts and tank-top was hard to ignore. Chidi found himself checking her out when she would bend over to set down some boxes, but he didn’t think anything of it until Ali caught him looking.

Embarrassed, Chidi squirmed with the guilty feeling that his friend was able to read his thoughts. But Ali seemed amused rather than hot and bothered. The way that Chidi looked at her reminded him of just how lucky he was to be engaged to such a sexy woman. He simply smiled at Chidi and went back to work.

By the end of the day, they had moved all but a few last-minute items into the apartment, so they decided to call it quits and order some snacks. The living room was full of boxes, but they cleared a space around the table where they could crack open some beers and have a well-earned bite to eat. It felt great to unwind after a long day of labor, and the three of them reminisced and laughed all through the meal.

It was a great send-off for Chidi.

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