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January 15, 2021

Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience III (18+)
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Edymaniac: Lola’s Best Friend Experience III (18+)


The sound shocked Chidi out of his thoughts, and he realized that Ali had spilled hot tea on himself. He was hopping in pain, but as soon as the shock wore off, Ali started to chuckle at himself.

“Damn that hurt!” he howled.

“Right on your bare skin, too!” Lola added in sympathy. She wiped off his chest with her hands and gently breathed on him to cool it off.

The sight had the opposite effect on Chidi, and it didn’t escape Lola’s notice that he uncomfortably averted his eyes and sat down at the table. Ignoring his reaction for a moment, she continued tending to her boyfriend, patting away the tea that had dripped onto his abs. Although her intentions were innocent, there was a certain suggestive look in Ali’s eyes as she touched his skin.

He had been flirting with her all morning, perhaps wondering why she had been so distant since his birthday, and now part of her wanted to drag him off to the bedroom and give in to his advances. Returning a suggestive look of her own, she swirled her fingertips around his body part and wiped the last of the tea from around his waistline.

“I should spill tea on myself more often,” Ali quipped, hoping to keep Lola’s mood light.

Lola was feeling playful, too, but she was painfully aware of the awkwardness with Chidi. In what she intended as a hint to sneak away, Lola snuggled up against her boyfriend and placed a single kiss upon his chest.

He didn’t take the hint, but he liked that his fiancée was coming on to him. It was not unusual for the two of them to be affectionate and even flirty around Chidi, and Ali took his usual tack of making an off-color joke to break the tension.

“I’m gonna need to go back for a cold shower before Chidi has to watch me get a boner.” He expected someone to snicker or at least roll their eyes, but he was not prepared for a guilty silence.

Lola’s heart raced. It was just an off-handed comment, but she realized that it might her only chance to make light of the secret she had been keeping from Ali.

“How do you know he hasn’t seen it already?” she smirked. She glanced at Chidi to see his reaction, but she knew already that he was just as terrified as she was.

Ali simply chuckled at the idea. But a certain momentum was pressing Lola along. Smiling more playfully, she dropped her hands and tried to grope him through his towel.

“What’s so funny about that?” she uttered, realizing that she had her boyfriend on his heels.

Ali chuckled again. He recognized that this was a game of chicken. Despite some mild embarrassment, he wasn’t ready to cry just yet.

“You’re right,” he teased with a certain bravado. “What I’m packing is no laughing matter. But what would make you think Chidi’s ever had a look at it?”

“Because I saw him.” As frightening as it was to say, it was almost easier to say with Chidi there, in part because the way he looked at them was turning her on. Lola nudged her boyfriend back against the table where Chidi was sitting. Looking down at their best man, she couldn’t help but feel guilty for putting him on the spot. Yet she knew it had to be done.

“Oh yeah, when was that?” Ali jested, though part of him was beginning to wonder if this was really a joke. Lola’s retort came almost smugly.

“Remember the other night?”

Ali had the sinking feeling that he had just heard the punch-line. He looked at Chidi, whose evasive reaction confirmed everything.

Yet what was boggling was the almost rabid excitement in his girlfriend’s eyes. Lola nudged him back further so that he was sitting on the edge of the table. She leaned over him and began to speak in the kind of measured tones that one uses to deliver confusing news.

“It’s true. Chidi saw it all.” It made Lola hot just to say the words, and she went on groping her boyfriend’s crotch as she spoke. Ali and Chidi were too embarrassed to look at one another, yet the twinkle in Lola’s eyes was oddly reassuring to them both.

“But I don’t seem to remember anyone complaining,” she smirked, “while I was sucking… on… your… cock…”

As Lola seductively stressed the last few syllables, she pulled open Ali’s towel and dropped her mouth around his knob!

Ali leaped in his skin when he felt the towel come off, but before he knew what hit him, his girlfriend’s soft sucking placated any opposition he might have put up. He could not believe that she was doing this with Chidi right next to them!

It had not yet settled into his addled brain that this was not the first time. Despite his discomfort and confusion—indeed, because of it—he instinctively went along with what he knew for sure: he loved being inside Lola’s mouth.

Chidi simply gawked. Lola eyed his reactions as she felt her boyfriend’s semi-flaccid cock quickly growing hard inside her mouth. She could tell that just watching her was giving Chidi the same reaction. It did not take long before her lips were flush with a full erection. She pulled back and grinned at the outlandish scene she had created.

“Anyone wants to stop?” she teased, knowing the answer already.

For the first time, Ali and Chidi glanced furtively at one another. As embarrassed as they were, neither could hide his sheer exhilaration. What excited Ali most of all was seeing how much Lola seemed to enjoy having Chidi watch. Eager for Ali’s ‘okay’, she grabbed hold of his hard-on and sucked imploringly on the tip.

“Ugh,” Ali grunted. “Oh, how do you feel so good?!” The simple sign of encouragement was all that Lola needed, and Ali could see the smile in her eyes as she started bobbing steadily around his shaft.

For all his fantasies about watching Lola and Ali together, Chidi was unprepared for how sensational it would feel to be a witting participant in the act.

On the table just inches in front of him, the sun poured over the naked body of his friend as he got a blow job from his fiancée. Making the thrill even stranger and more wonderful was the way that both of them kept throwing him glances to be sure that his eyes were glued to the sight.

With his erection surging from the attention, it did not take Ali long to appreciate the appeal of being a spectacle. It was a clue to what must have gone through Lola’s mind when she was caught the other night. By letting Chidi enter vicariously into their bodies, all of their senses were piqued.

It even heightened the visual delight that Ali took in seeing Lola’s mouth engulf him, deeper with each plunge, and his body positively prickled from the feel of it. His cock swelled as she covered it with her warm spit, and though he felt an uneasiness about letting someone spy upon his girlfriend in this act, the plain eroticism of it overwhelmed his doubts.

As Lola sucked hungrily on his dick, Ali tucked back the wet strings of hair that had begun to obscure her face from view. It was a simple gesture, but it made Chidi shudder. Not only was Ali getting off, but he wanted Chidi to get off, too. The message was not lost on Lola either, and for the first time she and Ali exchanged knowing grins. No longer merely indulging one another, they were really having fun!

The grin on Lola’s face turned devilish as she popped Ali’s cock out of her mouth. She realized that Chidi had become a sort of plaything for them.

Locking her gaze on Chidi, she let her eyes flirt with him while her tongue began to take long, delectable licks up Ali’s shaft. Chidi had to bite his lip to keep himself from groaning at the sight.

As he watched his friend’s cock twinge from the slithers of Lola’s tongue, a faint semblance of the sensation tingled inside his pants. Lola could tell that the effect she was having on him was torture, and yet as his eyes begged her for more, she was once again taken in by the feeling that the cock she was licking was Chidi’s. This time she was not abashed to let Chidi—and Ali—enter into the illusion with her.

In fact, Ali was aroused by the way his girlfriend toyed with Chidi, quite apart from the pleasure of being her prop.

Not content until she had thoroughly coated his whole erection with a wet sheen, Lola methodically licked away to the point where neither Ali nor Chidi could take it anymore. She finally stopped and, coyly mocking Chidi, held her boyfriend’s privileged penis up against her cheek. With an almost insane giggle, she rubbed it around her face, chin, and lips.

The fearful look in Chidi’s eyes was making her dizzy, and she watched to see him react as she dropped down to give the same tongue treatment to her boyfriend’s balls!

This time Chidi couldn’t stifle his groan, and Lola was delighted by the sound of both men muttering with pleasure as she worked. Indulgently she lapped Ali’s delicate jewels while pinning his hard-on up against his navel. Never taking her eyes away from Chidi, she gently pulled each one into her mouth and sucked it with a soft caress.

From the fire in Chidi’s eyes, she could tell that the come was boiling in his balls as much as it was in Ali’s. Wanting to tease him some more, she let the erection fall against her forehead and sweetly munched her lips all the way back to the top.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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